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104 something others can use and later dispose 2

An kai this time sounded a bit rude, even himself realised it after seconds had passed. he gave a light chuckle before continuing to look at the man in front of him.

"if you didn't chuckle I would have thought that you're serious. Han Rein said half heartedly. he was certain that something was off with An kai's statements and questions.

"An, if you continue to work for me people will think that am drifting you from your family while others may think that your trying to win favours from your in-laws which is not the point. I don't mind other's words but what will my girl feel when she hears all the rumors?

the world we're living in now is worse than hell it's self, people judge others publicly through social media sites yet I really don't want that to happen to you. I can handle everything here for the time being. Han Rein explained reasonably, he didn't want An kai to think otherwise.

knowing that he said the wrong statement, An kai nodded his head. Han Rein left him seated in his office. An kai only went back into the room in his office, he didn't want to head home so he went to have a quick nap but he ended up reaching for a bottle of liquor instead. the room had a wine shelf in it which An kai had not seen last night, he walked closer and picked one "just to see how it tasted".


three hours later, Xin Yi came in with files in her hand. reaching the office, no one was there but soon, she heard things falling from behind the closed door. she walked up to it slowly. she gave a light knock but no one answered so she turned the knob of on the door stealthily before her eyes fell on An kai.

he had bent his head on the table, empty bottle of liquor were on one side but one had fallen to the floor. she moved closer to him from behind. An....An..? Xin called him slowly, she just wanted to confirm whether he was really asleep but he was still able to figure out who it was once he opened his eyes.

"am...fine, just go out. I want to....rest. An kai said blankly, he even didn't know where the bed was at that very moment.

"walk to the bed and I will leave right away. Xin Yi also answered fearlessly because An kai was too beyond to be called drank so she ended up helping him by wrapping his arms around her shoulder until he sat on the bed, he wanted to see Xin Yi moving out first.

Xin Yi went out and closed the door but it didn't take long before she sneaked back. she sneaked into the room, An kai had removed his coat and tie and put them to the side. she gave a devious smile before she tip toed towards him.


Roline was busy looking at the gift Christina gave her last night. she had bought her a t-shirt which had "am his princess for life" on it.

Roline had not gone out her room since last night but she remembered that Christina left her room last night on bad terms so she decided to go look for her.

Christina was talking to one of the maids when Roline came walking down stairs.

"aren't you supposed to go for work today?" Roline asked Christina.

"I can't work with my current boss anymore so I quited some three days ago" Christina answered without looking at her, she was some what mad about what had happened last night.

"am sorry about what happened last night but you should know that I have never thought of you as a dummy girl. if I have ever said it then it was just a joke. Roline said seriously.

"Roline, am also sorry for interfering into your personal life, too. it's your choice to do whatever you want with it."

"you're now like a sister to me, you have total control over me. Roline said to Christina who had her head down, Christina's eyes lit up upon hearing what Roline said.

"am your sister! your older sister! am two years older than you so you should call me older sister! Christina suggested in a commanding tone, she was happy to the max but she ruined the moment in seconds.

since am your order sister now, can you take me to see Mr gorgeous?

I just want to tell him that am officially his sister-in-law.... hahahahaha!! am the sister of the most famous people of Roriland. Christina laughed at the new title she had found herself but she later realized that Roline was not pleased with her conclusions, she stopped herself immediately before asking yet another question.

"is Mr gorgeous coming back here today?