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74 the 21st century best actress award.

Roline kept her eyes onto the file and later to An kai. she didn't show much emotions as she said . "dad, this Xin has been hooking old men and I don't think that An kai can really fall in to her traps. let her come and we see what good and bad she can do. she's older than us all, no man is dumb to like someone older than him, right? Roline asked looking straight at An kai who was quiet right from the start. he didn't say anything, he only turned to Roline's father.

uncle, can I take Roline somewhere? in some three days or so to come. it won't take long since we shall be back here after some few days.

Roline was only able look at her father blankly showing that she knew nothing.

"Kai, this girl is all yours. you just need to bring her back here safe and sound and don't forget to remind her to call me everyday when the two of you leave.

"okay! Kai said with excitement in his voice. but didn't know that the same excitement would became his biggest regret his all life!


one week later,

Roline was busy packing some few things in her bedroom. she didn't know where they were going. she just packed whatever came to her mind.

"Roline, you don't need to take so many things. we're only going to sit and tour my home for some few days. come over here, let's go. Kai said as he pulled Roline up from the bed. he didn't think that so many things were needed.

Roline didn't say a thing. she kept looking until she leaned closer and kissed him on the lips before asking, "how many are they?

"602! An kai answered seriously.

will I be able to pay your bills to zero balance? you never forget, not even in sleep!

Roline had tried so many times to trick him into forgetting the number of kisses they had so far made but An kai didn't forget. even when in deep sleep, he would still murmur the correct figure.

the two left the house and boarded their car before disappearing into the distance from the Han villa. seeing An kai driving in to the same direction as before when they went to Xia's place.

"Kai, don't tell me we're going back to Xia's place. I don't want to be mute again as that day. Roline expressed her worry.

"you don't like them, right? Kai asked.

it's not that but, I would prefer to prepare myself before going there again. they really treated me nicely because they love you kai, I was able to see their love in Granny's eyes.

I will find a day and go there to thank them but not today.

relax, you will see Xia today but not for so long and we're not going back to Xia's place, but to my house.

that house is the only thing I own. it's the only thing that can't be taken away from me.

I want you to stay in it and feel the warmth that I felt back then. I know you may not like it but, I still have no choice but to take you and maybe you might find something that you may like about it. it's not horrible as your mind tells you.

Roline didn't think that An kai would be like this.

I know I was scared of it that day but that doesn't mean that it's horrible. it was my first time there so being a little scared was inevitable. I will try to see what you see in it after we reach there. I have never thought that you think that bad of me!

An kai listened and didn't say a word. the journey took them three hours.

reaching the gate, Roline gaped at the sight.

the house was renovated. the compound was freshly made. flowers were blooming as they gave out good scents.

Xia opened the gate and An kai drove inside. after packing the car, he came to see Xia who was still standing.

"aunt Xia, thank you very much for everything here.

"dear, do you like the new looks of this place? Xia ignored An kai and asked Roline instead.

it's better than before! Roline said to the woman standing in front of her.

"I made you two some few dishes. you can go in and try them. Xia said in a loving tone.

aren't you going to eat with us? Kai asked.

"no, this house is now for the two of you. everything has been prepared. I will head off now.

"Kai, if she's not eating with us, we should order takeout. what if she has put something in the dishes? Roline said with the most innocent face one could ever have!

An kai didn't look at Xia as he said."it's your fault that your daughter-in-law won't be eating the food you made her for the first time. after which, Kai grabbed Roline's hand and strode off.

"the 21st century best actress award, goes to you my dear wife!!

"but will she fall for it? I sounded a bit rude with my question. Roline wasn't sure whether Xia would fall for her act and join them for lunch.

"don't worry, her heart is just like that of your father. she's kind and loves to please me so, she will be here soon.