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92 the big tall pain

Roline walked over and asked for her phone. looking at the screen, An kai's handsome face came into view. he was saying something but Roline couldn't hear since the place was noisy so she ended the call and went with Wang in to the mix.

Roline wasn't an expert in dancing but she knew the moves quite well. she moved herself none stop but her head didn't allow her to do it for longer.

first, she was drank, paired with the noise. her head started to hurt so badly. she walked out of the crowd slowly until she spotted the Wang man.

"call Ami and Linda. I need to head back, my head is in terrible pain. Roline said with one hand holding her head.

Wang did as told and soon, the four headed out when it was almost 1 in the morning.

Wang carried Roline to the car and later into their hotel room.

"I will head home. take care of her for now. Wang said before moving out of the trio's room.

Ami and Linda remained with Roline. "you should eat something since you drank so much today. Linda said to Roline.

Ami was quiet, she was a bit drowsy so she didn't want to say anything.

"send me my phone, I need to call my dad right now.

....Han villa..

Han Rein had just stepped foot in to his house when his phone suddenly rang, seeing the caller ID, a smile made its way to his lips.

"hello dear, how are you doing? Han Rein asked lovingly. he had spent the whole day visiting friends because An kai was in charge of the Han Corps. he trusted his son in law alot.

"Dad, have you looked through the information I have sent you?

that's what I want to do. please say yes so that we can work upon the legal procedures on time. Roline said from the other side of the call.

her dad gave a light chuckle before telling her, " your husband is charge of the Han Corps right now, if you want us to invest in this dream of yours you will have to convince him first. if he agrees to it then, I have nothing to say.

Roline only answered with an "ohh" before saying a "good night" and hung up.

I don't know why I feel like my girl is strange these past few days. she sounds distant. Han Rein thought to himself before sitting down.

the maids had long gone to sleep by the time he reached home but still, an older lady came out to serve him food.

"don't ever wake up in the night just to give me food. it's my fault that I went to see my old friends in a single day forgetting that I have to come back on time.

"okay sir. the maid replied respectfully and still, she brought all the dishes she had prepared before she left for her room.

minutes later, An kai came in from the door that led directly to the garden. he was wearing a set of home clothes.

"why aren't you asleep yet? you have work tomorrow so you should sleep early. Han Rein said to An kai who came and sat across him on the table.

"am used to it. sleep gives nothing but false hope through dreams. I prefer keeping my eyes open so that I can see what reality has in store for me. An kai answered smilingly. sleep had proven to be the worst thing in his life.

uncle, I want to move. I have got myself a small house that will make me comfortable. l want to try and live my own life since my wife isn't here yet. I won't be coming back here tomorrow and after which, the two headed to their rooms with no more words.

when An kai reached his room, he spotted the big paint that was placed on his bed.

when he reached home in the evening, he was given the tall well wrapped thing. he thought that maybe Roline sent him something but to his Surprise, the paint had the naked Roline in another man's hands. he didn't want to believe it.

he walked closer to it. he examined the paint carefully before he started laughing in self mockery.

" I know you're planning to get me out of your life but this is not the right way. I will leave before you even notice. my life feels better when you're happy. if staying with me is your biggest regret then, I will leave to never come back. I will let you be but you should remember that I always be somewhere waiting for your return. An kai said looking at the paint. he wrote something on the lower part of the board and he then carried the paint into Roline's room. he layed the bed, collected all the dirty laundry into the laundry basket, washed himself up before changing into clean clothes and left the house at 4 am.