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75 we have no tissues in this house

Reaching the main entrance, An kai brought Roline closer so that she could see the password. "this house is ours. you must know it's password but don't worry, I will have it changed in your name so that you never forget it.

the two entered the house, everything was purely clean. every single thing in its rightful place. the living room had black and white decorations, even the sofas were black with milky patches on the top of them. as for the dining, Roline was unable to believe it.

it had a big round dining table in the middle with well matched seats around it. Roline passed her smooth Palm on the table to see if it had no dust because the place had spent almost seven months without being used.

"did aunt Xia clean this place? Roline asked.

"what do you think? Kai asked with his own question.

"if it's as I think, she's so perfect! but with a tattered rug in form of a son!

how can you let her do all this work on her own? you don't like her anymore? or you think she's isn't human?


"thanks a lot for giving me a new game, I will make this place so dirty in order for you to clean it and see how enjoyable this work could be, right? Roline thought that An kai sent for Xia so that she could clean the place.

"I was only supervising the workers we hired. they were from a cleaning agency that renovates and decorate old houses. that's why the building looks new even on the outside. Xia spoke from behind. the two didn't know that she came following them right from the start.

An kai looked at Roline with "congratulations on your new uncountable bills!!"

Kai you're bullying me, I won't let you get it your way this time! Roline was wondering where on this earth did Kai get this devious side, but the only person who didn't understand the bill thing was Xia.

she looked confused but still reminded them to head to kitchen for food.

Roline thought that maybe they were to carry the dishes back to the dining but surprisingly, the kitchen was even bigger than most of the place in the house. it had a smaller dining table that could seat five people in total.

"this house used to have so many people in it before it was bought by your grandparents for your father. this dining table was put here for people like me who worked for the original owner. she was government official back then but she never had her own children. she adopted so many children and brought them up from here.

but later she decided to change places hence selling this place to An kai's grandparents who gifted it to An kaizi, your husband's father. Xia explained.

leaving An kai to wonder why she didn't tell him before and now telling Roline. isn't this referred to as discrimination? he thought before pulling the chair behind him to sit leaving the two women standing.

"aunt Xia, it seems we should eat or else someone will explode! Roline said but Kai gave an evil smile before lifting one of his figures with " another uncountable bill!" to Roline.

aunt please let's eat, your son is bullying right here yet you're doing nothing about it.

how much is in that "uncountable bill? I will pay it for you so that he never bully you again. Xia said as she placed the dishes on the table. seeing that Kai wasn't answering, Xia turned to Roline. how much dear? don't worry, I have some money and my son will pay it back to me, right Kai?

it's... it's just a game! yes a game! a game!

there is nothing like money. let's eat, the food will get cold. Roline answered before Kai got the chance to say anything. An kai wanted to laugh but kept it inside until the meal was done and when Xia had left.

Roline was now in three debts of uncountable bills.

An kai started showing Roline a round the house. he didn't know much about the origin of the place but knew every single corner of it.

reaching An kai's room, toys were the decorations seen around.

do you still feel the need to play with them? Roline asked.

"yes! am here to relive my old life with you. it may sound crazy but I miss these things. I want to play with them for all the days we're to spend here.

"are we going to sleep here too?

no, that bed can't support us and yet I don't want it changed. we shall use the next one.

when I turned 13, aunt Xia forbid me to sleep here since I had grown so tall so I went next door.

the two headed to the room next door. it wasn't filled with toys or children stuff. it was well organised and clean. everything was in place.

you should go and bathe now, it tends to get too cold late in the night. bathe so that you get in bed early. An kai said to Roline as he unpacked the things Roline had brought.

Roline went straight to bathe and when she came back, Kai had brought her a glass of milk. "take it before you sleep. he added after seeing Roline ready to sleep.

Kai, am not a child anymore to have milk before I go to bed.

"Roline, I brought you here to relive the life that I once lived. you can take it as a rebirth. pretend to be young so that I can take care of you here but you can still leave it. Kai said as he moved closer to remove the glass of milk from the table besides the bed.

but Roline grabbed it first and downed it in seconds. leaving milk on the sides of her lips.

Kai only moved closer and covered them. he only Left when there was no traces of milk on Roline's lips. "we have no tissues in this house....