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124 his pain makes me guilty 5

The woman went direct to her car, she ordered the driver to start the engine and the car soon moved out of the hospital grounds and left.


Xia had spent the whole night watching over An kai. she was planning to go clean his face that morning when her phone started ringing, she picked up the phone and greetings came from the other end, she answered politely before the person continued, " the house renovations are done, you can let Mr An kai know about it. you can move in any time you wish. Xia listened until the person speaking was done, she answered with a thank you and hung up. she was now sensitive about An kai's name. she had almost burst into tears when the other person mentioned his name. she even lost the words she could use to tell that An kai was unconscious at the moment she just gave her thanks and hung up.

actually, An kai had planned out to leave Rostar city within a month. he had spent all the past two weeks preparing where they were going to go. he had found a small area literally known as Kitega. it was far away from Rostar city and had few people in it compared to the city they were living in. he wanted to settle everything here and leave without anything holding him back. he had intended to let Xia go there first as he finished the three weeks at the Ans but he got the injury even before the first day of his last week in Rostar city could end. according to plan, Xia had to leave on Wednesday and An kai would then follow her there by Saturday or Sunday.

Xia had been busy with the "Huan and Ming" girls that she forgot to check on An kai through the phone that day. she looked at him with guilt but that didn't reduce her worry. Xia was into much thought that she stood there in a daze until Roline's voice drifted in to her ears. "you should go and rest for a little bit, I can clean him for now." and Xia just nodded absentmindedly as Roline pulled the small towel away from her hands and Xia left the room wordlessly.

Roline took a good look at the man laying down, he looked pale maybe due to the blood he had lost but that didn't change the way his features were made, he looked even more handsome than the way Roline has been imaging him in the past few days.

she started to tress her fingers on his face, " you're not only a pretty faced man, but also a trust worthy person. from the first time I landed my eyes on you, I knew that you're like a transparent glass. I can see through your every thought. when I decided to run up, I only wanted you to know that I don't owe you any explanation. you're a free bird that can fly and land anywhere but I will still apologise to you for the first time. I , Roline, give you my sincere apology for the mess I have put you into. am sorry for the things I did to you in the past months, till this day.

"apology not accepted!" a weak voice sounded into the room.

Roline had thought that An kai was unconscious but the weak voice that drifted into her ears made her widened her eyes in shock and she retreated her hand before giving a "huh!"

An kai still had his eyes closed. Roline called his name to confirm whether the "apology not accepted" came from him. he answered with a yes but he didn't open his eyes. Roline didn't think too much into it before she asked yet another question in a sad tone.

"are you planning not to ever forgive me?


"is there anything I can do for you to change your mind?"


"hmm, what if I help you with something?


"forgive me first, then I will tell you.


"okay then, I won't forgive you either. thanks a lot for sleeping around with all those women even before the end of our marriage." Roline said on purpose, she had always got her way with this man so today wasn't going to be unexceptional.

"um? An kai pretended not to have heard but Roline gave his exact previous answers.


"what were you going to help me with?"

"I changed my mind!"

"okay then, help me call the police, I want to open an attempted murder case against my ex wife. is that okay? An kai said. Roline was unable to read his thoughts because he had his eyes closed so she just changed her statement to " I will help you. just approve my apology.

An kai just nodded, he didn't know what she meant, but he wasn't going to continue that topic giving the fact that today was the only day he had ever heard a sincere apology from Roline.

she was cleaning his face, tears started to flow out his eyes. Roline posed her actions to ask whether she was rough in her movements.

"my head is too heavy and in terrible pain. I can't open my eyes too. An kai answered, he tried so much not to let moans of pain to pass his lips. he was worried to scare the woman inside his room.