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176 The fairly princess became a monster 5

Christina kept chasing after Roline until she caught up with her but the later didn't want to talk to anyone. there is a solution to every problem so Christina also thought that maybe she could say her part of the story.

"Roline, I have something to tell you but don't get mad, okay? An kai.. had signed all his wealth to me. he said that I should run them for the kids but I swear I was going to tell but then, things didn't go the way I thought. I am thinking of selling them anyway. I think I might get killed just like how he ended.

Do you also think that An kai really died? Roline asked slowly, it was more of a whisper but still tears run down her face.

I don't like seeing you like this, it kills me inside. but I also don't know, it's because I don't feel anything for the body they're looking at as An kai's body but the police also looks reluctant to continue with the investigation but Roline didn't let her finish her reasons before repeating herself once more, "I need a yes or no" answer, do you believe that An kai is really dead?

I am sorry but I really don't know. I can't tell but believe in what you feel. I will be here for you as long as I live. let's go home...

Roline and Christina left the barrial place without even performing the rites. as for Ami, she had a heaving chest as she moved to the car but the root cause, Linda, received a phone call few minutes after Ami had left. after answering the phone, she also left without informing anyone but as she was going towards the place of their cars, she knocked into someone who had covered her face with a veil but due to the force, she staggered back ward and the veil moved to show the tear faced Xia. she wanted to move near to the body but she didn't want anyone to notice her presence but then, someone knocked into her but the young lady didn't even apologize but instead, she increased her pace indicating the hurry she was in.

Given An kai's name, the Ans were expected to attend the barrial but at last, it was Tanu who came on their behalf. An kenzi was hospitalized while no one knew where An kaira had disappeared to.

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An kaira and Xin Yi got married without further notice but what amused Xin Yi herself was the fact that she had finger prints on her face instead of makeup on the day of her marriage registration but things got better afterwards, because An kaira had regained his gentlemanself so he apologized to Xin Yi and then the two went to An kai's house on the sidelines of the city. their days we're boring given the fact that Xin Yi was six weeks pregnant.


weeks later...

The Hans were all leaving under tension. Roline had gotten sick but she had no notable disease. doctors of different hospital were called but most of them gave the same answer, " she is fine, it's just a bit of sadness that has weakened her mind" but the lady in question continued to get weak and unapproachable due to her untamed anger. most maids didn't want to go near Roline's room at all. she broke all the things that were taken in her room for example plates, cups, glasses and even the mirror in her room had a very big crack running from up to its down end. everyone in the Han villa was trying to be as careful as possible but Christina was sad about what Roline was doing to herself.

it was a Sunday when Roline walked down the stairs in her weak state. she had tried to wear nice clothes but her pale face made her look even more sick.

Christina run up to her and got hold of Roline's hand to help her out towards the dining table but Roline changed her mind, " I am not here to eat, I want you to take me see the Ans." Roline said to Christina who understood but pretended like she heard nothing.

"Tinah! if am bothering you it's okay!, call the maids to come with me. I don't need anyone of you to feel pity for me!