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184 Money could be your everything if you lose a heart 3

Thank you child, what do you want from Grandpa on this special day? I will give it to you right away, come on tell me now. Han Rein said out of too much happiness and emotions but the people watching started to get nervous. when Roline heard the "ask whatever you want" being told to her own daughter, her heart started racing right away!

Wang also started to feel sorry for the old man but Christina kept quiet for some time before walking up to where Roline was standing, "get ready sister, your daughter might become your co-princess in this house! Christina said but Roline wanted to laugh at her, just before her laugh could leave her lips, the girl started acting all valunable in front of Han Rein.

"Grandpa..the girl called him almost wanting to cry, " mummy has been so rude with me even when we reached here, she still baked at me. you can even ask aunt Tina whether l am lying but what hurts me so badly is that mummy is everyone's favourite. aunt Tinah, Daddy and also every one here. no one can punish her for me so Grandpa, would you punish mummy just for me? hearing the girls complaint, every one in the room laughed most especially Christina.

An kai should have been here to enjoy this girl's act but surely Roline, your child is seeking revenge on you on someone's behalf! Christina commented right beside Roline's ears. Roline gave her a scaring look but Christina laughed even more.


I can do anything you say, just tell me how hard do you want me to punish your mummy?

Grandpa, you know that mummy hates parties, right?

I do.

let her attend all the parties you're invited to in this week, there I will know that you truly love me more than mummy!

okay dear, it's a deal! the dou walked up to where the party was supposed to be celebrated with Roline's daughter so proud of herself. Roline didn't say anything but Wang walked up to her with a big smile.

"my Angel forgot about the word dollars after knowing your weaknesses but anyway, an apple doesn't fall far from its tree. she's walking right into your footsteps. forgetting nothing at each step, congrats!

Actually, the party was arranged for the little girl as a birthday party but when this was mentioned, the girl run up to her mother with a questioning gaze, " mummy, did you give these people the wrong date?" but Roline diverted the child's mind onto something else.

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"Cai, just enjoy. get the gifts I will explain to you later but what you should know is that your aunt is at fault here not me, after everyone has left, go ask her why, okay?

okay mummy!

The party continued as per arrangements but what worried Roline was the girl's way of doing things. according to the ongoing theme, they were celebrating her third birthday. after cutting the cake, some of the people came forward to ask the girl's name given the fact that most people referred to her as "our or my little Angel or princess but what they wanted wasn't the name but to know who the father to the girl was. Roline didn't answer, she turned to the girl and asked politely, "do you mind telling them your full name?

I don't mummy but what will I get? I have answered the same question to so many people already.

ask those who want to know not me, Roline got herself out of it right away.

The girl turned to the crowd and tried to count them but the number was too big for her so she got on the sofa just next to Christina, " you're all so many...let me hope a hundred dollars won't be a pain, right? the girl with smiles allover her face. Christina wanted so much to laugh because she had even made efforts to inform her assistant to tell these people not to ask questions but anyway, humans want to try. but what she did was to stand aside with just one sentence, " I know your name so am not needed" but the girl didn't let her go, instead, she uttered one word, " each step you take is a dollar if not, carry me so that I can see everyone here. Christina made a helpless turn and carried the girl up making everyone to know the seriousness of the situation. people decided to play a long with the kid by collecting the money to its stated figure but right after the girl got the money, she proposed something new.

"as we all know, a name must have a meaning so the meaning will be twice the name. in simple terms, the cost at which she is to tell the meaning of the name was two hundred dollars from all the present gussets. Roline couldn't take it any more so she stepped forward but before she could say anything, the girl turned to Han Rein, "Grandpa... mummy wants to scold me again, you see...