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161 count that a one night stand between strangers 10

"Kai, am not here to talk about the past, am here so that you explain what happened to you that night, I mean.....the night after the ceremony.

"Don't tell me that you're here so that I take responsibility, are you?" An kai asked in the most careless way. Roline, such things happen these days. sex means absolutely nothing, or you're forgetting your own words, right? An kai sounded serious but Roline didn't say a word, she merely stood there like one watching an addictive TV show. with her cup in hand and her eyes wide open, Roline walked up to An kai but the later thought that he might have dag a hole for himself but the later was unexpected, " tee hee!" who do you think you're fooling Kai? I know you in and out but if you can act, why not?

continue afterall, you will end up right here with me. Roline said everything with a smile but An kai kept his long face before shuttering the woman before him without the little bit of mercy.

"don't act innocent here, the truth is that I never thought I would be disgusted by you one day but things change, you're so dirty that I ask myself what I loved from you at first but now I understand, anyone can have joyous nights with you just by pretending to be sweet. that night, I was only and only testing you but who knew that you would end up..... before An kai could complete his statement, a paaaap! sound echoed through the living room, followed by An kai's hand that went to caress his left chic. the slap came too fast that if not for the pain, he might have thought that it was a gust of wind that blushed past him but that wasn't all,

Roline gave him yet another slap without waiting for him to recover from the first one, " "l am only putting some sense into your head!

I didn't come here so that you could humiliate me but to kindly request you to never, and never act stupid.

having been the first one gives you zero rights to humiliate me, okay?! but also remember, you're not the sexiest man or the finest of "them" all, okay?

Kai, l am telling you this now, I can sleep with whoever I like, ranging from the richest and educated men in Roriland to poor headed and needy people like you!

me being here was out of pure pity! and next time, sort your words wisely or else you will find both your legs chopped off, mark my words Kai! bye. then Roline placed the cup down and headed towards the door.

Roline couldn't believe An kai's new nature. she came prepared to say, "Kai, I want to be with you, let's remarry ." but in the end, things changed for the worst but just then, An kai's voice sounded from behind, " a rich heiress like you can't be with a needy poor man like me so, count that a one night stand between two strangers.

you will never see me in this needy state I am in but also remember, having been my first, doesn't mean you're the last and that gives you no right to underlook my capabilities. stop thinking that I only need help. I wish you had faith in me just like how you did in the start. I love the Roline who is pure and commanding because at least, That Roline was much better than the Roline she become now. if you ever find her anywhere, please let her know that if she wants the An kai she met, she must become the woman An kai knew before, but all these were spoken in the midst of tears to both parties but the reasons were much different.


after Roline left, An kai covered the recently uncovered things in the house, ready to leave Rostar city without anything holding him behind. things had already reached this far so there was absolutely no need for regrets,right?