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52 As long as we can talk

Ami reached at An kai's place later in the evening. she pressed the door bell but An didn't let her in. he passed the phone to her and added,

I stepped on it accidentally!!

An kai said and after which, he closed the door.

Ami didn't ask a lot either, she thanked him and headed for the elevator. the next day was the day that An stopped going for classes.

when Roline was informed about it, she called to ask what went wrong but only to hear the drowsy An.

have you been drinking? Roline asked.

no.. it's just that I don't like your pretence. be yourself when talking to me.

..An, what do you mean by that?

it's nothing, I just want to thank you for all the meals I have had with Ami all this time!!

so, you know, right? Roline asked with no hint of change in her emotions.


since you know everything, I should as well let you know the all situation. once you're done with your exams, come home so that we can proceed with our divorce!!

for all the things I have done for you, you just need to sign the papers and everything will be over. Roline said and hunged up the phone.

from that on, the two never talked like before. An kai tried to calm himself down and called Roline but she would never pick up, and when she did, she acted like one speaking to a friend or a complete stranger.

thinking through all this makes no sense. I should do something about it, right? An thought to himself. he moved from the sofa and headed to the bedroom. he looked at himself in the mirror.

I will have to try first before I give up on this marriage. he got his phone and called Roline as usual but thankfully, the phone was picked up.

how are you doing?An spoke first.

"am fine, and you?

for now, am good.

"okay then, let's talk later. I have a flight in an hour so, I might be late. Roline said before she hung up.

who is supposed to end the call?

An said as a smile appeared on his face. this is what I need. as long as we can still talk, the rest don't matter. An placed a way his phone and headed into the bathroom, later he organised his things and went to bed.

...the next morning...

An kai woke up very early and set the house back to its original beautiful organised self. he sent for new flowers to replace the one he broke.

I just need to be in a great mood. An kai said in a way that was trying to convince himself.

once done with the cleaning, he called to the institute requesting to resume his classes the following week. the staff thought that maybe Roline was able to talk to him and they welcomed him happily.


Roline on the other hand, had left with Tinah for C city. Tinah was to undergo a surgery to remove the scars on her face.

most things were done beforehand and the two just needed to relax and wait for the stated date of the surgery.

after seeing the streets of C city at night, Tinah ended up freezing the air in the room.

I can now understand why you want to divorce Mr gorgeous. Tinah said out of nowhere.

Tinah has been stack to Roline for the past month, and Roline is not a person to keep things from people around her so, Tinah knew most of the secrets the three heiress shared.

they wanted to tour every corner of the earth with no limitations!!.

Roline looked at Tinah for some time before she asked her own question.

do you want to join us?

no, my passion is not in touring places. I want to get a job and start working.

I have nothing right now, I know you can support me but that's not what I want. I want a simple life, get married and have kids. I want my own family. Tinah explained.

do you need someone as Mr gorgeous? Roline asked again.

hmm, Mr gorgeous is not my type. he has your name printed all over his body, heart and soul. you say very hurtful things to him but he ends up calling you every day, with no trace of anger or pretence in his voice. no one can have him except you.Tinah said slowly. she had witnessed the scene of the two more often.

Roline didn't ask anymore after Tinah's answer. she looked through the glass window and confirmed how true her desires are.

the streets were shining bright. it made one forget their problems.

a man who isn't your father, can't love you in and out, body and soul. that's what Roline thought at that moment. she didn't believe the way Tinah explained An kai's love for her.


the day wasn't bad at all compared to the recent ones. An seemingly was in a good state. it was 8 pm when he got his phone to call Roline as usual. the phone didn't go through, it was some kind of confusing. he decided to call Roline's father.


old Han had just reached home from work. he had just put down his files when his assistant Lu, handed him his phone.

hello, old Han said after putting the phone on his ear.

uncle, it's me Kai. I can't reach your daughter at the moment. is she home yet? An said in a respectful tone.

haha, this young generation sure is protective!!

Roline is only out of reach for a single day and here you're asking me, but I don't mind. it's your responsibility to take care of her anyway.

Roline escorted her friend to C city at the moment. just wait for some few hours it will be okay. do you understand? old Han asked.

alright. An said and wished the old man a good night before he hung up.