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An, I know you're valunable in front of her but, when do you think she will stop her acts?

I can read her but what if she does this to people who can't understand her? are you not angry? old Han asked. he was worried that An kai was believing his daughter's act.

"am used to it. it's not the first time she has acted like that. the only thing I was worried of was you taking her words seriously and lose trust in me.

she is smiling right now thinking that you're scolding me. we both want her happy so we may as well act along. An kai answered truthfully. he knew that if the old man knew his daughter's acts, things will be okay. after the two chit chatted for more time, old Han got up to head off for work.

An kai went to his room only to find the songstress Roline. she was busy singing in a loud calm voice with her ear phones on.

once in the room, An kai pushed the door and closed. he then headed where Roline was. Roline changed her position to lay herself on bed with her back down. An kai didn't say a thing, he moved to the lower part of the bed and pulled Roline's legs to straighten up and later passed his own legs up on the bed so that Roline is trapped in between.

"what are you doing? my legs will hurt if you don't move away! get off me!

Roline struggled but An kai wasn't hearing. he kept his knees on the mattress. Roline's legs were in one place, they couldn't move no matter what.

"if you're done struggling tell me so that I can get going. An kai said.

"An, I don't want to play right now. it's not fun!

did you ask me when you continued with your show in front your father? it's now my turn. An kai said as he moved his head near Roline's. she pretended to be busy with her phone but An kai didn't stop, he moved his lips closer to Roline's.

where should I start from? your neck, ears or lips?

Roline put down her phone and ear phones to the bed side before she kissed him first.

how many hurtful words did my father say to you? you will have a kiss for each of them. Roline knew that An kai just wanted to tease her but thinking of it, she may as well pay for the scoldings he got from her father.


they were so hurtful that my head started to spin around.

okay then, I will kiss you until you lose count so that it's uncountable.

okay! An kai nodded without hesitation. having scolds and later kisses seemed fun. but fun later turned into suffocation. the two kissed until they could not breathe.

.. how many are those?


after hearing the answer, Roline kissed him again and again without letting him to take count so that they could become uncountable but An kai knew the correct counts.

reaching the 50th count, Roline gave up.

Kai you're a monster! how can you keep counting without letting me stop! my lungs are in pain. I can't continue! Roline looked more like a kid when complaining. she didn't realize that Kai was smiles head to toe.

it's okay if you can't continue for now, I will take it as a debt that you must pay to zero balance!!

let's go have lunch and come back so that you pay your kiss bills!!

after his words, Kai got pulled Roline up and dragged her out side the room.

they almost spent two hours in paying their kiss bills.

Roline, you should do and act as much as you like as long as you're to pay for them that way. it's contenting to the heart and mind.

Roline wanted to roll her eyes at An kai's words.

"contenting your head! am gonna tell my father when he gets here.

"oh, it's okay if you're to pay for them as well.


Roline wanted to shout but the man next to her was busy smiling, the white set of his teeth were all displayed pleasingly. Roline looked at him in a daze. she didn't realize when they reached he stairs because she was to attentive to An kai's smile. his eyes had a glow in them. he looked 10 times younger than he already was.

"Roline please be careful!!

a voice was heard from down the stairs. An kai acted first and grabbed her hand but he ended down with Roline up on his body.

Roline seemed to be in daze since she didn't move. her eyes were locked on An kai's face.

Roline ?


get up or else people are going to look at us awkwardly.


get up before the maids get here. but Roline moved closer and kissed him instead, after which she asked "how many are they?


Roline ended up pushing him into the stairs harder. "you never forget, how am I gonna pay your bills to zero balance ?" but later, she heard little moans escaping Kai's lips.

"are you hurt? am sorry, I forgot that I was on top yet I pushed you harder. she said as she got up from him and pulled him up.