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163 sweet hate story 2

"Answer my question or we're turning back right now." Roline said after watching the staled look on Ming's face.

"aren't you his wife?" he...said that you two are married for life and, what do you mean by asking such questions at this crucial hour?

"Did he lie to me?"...no..no..no!

he even showed us the photos. Roline please tell me, Do I have a chance with him? tell me if you and Kai are just friends,okay? Ming set her words to run so fast due to excitement that perhaps.....

"listen to me, you can have him!"

"are you sure?!

"yeah, you can have him, Roline posed for awhile. looking at the smiling Ming, she continued " if you kill and bury me first! but you should also make sure that my soul is at the eighth floor of hell!"

the recently smiling Ming lost her smile. she looked at the proud look on Roline's face before she turned her head to look out through the window. the two had already forgotten their main reason for being in the same car...


on the same main road few meters away, the black tinted van left the main road and passed through numerous bumpy bush roads into an abandoned Wearhouse. the place was as quiet as a cold night paired with the long faces on the men, a baby would surly cry with just a single sight but An kai was in his deepest dream. things had turned dark every where but the old woman in the flowers never stopped smiling to him but then, he heard a familiar voice in his hears, " wake him up, I want everything ready in minutes." An kenzi said before departing the huge empty room leaving An kai with men ready to wake him up but he opened his eyes instantly.

"sir, his awake!"

let the lawyer in, tell him to do everything as planned An kenzi said before walking up to An kai once again.

son, we had agreed that you will transfer your shares into An kaira's name, right?

yes..yes uncle! An kai answered in his usual manner when talking to the Ans. seeing the humble look on An kai's face, An kenzi smiled and signaled for the lawyer to come forward.

the young man walked forward and passed the papers he had to An kai, " place your thumb here, here and there, okay?

okay!... ..but I can sign. see! I can sign. An kai said as he continued to flip and signed on every page, and by the way, I can't stain my thumb with that ink so my signature is much easier! see....here, with a bright smile, An kai pushed the papers back to the young man.

"isn't this man kidnapped? why would he sign off his properties with such a stunning smile? the lawyer questioned himself but he didn't have the answers so he prepared himself to leave but just then, An kai's phone rang.

An kenzi was on the huge door way so he was able to hear An kai's phone ringing...


in the Han villa, Christina had just received the forms that confirm her as the leading share holder of the An Distributors. the charity work that An kai wanted her to do was given a good plan. so she decided to call An kai for some advise. when she called, An kai didn't answer so she left him a message, " Gorgeous, I got the ownership forms today, the plan for the kids is also ready. I will be telling uncle Rein that you sold all your An shares to me but be ready to help me with information about the Orphanage because your sweet little wife is no where to be seen!. answer me once you get this message." bye.