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154 count that as a one night stand with a stranger 3

An kai kept his focus on the sleeping Roline until he decided to wake her up. once the later open her eyes and gained a little bit of normality, An kai leaned in and kissed her without any reservation as his hands undid her dress. seeing that there was no struggle from the other party, An kai continued until the end..


the next morning, An kai woke up earlier than Roline. he wanted to wake her up but he didn't know what to say about what happened the night before so, he resorted to letting her rest as he figured out the best explanation he could give. he had initiated the act this time, not like before when he found how crazy Roline could get at times so he had a bath and went out leaving Roline in bed. An kai left thinking Roline was asleep but he was wrong, Roline was pretending to be asleep because she didn't know how to explain what happened the night before. they were divorced, what they did was way too beyond her imagination.

to Roline, An kai was a reserved man. he had never initiated such an act not even when Roline kept teasing him but yesterday was an exception but what bothered her was the fact that she didn't struggle for even the tiniest bit, was she possessed? or maybe she also.....


when An kai reached the front desk, he sent for a set of clothes for Roline and some breakfast before he proceeded to head to his home. Xia had left for Kitega the night before so An kai didn't expect to find people at his home.

Ming was there but there were some other few men in police uniforms.

"Miss, if you don't let us know the way abouts of the owner of this house, you're going to be taken with us this instant! the leader of the group of men said, he sounded so rude. Ming tried to explain that she didn't know but they kept pressuring her until she almost broke into tears. being the kind of soft hearted girl, Ming was scared to get caught up in illegal crimes so she was really going to cry by the time An kai walked up to the officers.

"I own this place, how can I help you?" An kai asked the officers as he pulled Ming to his side.

"you're needed at the police station, there opened charges against you so please come with us" the police officer said calmly.

"I think you have got the wrong person, do you have any written evidence that I am the person you're looking for?"

"here, take a look." the officer said, giving An kai the shock of his life. he laughed at how shameless people could get.

"go home, if anything happens, go tell mother for me but don't let her step a foot back here and don't follow me." An kai said to Ming. she just nodded because she didn't believe that An kai had any offence at all. given his personality and that's how An kai's life, personality changed and became a hip of shame.


when An kai and officers reached the police station, An kai was sent directly into a cell. he had never at any point thought of being imprisoned but it had become a sudden reality. he had read everything but there was nothing like the kind of crime he had committed what he knew was that a number of people accused him of cases that he himself didn't understand. five hours had passed yet he was not given time to inform a single person. the officers pretended like he didn't exist but what hurt him was Roline. he had left her in hope of finding her later on so that they speak about what happened the night before but now, things changed to a higher level than what he had ever expected but what he didn't know was that at the very station he was in, Ming stood out side like a piece of wood.