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115 me being his fan was a misconception 1

An kai freshened up before he came out for his visitors. to him, he thought it was the old silent man and a chattering box, Huan. he was about to say Grandpa when he faced the big round eyes, a slightly pointed nose and a white skinned face with reddish chubby lips.

the woman was facing the the side opposite to An kai so she didn't notice anyone looking at her from the sides. it was Huan who stood up from the sofa and went to An kai.

" I thought you went to work or to school. it was cold today so I asked sis Ming to escort me hear. aunt Xi wouldn't have allowed me to come hear alone so I begged her to come with me but please promise me something, don't over praise "someone" or else you will become one of the devils. and if you don't want me being your crush anymore, please do....

"SSH!"...do you have a tape recorder in your mouth? An kai placed one of his figures onto the little fella's lips and asked. he was wondering why she would say all that. he carried her up to the sofa and cleared his throat and talked to the girl with the most soothing and convincing voice. he was like one comforting one who had just suffered a heartache.

" you can be my crush for the time being but be warned, your crush has a crush as well and most importantly, I married her months ago so let me hope you won't get moody, okay?

"should I cry or be happy for you?

"hmm, be happy, I think."

"your lying to me, devils of your kind never settle."

"be and act your age please, your thinking is better than the thinking of Kai before his wedding." An kai sighed helplessly, he was now thinking about his early days, if he had met Huan back then, he would have been considered younger to her.

" show me the photos of your wedding, I won't leave you alone if you don't. Huan pouted.

" Huan please stop. you're crossing your limits. the woman who was ignored all along finally spoke. she was scolding but her tone sounded to be pleading. Huan stopped after hearing the soft voice that resonated in the living room. An kai just reached for his phone.

" I don't have any wedding photos here but I have some photos of her here. you can take a look. he said as he extended his phone to the little girl and then turned to the woman across from himself.

" sorry that I was too consumed in our arguments. Let me hope that you you're not mad at us. An kai said as he pulled Huan to sit on his lap but soon, the girl suddenly run down and went to her sister with An kai's phone in hand.

"sis Ming look!, she's pretty, right?


"one can tell that both your colours are opposite to each other, maybe that's why she's prettier than you here. An kai had no photos of Roline in his house but he had some in his phone. he had those they took after Roline's check up in the hospital, the morning after their intimacy the previous night. " memories soothe pain" that is what Roline said that day. An kai had a smile hearing Huan's compliments towards Roline but he felt his heart sobbing at the memory he had with the woman in the photo, but the woman across from him kept saying "umm" at everything that Huan said. she looked to be humble just like the way her voice sounded.

"you should all join me on the dining table. food is ready. Xia said to the trio. An kai stood up and gestured for the siblings to get going.

halfway through the meal, An kai was almost full, Huan too but Xia kept putting food in Ming's plate as the other kept saying it's okay, thank you. and that repeated until the end. " I have a meeting with someone later on so I may not be able to keep you company now. but you can stay with my mother for awhile. An kai said.

" thank you for the meal and thank you for the time you spent with my little sister. we're sorry that we had to freeload at your house today, tomorrow and the other... other day..." the others burst out laughing. Xia was planning to explain but it seemed that Ming was so good at making jokes...