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The man was really angry, he looked at An kaira with a ridiculed smile.

you look amazed by the things your father has done but you're not innocent!!

you too deserve to be punished. just because you were able to get yourselves out of all the mess you created back then, doesn't mean that we don't know!!

we're only waiting for God to punish the two of you!! after which, the two men stood up and they left the restaurant. An kaira was left in a daze, thinking through all the words the men had just said.

it's true that An kaira changed names but, it wasn't my idea. I only found out when even paperwork was done. I was only 7 by then. at that moment, An kaira started to feel himself losing it.

how many more secrets does this father of mine have?...and how many people are involved in this mess? all kinds of questions formed themselves in An kaira's head.

at first, he thought his father was hiding something about his own parents and maybe that brother of his, An kai's father, An kaizi. that's why he had decided to leave him keep his secrets but now, things had taken one more step. it included himself as well.

knowing that An kenzi hates him being secretive towards him, An kaira decided to use that to his advantage. he stopped calling him, made excuses whenever he wanted to see him so that he can bring himself to tell his bitter past but, can the old man fall for his son's tricks?


Meanwhile, An kai has been trying to prevent himself from calling Roline. he wants to let her know that he can bare not seeing or talking to her for some days, meaning that she can go anywhere without the two divorcing. he continued with his studies and took care of himself well.

...C city..

Days had passed, Tinah was done with her surgery but she needed time to recover properly. it's true that the surgery didn't change much but its also true that Tinah didn't look exactly the same as before. her nose was slightly sharpened, paired with her long jaws, Tinah looked more beautiful, she gained a look of maturity on her.

wow.... you look really better than before. your new look suits more than your old one. Roline felt happy that at least, Tinah looked really good.

"the rumors were really true. Tinah who was lying on the hospital bed said.

which rumors are you talking about? Roline asked confusedly.

your complement library has no " you're beautiful, gorgeous or anything like amazing...". it seems am really ugly to the extent where you can't even pull my leg, right?

it's not like that Tinah, it's just that your beautiful but with something new to it. that's why I said you look better than before.

I don't believe that there is any body who isn't beautiful. people are beautiful in different ways, you can take yourself as an example. your not the most outstanding or the most beautiful lady I have ever seen but, you're the most kind and the most loving person I have met all my life!!

I like people's hearts more than their looks.

Roline knew exactly what she was talking about. even when Tinah found out that Josh was the one behind the kidnapping and murder thing, she didn't hate him.

even after she woke up, she wanted to go see him but unfortunately, she was taken to his grave. she even had tears in her eyes that day, and when Roline asked her why, she answered with "I miss him, I miss the wildness he carried himself with. he at least treated me 100 times better than my own parents. and she concluded saying that people were like coins, they had two sides with each known to different people. she was happy that Josh chose to show her the good side of him while the girls experienced his other side due to their bad luck!!

Roline was only Left with one question.

"what kind of thinking and logic does this Tinah have?

later in the day, Tinah was left to go with Roline since she had spent so many days seated in one place.

it was around 8pm when the two reached Starless hotel. the hotel was of a high class.

right from their architecture design, to decorations and furniture, everything looked great and amazing. it's true when you say "Starless" because at night in this hotel, no one had the desire to look at the stars. one look from the balcony and you could see half of C city. lights made it like most's dream land.

every night Roline stands at the floor to ceiling window to look at the beautiful sight.

aren't you going to sleep? Tinah asked seeing that Roline was too consumed in her thoughts.

are you waiting for Mr gorgeous' call? Tinah asked again.

no, he won't be calling.

why are you sad? isn't that what you wanted him to do?

Roline looked at Tinah for some time before saying "persistence for love is only in movies and books" people love themselves more than any other thing, except my dad. Roline said before she placed the cup she was holding and went into bed.