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86 do you have feelings for him too?

Ami picked up the hotel landline phone and sent for food as Linda bow dried her hair.

the three had booked a suit with three beds because they didn't want to stay apart since they were in a foreign country. they had a simple living room, a very huge bedroom and the bathroom. they were on the 15th floor of the hotel because the hotel was built to accommodate all kinds of people so, the 15th floor was designed for families that wanted to stay together.

the food was delivered and the three sat quietly to fill their tummies but soon, a knock was heard on the door.

"here are the sim cards that you ordered. a man dressed in long sleeved shirt and a black bascort said as he extended a paper bag to Linda who soon replied with a "thank you" before heading back to the table.

pick one pack each, I ordered these cards so that we can call home. our parents are all soft hearted when it comes to us. Linda explained proudly but Ami and Roline were to concentrated on eating. they didn't reply or look at the packs.

minutes later, Roline got her phone and dialed a number and soon, the person on the other hand picked up.


"so you have finally remembered to call me. it has been more than 20 hours but you didn't think of me at all. a manly voice complained from the other end of the call.

I was going to call but network isn't stable here since the place is near a water body. Roline answered in childish voice, leaving Linda wondering how a 20yr old could speak like a child of six years. Roline ignored their looks and continued on, " you shouldn't worry yourself at all. I will be home after some few weeks from now. take care of An kai for me. dad, I promise to stay with you for awhile before going anywhere else after my return.

"Is there another trip on the way? the man asked.

"yes, there is also something I want to discuss with you about once I get home. go to work now, I don't want you to put your work aside just because of me.

"I know but you should call "someone". he has been trying to focus but things aren't going that well. the man said before the call ended.

Roline had put her phone on loud so that Linda stops her way of thinking that she was head of them about getting new sim cards because she got hers changed near the airport.

so, you didn't divorce your husband? and here I am thinking that we shall be conducting our businesses together. Linda said to Roline who was about to restart her eating but the question stuck at her unexpectedly. she had long forgotten about divorcing anyone.

it's true that Roline was young and smart but Linda also had the common knowledge one at her age should have. she looked at Roline disappointedly and then turned to Ami.

"did you know all this? why didn't you tell me sooner so that I divert my plans? Linda asked but the room was still silent.

Roline, I know you have your own demands but you should have talked to us about you wanting to stay married as you did when you proposed this marriage thing. we're not forcing you but at least value the time we have spent planning all this.

Roline kept quiet, she was only able to say "I need more time" before falling silent again.

Ami didn't interfere because to her, Roline wasn't the Roline they used to know.

"we should be heading out for our next spot before time runs out. Roline said after a full hour of silence. Ami turned to look at Linda who had no plans to get started.

Linda please get up, we need to go now or else we shall miss our favourite Sea food.

still again, Linda didn't move. she was seated as though she had heard nothing.

"I have seen Roline's husband before, he is not bad at heart but he is too smart. you can't fool him around like a kid. he has feelings towards Roline so getting a divorce from him will be something hard to achieve. Ami explained to Linda who ignored her and turned to Roline.

"do you have feelings for him too? and if you do, do you plan to leave us like this? Linda asked looking at Roline. Roline had her head down as she replied truthfully.

" I don't know but am sure of one thing, I will never go back on my words. I will be with you until we turn the world up side down with our feet. I have no plans to leave any of our dreams to perish just like that. I can't let months with An kai spoil our years together.

Linda stood up, grabbed her cross bag and headed out with a smile like nothing happened after listening to Roline's words, Ami followed, and Roline behind the two.

"I will use this time to find out how I feel about you. your my husband on papers but I don't know if you're the same even in my heart. Roline thought as they moved out of the hotel.