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142 birthday gift 3

"I will only forgive you when you do tell me when you became too possessive. I wasn't going to eat the sheets or the covers in that room." Ami said but Linda who hadn't said a word, finally summarised the whole thing to Ami using only nine words, " I heard that the room belonged to Roline's ex-husband."

"dose that mean that you were jealo... Ami was still completing her statement when Roline interrupted her with " that's not the case!... I never told my dad that An kai and I divorced. if he found out that someone used " his son-in-law's room then, he too would have been angry given the fact that he likes him very much.

"Oh..., I understand. Ami said before changing the subject of the topic. my mom and dad will be here by tomorrow morning. our gowns have been delivered too. Christina said that the makeup artist you hired will also be here tomorrow morning. the venue is ready and the guest list is ready to its order respectively and, most guests have confirmed their attendance while some few said that they might be late for some reasons.

"where are the gowns? Roline asked as Ami grabbed her hand and took her where the gowns were put. there were two gowns that had the same exact fashion but with different colours, shiny black and white. while the remaining six were of different fashions and colour. Linda and Ami never liked to wear twin staffs given their status so they both picked ones that were different leaving only one set and then the twin gowns. Roline picked up the different set and passed it to the little maid, " you can wear this tomorrow, you will go with us since you're part of the Hans. be careful and polite not to cause any inconveniences at the opening then, Roline picked up her phone to get another gown since she wasn't sure whether Christina will like the idea of wearing exactly the same designs.


actually, it wasn't Roline alone who was worried about gowns and other things about the ceremony tomorrow, there were quite a few number of people that were very worried and Xin Yi was not an exception. tomorrow was the day she had to leave An kaira because she had agreed to help Roline for money but, the relationship between her and An kaira had gotten better with time. she had whatever she needed to make An kaira suffer but she ended up giving him one more last chance so, she got her phone, sent a text to An kaira, [ Tomorrow is the opening, have you changed your thoughts about going with me?]

after thirty seconds, Xin Yi received a message replying to her later question from An kaira: [ I did explain why I can't take you with me at the ceremony, the Hans hate you and my dad will get furious when he finds out]

Xin Yi: [ dose that mean Yes or No?]

An kaira:[ I really don't have a choice and the party won't be fun if An kai attends it. today will be the last day of him being free. I suggest that you don't waste your time going there]

Xin Yi:[ what do you mean by that?]

An kaira:[ just sit close to your television and wait for the most spectacular show of your whole life. our relationship with the Hans will probably end tomorrow itself!]

why sit close to the television when I have an invitation? I want to see you crumble to the ground like spilled water! I, Xin Yi, want to show you that I can go anywhere without your permission or assistance. Xin Yi swore before sending An kaira a text opposite to her thinking, [ I understand, see you soon] to whom the later replied with a happy emoji and [take care] at the end leaving Xin Yi so mad that she smashed her phone into the wall!