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67 a stained reputation

The maids were all drawn to the sleeping Roline in An kai's hands. he moved slowly not to wake her up. he walked up the stairs and disappeared from the sight of the maids. they were still in a daze when Roline's father came from the entrance with a questioning look on him.

what's up there? old Han asked seeing that all their attention was on the empty stairs.

"we don't know, it's just that the young master carried the miss up without telling us anything. they have just got back home. one of the maids explained.

don't worry, I will talk to them to see what happened. old Han said before he gestured for the maids to get going.


what happened with Roline? she is fine, right?

"she is okay, it's just that she's tired. we have driven a long distance. I took her to see aunt Xia in Chendigwa province.

she took care of me for so long and I have been away for months now. she wanted to come ask for my way abouts but she was scared. scared of the fact that she stepped over her boundaries of mere taking care of me to loving me like her son. she owe me that much. An kai explained to the old man. he didn't want him to misunderstand him in any way.

" it's your right to take Roline wherever you want, as long as you bring her here safe and sound. and by the way, you're going to work with me for the time being. Roline praised you a lot here but, she never wants to here us praise you. she prefers to keep that complement part of your life to herself.

she told me about it back then, I thought she was only encouraging me to study. An kai said. when will I start work officially?

"you don't need to worry, you still have some time to rest. it may be in some two weeks, everything will be ready by then and, have you by any chance looked through some social media sites since yesterday? Roline's father asked An kai but according to his reaction. he probably knew nothing.

am sorry to say that I haven't, she has been using my phone all day. I didn't get a chance to open it since morning. she forgot to charge her phone last night so we left it home as she took mine.

"you shouldn't act valunable in front of her, let her know that she has to bare with everything or else you will become another type of transport. she has her own way of taking advantage of people around her. old Han warned, it wasn't because he didn't want An kai to spoil Roline but because he knew how his daughter's logic worked. and An kai had experienced this numerous times.

am not surprised to hear that from you. you have spoiled her so much that she never stops to praise you. she loves you with everything in her. An kai said with an hint of envy.


An kenzi was still under the impression that the Han family planned all the photos that were trending on social media sites. seeing the Han business stocks raising for every day that passed annoyed him greatly.

I think that the Han family is more calculative than I thought. they are using that boy to their advantage.

"father, why do you have to pressure yourself about such simple matters?

I asked the guard to call me if An kai gets back to the Han villa and he did. the guard said that the two had gone out to enjoy themselves. we should wait to see how An kai runs the Han Corps.

according to my sources, the old man plans to make An kai a temporary CEO. to see how he run things in the first month, if it works. he will then give himself the chairman title and leaves An kai to run it throughout.

what am wondering is, where does this man get all the courage to put his confidence in An kai?

first, he can't write nor read. he can't use modern technology equipments. and worst of all, he can't speak any business language.

I heard that he even hired one of the best assistants just for An kai but, we can use her to our advantage since she was my friend back then.

Xin Yi is good at her work but she is also greedy to some extent. if I can manipulate her before she meets with An kai, everything will follow our lead. An kaira was now targeting An kai in every way possible. if he used his father's hatred to his advantage. he would get what ever he wants before the long awaited time. that's why he made sure to leave no room for An kai to escape to. he wanted to get him out of the Han Corps with a stained reputation with the help of Xin Yi, An kai's would be assistant...