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102 love is a disguise for our bodily desires 10

Roline followed Xin Yi's line of sight. only to find the parked car. Roline knocked on the glass windows and soon one of the car door opened from the inside. Roline thought that maybe An kai was getting out but he didn't, so she forced herself to sit inside but a scent of alcohol welcomed her.

"say whatever you want to. I have things to do." Roline said distantly, she wanted to get away from An kai so desperately.

An kai only pulled her closer for a hug. he hugged her really tight. "why do you want a divorce?

"it was my plan from the beginning. Roline answered a matter of fact. it was her plan right from the beginning.

"making me fall in love with you was also part of your plan? or everything that happened between us? An kai asked as he let go of Roline. he wanted to look at her, he wanted to see if everything was a waste of time.

"so many people get intimate with strangers. whatever happened between us was a result of our bodily desires not love.

"so you say that you don't feel anything, not even a tiny bit of love for me, right?

"take whatever we deed as our obligations that we had to fulfill in our marriage.

"but I love you. I love you with everything in me and am sure about that.

"Kai, love isn't real. humans wanted to have a respectable word to cover their lust, love is a disguise for our bodily desires not what we think it is. I never intended to love or to make you love me, I only did things out of kindness.

did you really think that I, Roline, from the Han family would marry for love? and even if I did, I wouldn't have chosen you because you had nothing back then. you were like a kid that anyone could please with some sweet talks. the truth is I only chose you because I thought it would easier my divorce but my stupidity got the best out of me. if I had divorced you in that poor state you were in, things wouldn't have gone this far but maybe take that as a reward for helping me out. we're not worth each other. my lawyer will come to the office for the divorce papers I gave you. bye. Roline pushed the door and got off the car. Xin Yi had walked some distance away from the car so when she saw Roline getting out, she also walked back but Roline was already in her car ready to go.

Xin Yi got into the driver's seat. " are you heading inside? she asked An kai who had his eyes closed and head leaned on the seat.

"take me somewhere, my mother can't see me in this state." at least she loves me unconditionally, my state will break her heart. An kai murmured to himself. he wanted to think that Roline's words were a joke that he needed to laugh at but he couldn't. reality is very cruel. it could give you any thing and later takes it without looking at you. it could either give you despair or hopes but it would soon take the former away.

being contented in life is impossible. one could think that having a car will content him but in the end, you find out that you need more money to service it or even to get a new one so that's life, the unpredictable process of humans.

Xin Yi looked at An kai with some sort of pity. why would such a charming man cry over a woman? yet he can become anything. Xin had driven aimlessly for almost an hour but An kai had said nothing about where he wanted to go so she drove her car to her home.

reaching the grand house, no one could think that it belonged to a woman. a woman who is only known for being an assistant.

she parked the car but An kai didn't move out. he remained seated in one place with his eyes closed.

"come let's go in the house, you can't stay in the car forever." Xin Yi said.

"just call my driver to pick me up. I can't get in to your house. An kai answered truthfully. he wasn't going to let himself into Xin Yi's house just like that and Xin Yi just did as she was told.

the driver came and helped An kai in to the car before he left Xin Yi's place and as for Roline, she reached home only to find the combination of Tinah and Christina.

"Roline please hurry up here. I have waited for so long, where is Mr gorgeous? I have bought you two gifts. Christina said excitedly but only to be given a cold reply of "oh!"

Roline, I will never praise An kai in my whole life, just smile a little. Roline had no words to say. she didn't want to say anything.

"am really tired, you can sleep over so that we talk about everything tomorrow, okay?

"okay! Christina answered excitedly, she was happy that she wasn't able to see An kai but at least, she was going to stay and have a lavish set of dishes and more.