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62 I deserve something more encouraging than your words

hmm, I think I will carry under certain conditions. if you agree to them then, I will carry you straight away. An kai replied.

don't you think you're too much? am your wife yet you give me conditions to help me out.

"they aren't much, you just need to say 'yes' as an answer.

one, you need to come with me in the guest room. I don't want to sleep there a lone

okay. I agree... I agree but remember, this is my father's house.

with Roline's answer, An kai stood up, moved her chair to face him and picked Roline up. she crossed her hands on his neck as she asked him to reduce his paces.

"move slowly so that I don't change my mind. I want this to Last for some more time.

since this is Roriland, I won't complain but you will have to pay for your unreachable demands once in awhile.An kai answered.

hmm, can't you just say that you need something instead of moving around corners?

it seems you're really over thinking things, right?

no, if you're not over thinking them yourself, how did you know that am over thinking things?

you can move from here to my room, right? An kai asked once they reached the corridor after the stairs.

my legs are numb, you just carry me to my room first, I will find you later on. she said with a smile on her face.

don't you think I deserve something more encouraging and not your words?

okay then, take me to my room so that you get what you deserve.

An kai didn't ask anymore, he moved with Roline in his arms until they reached her bedroom door. he put her down to see what he deserves from this little woman.

when Roline saw An kai putting her down, she got herself up slowly and hurriedly pushed the door, entered and slammed it back before An kai could say or do anything.

An kai didn't say anything, he walked towards the room in the far corner of the corridor. he unpacked his luggage and washed up so that he can have a good night's sleep.

he was tired, he had not slept well for the past days since he was busy making revisions.

yet the time he had to sleep, he ended up texting Roline till late in the night and waking up very early the next day.

thinking about the time they texted even after saying goodbye, An kai's lips twitched into a smile as he reached for his phone. he read through the messages and typed something before tapping the send button.

Roline on the other hand, she was done washing up for the night. she was done drying her hair and changing from her towel into her night dress.

that's when she had her phone buzzing from the bedside table since it was in silent mode.

"am tired, my muscles hurt. can you get some one to send me some pain killers and one of the maids to come give me a massage? Roline read the message before she replied with "sure"

An kai was disappointed, he wanted to see what Roline could do if he asked for help from another female but she seemed unfazed at all.

minutes later, An kai had knocks on his bedroom door before he asked who it was.

"am here to give you a body massage. a voice came from outside but it seemed the person was trying to change her voice.

An kai started smiling as he said "come in"

once the person stepped in, An kai pushed the door, closed it and took the key out without waiting for the other party to react.

he went and layed down with a contented smile.

the woman was covering herself with a cloth on her head. she didn't move, she stood there before she lost her patience and turned to An kai.

I want to go sleep, let me give you a massage and leave.

An kai only parted the spot next to him indicating for her to lay down.

come and sleep, you will give me a massage later in the night.

the woman:" ... "

An kai moved from the bed and dragged the woman on to his bed, hugged her and went to sleep. seeing An kai breathing heavily, Roline removed the cloth on her head.

she looked at the sleeping An kai before she relaxed and went to sleep. the only thing she had on her mind was An kai. she has been waiting for the day he will come home and sleep with him just like they were before.

she sneaked and kissed him lightly, not wanting to wake him up but may be he detected her movements, he pulled her even closer in his arms before he started to breathe heavily again.