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61 am still hungry.

An kai was only able to wrap his masculine arms around Roline. he made sure that she was able to feel his heart beats, Roline had no intention of leaving his arms yet but someone interrupted their reunion hug.


looking at the source of the the sound, Roline's father was standing some few steps behind them.

Roline didn't let An kai into her room maybe due to excitement, she hugged him from the door way.

when her father got home, he was informed that a young man came home and that he had gone to see Roline in her room.

old Han had not expected An kai to get back so soon, so he quickened his steps to head upstairs to see who intruded his house. to his Surprise, he found Roline in to someone's embrace as she complained. seeing that the later had no intention to get off the other, he decided to give some dry coughs to bring the pair back to reality.

Roline's face was burning red. she didn't think that oneday her father would find her in another man's arms. as for An kai, he was even more calmer than an ocean late in the night. he looked very composed as he let go of Roline and turned to Roline's father.

uncle, I didn't know that you're back so, I came to wake your daughter up. An kai never wanted to call Roline by her name in front other people. this wasn't the first time that he tried not to call her name in front of her dad. and he never wanted to call her his wife thinking that it makes her uncomfortable.

but that made Roline think otherwise especially if she's in a bad mood.

to Roline, An kai never wanted to tell others that she's his wife maybe because he thought she wasn't good enough for him while An kai thought that he was letting her to be anything without being looked at as a someone's wife, paired with the fact that she was young.

she was really young to be married. especially when she wasn't in need of a man's support. she had almost everything that the world could offer her. she always got the best out of the best things people could desire.

am sorry that I couldn't wait to see her later. An kai continued to explain himself but the old man had not said a word apart from the coughs he gave awhile back.

he looked at the two without saying a word. Roline had her head down, not daring to look at her father. she felt embarrassed whenever she thought about the kind of ideas running through her father's head.

"dinner is ready. after which, old Han turned around to head back down stairs.

seeing his back disappearing into the corner, An kai turned to Roline who had her head down, from ear to ear, Roline was red but An kai gave a simple smile and pulled her back in his arms.

"I have never seen you in this state. just stay yourself. your dad is not a bad person at all. An kai said as he parted Roline on the back lovingly. just get ready and came down for dinner. An kai released her to go get ready but Roline didn't move.

don't you think that dad is thinking too much of me right now, and this is all your fault. why didn't you wait for me down stairs. even the maids will be gossiping about me. Roline complained.

you haven't changed the slightest bit. pushing all the blame on me yet it was you who tagged yourself in my arms.An kai wanted to say his thoughts out but remembering last time, he decided to change them.

"you're my wife, no one can talk about you in this house, not even your father. with the words said, An kai pulled Roline by the hand towards the staircase. " be yourself, no one needs to control your life, not even your husband.

Roline relaxed a bit as they walked down the stairs. the maids were all caught off guard. the couple walking down looked really too perfect. with their hands held together.

Roline had her head down so, she wasn't able to see the the admiration in the maids' eyes.

the duo went and sat next to each other. Roline didn't get a chance to pick her own food because An kai did that for her.

seeing Roline's plate get empty, old Han cut a steak from his potion intending to place it in Roline's plate but, An kai was faster than he was.

Roline lifted her eyes, she saw An kai putting something in her plate as her father's hand was in midair trying to reach her plate but in a daze at the same time.

not wanting to disappoint her dad, she extended her plate forward. " am still hungry, give me that as well. Roline said smilingly.

minutes later, everyone was done eating but Roline didn't put down her chopsticks.

she was full to the maximum but she didn't want to leave the food that was given to her by the two men in the house.

An kai didn't move, seemingly waiting for Roline to finish.

may I eat some? I want more food but from your plate. An kai said looking at Roline.

Roline looked at her dad to see if he won't get mad. old Han nodded at her in response.

okay. Roline turned to An kai and extended her plate. the two started eating slowly until the plate was empty.

old Han was only able to leave a 'good night' behind before he left the two seated.

I can't move, my lower abdomen is too packed . I won't be able to bend nor stand straight. Roline looked more like a pregnant woman due to her facial expressions but her stomach couldn't be seen even in the tight shirt she was wearing.

what do you suggest? An kai asked as he wondered what kind of logic was running through the little woman's head.

you just need to carry me up the stairs. I will walk from there to my room.....