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56 Christina Matez

Seeing the old man drifting to sleep, An kaira felt relieved but, where will I get the message I told him? and how will mother react to this if the old man gets up tomorrow ready to visit her?

Thinking of all this, An kaira grabbed his phone and called her after closing the door to An kenzi's room. he walked through the quiet corridor and headed to the balcony.


Tanu on the other hand, has been home as usual, no work, no friends. she stayed in a simple bungalow. it was really big and well decorated.

the coldness in it showed how lonely the people that lived in it were, everything was in its right position. it was too silent that one could hear the rustling wind outside.

the all place was well lit up, everything looked so clean under the yellow lights but soon, the house was covered by the dollollo!! dollollo!! sound.

it has been weeks and weeks without any one calling, and now here they are calling me late in the night. a woman placed her feet on the floor to wake herself from the drowsiness. she stood up and headed to the living room. the call came in on a landline phone. it was placed neatly at the table.

"hello, the person on the other hand spoke first.

what do you want this time? Tanu asked.

hmm, it seems am not supposed to call if am not asking something, right? An kaira answered with his own question.

the sun will have set from the north, if that day comes. Tanu answered truthfully. the so called son of hers always called when he either had something to ask or requesting for favours. it was no wonder he called at night.

you know... your old man is sick again. he didn't want to talk to me so... I borrowed your name for some few minutes but, the old bought my story of you wanting to see him.

he went to sleep afterwards but...

but what?! I don't like it when you use my name with your crazy father.

"it's just that he might come to your house tomorrow. I don't know if he will remember but if he does, please forgive me in advance. I was out of options to calm him down. he broke anything breakable in his room. I was too scared at that moment. An kaira explained everything in a pitiful voice. he didn't forget that he was the one and only son of these two mysterious creatures. he knew that this woman always pretended not to care but she did. she never said no to his requests and she always warned him if needed.

alright. I want to sleep. Tanu said before she hung up the phone. leaving smiley An kaira on the other side of the call.


I can't believe am going to be new!, head to toe. Tinah said as she looked through her new identity. the file she held had Christina Matez.

a 23yr old. she was brought up in the Good Guardian Orphanage. she was later taken to C city's best business school...

Roline, thank you very much but, why is my new name has no "R" at the beginning? don't you like to share a letter with me? Tinah or Christina Matez to be, asked.

hmm, I can't believe you have such thoughts about me. that was the only file at the orphanage that had your age range and the only person who changed names after she was adopted.

no one will follow you for this. you can get a job using the documents in that file and have a perfect life.

your travel documents are all there. you just need to do as you please with your life. you will be staying at my place in Roriland until you get your own house.

why does this name sound similar to mine? look here "Chris-tina-" Tinah brought the paper near Roline so that she could see.

it's an English name, that's what I know. stop asking questions and go to bed. we shall have our last tour in C city tomorrow and go home the following day.

got it. Christina answered before heading for her bed.

today marks the sixth day of the days you have not called me. Roline murmured as she looked at her phone. she has been waiting for An kai's call for six days and nights.

why don't you call him? did you write it somewhere that he is the only one to call first? Christina asked. Roline looked sad when ever she looked at her silent phone.

you're over thinking things. am waiting for dad to call me. Roline said before she pulled the covers over herself.

you're different from the person the world knows. you may hide it but I can still see it. you're not different from the young girls who wish to have handsome , clever, understanding and loving boys. that's what we all wish. but you have it all yet, you don't see it. Christina looked at Roline as she felt pity for her. she knew most things happening around the globe yet she didn't know herself at all!!