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"Is it really you?!" it's such a long time you know! Ming was excited to see Roline but her excitement soon was replaced by fear. what would she do if by any chance the person she was calling revealed himself? the horror of her life was just around the corner. Roline kept looking at Ming for a while before finally saying what was on her mind, " you have changed. I was told you're acting, right?

ye..s, I act but I wasn't so lucky. getting minor roles and, what about you? I heard you were out of Rostar so I never thought of seeing you here and by the way, I came looking for someone, I will take my leave now, see you around. Ming said wanting to leave right away but Roline didn't hold anything against Ming and in fact, she was greatful to her so she added, " I am also looking for my daughter. she went a way a while back yet her Grandpa is looking for her. Roline said casually but Ming gave her a questioning look but the later pretended not have seen anything. she merely continued speaking, I wanted to thank you for the letter but I never got the chance to see you since then. I also wanted to.... before Roline could finish, the little girl came running to where Roline was.

"mummy, uncle is here too! do you remember the uncle who speaks slo-wly I told you about?he has fainted again just like the other time at our neighbor's art studio. I think I have over asked him alot of questions. Cai spoke but Ming almost fainted too when she heard what Cai was saying.

" Art studio? which neighbor is this girl talking about? Ming thought about so many things in the shortest period of time. she felt her head spinning...


After leaving Roline taking the girl back to the ballroom, Ming rushed to where An kai was taken. This is something that happened only when the man in question tried to think a lot but wait, what did the girl have to mean by uncle? Ming felt so scared, she even started grasping for oxygen. to her, the air was not enough. she was suffocating at the moment but most especially her mind was in a mess.

"miss, are you fine? you're sweating. is it too hot for you here? the man asked purely out of kindness but Ming gave him a " mind your own business" look, making the man wonder the kind of people around the place.


Mummy, you know uncle AK is ill. he even forgets things that we have just talked about but he remembered me even after few weeks you see..... I hope he gets better so that you get to meet him.

Cai, stop it. you can tell me everything about him when we reach home. you're Grandpa wants to show off go, let him have his way with you.

Roline was right, Han Rein wanted to let everyone know that he actually had a granddaughter.

As many people came to toss with Han Rein, he didn't forget to say, "My Angel, please meet uncle so and so and them in return didn't forget to complement the girl whom they wondered why she had to wear and cut her hair like a boy yet Han Rein was saying a she.


When Ming couldn't take the pressure anymore, she got her phone and called someone. the two agreed to meet after the on going occasion but as it was going on, there was someone who looked at the little fella with way too much kindness. the old man who was named the Great Master. soon the girl realised that someone was looking at her so tenderly so she moved and went directly to where the man was seated.

"Hello sir, do you want anything from me? I have seen you looking at for all this while.

"no boy, I was only enjoying how you stood there with your Grandpa without moving, do you enjoy being introduced to people like how Grandpa was doing?

not really, but it does me no harm when people compliment me you know. it's only you who hasn't....

Hahaha.... your funny! but what's your name? I haven't heard anyone calling you by your real name.

I am called Cai, as in C-a-i but calling me a princess or an Angel sounds no bad!
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I can take you with me to the podium if you know what your name means.

is that so? Cai asked pretty not sure whether the old man was joking. "I am sure, just say it and I will take you with me up there." the Great master said pointing at the well decorated and light filled center. the people attending were above hundreds. the girl took a good look at the center before concluding silently, " I am gonna be known and famous ....yesss!

I agree, I agree sir. the girl spoke with so much excitement. sir, which meaning would you prefer; Turkish,Scottish,Swedish, Thai or Chinese? Cai asked almost in one breath, making all the people's attention to turn right on her. the old man laughed before saying again, "tell me so that I choose the one I prefer."

okay! strong, fire, victory, rejoice and chicken.

I will choose a nick name for you from the Swahili meaning, I don't like any of the mentioned. the man said pretty seriously, making the later wonder whether the man wanted to back out of taking her up to the podium with him.