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144 birthday gift 5

Roline was preparing for sleep when An kai called her, she wanted to refuse but the later didn't wait for her opinion. she wanted to have a good rest because the next day was going to be fully packed but, what if An kai keeps waiting for me? and, what if he's in trouble? or his head is hurting again? Roline asked herself so many questions until she decided to go. she put on a black rob and left the house after telling the tired Christina that she is going somewhere for a while. Christina had spent the day working and helping Roline to arrange everything about the opening ceremony so she was really tired. Roline left alone since the driver had long gone.

reaching the Republican of Rostars, Roline went up to the front desk and later, she was directed to where An kai was seated. given the calmness of the place, it really made one relax so An kai had gotten his thoughts checked as he wondered how he was going wish Roline a happy birthday without a gift. even in his lonely life, Xia would always make so many dishes and would always get him gifts on his birthday but he failed to pick one for her. Roline didn't wait for An kai to offer her a seat, she sat down across from him. An kai looked at her closely like he had never seen her. before he called, Roline was going to sleep so she had no makeup on. she was really the woman he once lived with for almost seven months. time had passed away so fast, there were only two months left for their meeting for the period they had known each other to count as a year. as An kai continued to stare, Roline felt uncomfortable under An kai's stare. she blinked and then pushed the chair behind so that she could leave.

"hey, wait!" the quiet An kai finally said something. he was too consumed by the past that he forgot what he had called the woman for. Roline stood there not willing to head out or to sit back down. she stared at An kai before she asked , " you called me just to look me up and down? do you enjoy the pranks of calling me late in the night? are you forgetting that we're divor.... before Roline could finish her statement, An kai pulled her in his arms making her to shut up right away.

"don't move, I just wanted to see you one last time. let's have a meal together, alright? An kai had a tone full of worry that Roline might refuse but the desperation within his statements made Roline to feel bad, she never intended to make him love her but what was the need of all that? they had gotten divorced and there was nothing that she could do. seeing that Roline didn't push him away, An kai got hold of her even more tightly. Roline felt her body being blended with Kai's by the force he used to hug her. at that very moment, she felt that she really missed the warmth radiating from the man hugging her, she had gotten used to it back then but now, it felt so comforting and warm to the heart. even tears started threatening to fall but she pushed them away and nodded to An kai and then she added, "let's have the meal now, I need to rest early for tomorrow's ceremony, okay?