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64 we shall be back before the day breaks.

An kai reached for Roline's phone before he started to bow dry her hair.

when Roline tried to switch on her phone, it wasn't working so she ended up telling An kai to give her his phone. " An, l forgot to charge my phone last night. give me your phone for a moment.

An kai didn't ask much and handed his phone to Roline. she logged into her accounts only to find An kai's photos on the trending searches. she didn't react to scare the man standing behind her. she slowly read through the different posts and closed the phone.

by then, An kai was done drying her hair and asked if he can tie it into a ban. Roline nodded her head before she stood up, changed in to one of the dresses An kai brought and headed down to get breakfast. the rest were done with having their breakfast so she was the only one that had not eaten yet.

the maids wore strange looks as they looked at the couple. Roline didn't tell An kai anything. she ate her food silently. An kai didn't notice anything either, after Roline was done eating, she stood up and called one of the maids.

if dad comes back before us, tell him we shall be back before the day breaks.


the duo went for their car but Roline watched all the surroundings before letting An kai to get out of the house. she didn't even take her car claiming that Rolls Royce don't fit her test, they look more of men's type.

An kai didn't question her, he boarded the BMW that she picked out of her father's cars.

An gave her the address, Roline activated the GPS on her phone and drove away.

just as the two left, An kaira's car parked in to the Han villa grounds. he was welcomed and led into the sitting room.

"the master is not home at the moment, while the young Miss has just left the house with her husband. the maid explained in the most convincing tone possible with a smile on her face. she didn't want to offend either of the parties.

An kaira looked composed at that moment, he stood up and said to the maid calmly. " tell my brother that I came to see him and send my greetings to the rest. and he walked out of the door.

he really wanted to vent his anger on to something, he kicked his car with all the rage firing up in him.

this thing sure is lucky, I left my bed to come here and act nice yet he went to move around with that brat of his!

I looked like a fool in front of those maids, they must be laughing at me right now!

his assistant was a quiet man, he didn't say a single word. he went straight in to the driver's seat and waited for An kai to vent his anger before they could leave.

just as they were about to leave the Han parking lot, An kaira's phone rang.

"if you have got the photos, send them over. we need to use them before the first trend dies out. An kenzi said in an impatient way.

An kai is not at the Han household at the moment, it seems he took his wife out for some fun.

what? could it be that old bug is hiding him from the press and, we are related now so people will think about the Ans before the Hans. An kenzi spoke in away that made it look as if he was trying to convince himself. he asked the questions and answered them himself. he didn't want to think that Roline's father would benefit more from the commotion An kai's photos created online. he preferred to convince himself than looking at the facts.

An kaira listened to the the man' s blabbering before he ordered the assistant to take him at their house. the old man is going to start his lamentations again.try to drive faster so that I get home before it worsens.

the last time he lamented his crazy plans, it had almost landed An kaira in to trouble.

the man woke up remembering all the words that he had told him when trying to soothe him. he demanded for the message from Tanu, and later drove his car to her place but Tanu said some annoying things to him which An kaira didn't get the chance to know.

that day, An kenzi was in a bad state,. a state worse than death. he spent two weeks making himself busy so that he can forget Tanu's hurtful words. he never wanted to believe that she was the one who said them to him.

it was this An kai matter that brought him to think straight again. he was too focused on this matter making An kaira wonder what got in to his head this time...