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128 his pain makes me guilty 9

The car stopped right in front of a cafe. Roline pushed the car door open and headed inside without waiting for the woman in the passenger's seat. she sat on one of the tables and then called for the waiter. Xin Yi walked in and sat down with her.

"you should just get on with whatever you have for me. I have a party to attend this evening. Xin Yi spoke in her melodic voice. she looked at Roline with some hint of undermining but the former was unfazed, she kept her cool and just reached for her purse, pulled out a cheque and pushed it in front of Xin Yi. ' I know you're not so heartless to the point where you can let that innocent man perish in the fires of shame, right? and if you don't mind, you can become clean with me. am not a jealous woman who would go out of my mind just because you slept with "him", my concern is my reputation and family. fill that cheque with any amount of money you may like but I only have one condition, go and push whoever paid you into the same and you pushed An kai. Roline said everything in an commanding tone, Roline had made her homework about Xin Yi.

a woman with an ambitious heart but she didn't forget the fact that she was so good looking and full of herself. Xin Yi knew that she was a rare beauty and that's why she always got her way with her previous bosses.

Xin Yi moved her eyes away from Roline and settled them on the blank cheque in front of her before opening her mouth. " I love your offer but...

.. I love what "he" can give me under his or my sheets. money is not something I miss so please, come to me once you have a better plan. Xin Yi then placed down the cheque and prepared to go. Roline had not expected Xin Yi to be this straight with her demands. she spaced out for a while before she came up with something.

"I can give you what you want but that will mean you have to choose one thing, An kai or the cheque. after she was done, Roline got up to leave. she left Xin Yi smiling like a little girl looking at her favourite candy.

The two left separately since Xin Yi's driver had followed them. Roline left the beauty with only her contacts. she sighed softly after she closed the door to her car. Roline didn't believe that she had the courage to put An kai as bet with Xin Yi but she still had to fulfill her promise to An kai, "to do him something", and that something was to clear all the rumors that led to all the mess he was in but what become uncertain was whether Xin Yi would believe Roline's verbal promise.

it was already late when Roline reached her father's house. she parked her car and headed back to her bed. she was just going to sleep as she waited for Xin Yi to make her decision.


An kai had got his stitches removed, Xia was still changing his sheets when the door was pushed open by the commonly known chatter box, Huan.

the two sisters had left the day before and promised to return the following day so, they did as they promised. Ming apologised for the sudden burst of the door without knocking first but the later didn't care. An kai was too concentrated to notice the blushing look on Ming's face when she faced his bare chest, and as for Huan, she went past Xia until she found herself hugging An kai's lower body due to the fact that he was too tall compared to her short petite self. "I don't want to talk too much today just in case I interfere

with your healing. Huan said as she tilted her head back ward so that she could see his face and An kai could do nothing, he wanted to bend over but the wound on his back head didn't let him to. he just kept his position and listened as Huan continued with her blabbering "I am here so that you can call your crush. you will ask her to go to my teachers please. I don't want to continue standing with those crying babies anymore. the girl nagged on and on until Xia chimed in.

Huan, let him rest so that he can get out of this place sooner. I will contact "her" so that she can come over to go with you, is that okay? Xia asked and Huan nodded understandingly. Xia got her phone to call Roline but the phone wasn't answered. minutes later, someone knocked on the door; Xia left the two girls seated on the empty bed on the side before opening the door, a big smile appeared on her face and Roline did the same in return but the smile soon froze when she made her first step into the room, her yes landed on Ming.