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37 Give yourself to me

At the police station__

a sketchbook was brought to see if any of the arrested had any criminal cases.

three of the men arrested where from the "Street gun boys" group.

the group existed 2yrs ago. it's major operations by then were children abduction. but their leader was killed in a gun fight after trying to take away a child from one of the kindergartens in Tria.

the child was rumoured to be fathered by a government official who had guards to follow his daughter everywhere.

Josh and the boss had no bad records in Tria. but the police didn't let them go.

from the time that An started beating Josh, to the time when his boss brought men to help him out, Josh had not said a word. he has been looking as though in a paralyzed state. when he was seated in the car, Tinah texted him.

" Josh, where a you? your dad is looking for you everywhere. he came to my place saying that I conspired with you to kidnap my schoolmates and ask for money in return.

what the hell happened? call me back when you receive the message. my parents are furious about this and I might lose my family and my place in Ox university.

hurry home and clarify everything. we're innocent.

but before Josh processed the content of the message, a car parked right behind his.

he wanted to lash his anger at the owner but only to find Ami and later An's wrath.

he wanted to fight him but when he thought of his father looking for him, he knew that was the end.

Josh didn't know An kai as a person but knew about the An family.

the lust he had for Roline had long disappeared when An showed up and fear clutched him.

his father was a strict person but also with a justice nature in him.

"you must pay for your doings, either positively or negatively. the choice is yours to choose the path to take. those are the words that he says to me every time we meet. Josh was thinking about what will happen to him if he faced with his father.


An was figuring out how to bath his drunkard wife.

Roline, I have run some warm water for you, go and bath. Roline didn't move, she stayed on the spot looking at An attentively.

she was staring at him with no intention to get started with his orders.

it's late now, go for a shower or lay down and sleep. An was talking in the calmest tone of his voice. he never loses patience with this wife of his, he looked so gentle at her.

Roline seemed frustrated with his words, she extended her Palm and covered his lips.

both were seated on the bed opposite each other. An didn't say any more words and the room fell silent.

Roline seemed satisfied with the silence, she bent her head to An's lap.

thinking that she was sleeping, An moved his body to let her lay on the bed but Roline sensed his actions and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"you don't like me even the slightest, your actions say it louder.

yet here you're pretending to care more than anyone.

my dad is the only man I love in this world, he loves me and his not scared to show it. he is very proud of me.

am the worst thing you have met all your life, right? Roline said everything with a sad tone.

you're the best thing that has happened to me in all my life. it's just that am scared to say it loud.

am not like your father, he has whatever it takes to love you publicly. and me on the other hand, am someone with nothing in life that can support you. if we think of the time we spent together, it's you who has been taking care of my every need.

the An kai before you, is yours for life. the world may not know but An kai will never forget his promise.

you can do as you're pleased with me. your the painter of the An kai paint, your can use all the colours of your choice to colour your paint. whether dull or bright ones, I will not go back on any of my words.

Roline was quite. she only moved her head from An's lap to look at him.

" you mean what you have said?


give yourself to me, only if you mean your words. Roline said with her eyes looking straight into An's.

An was only able to answer with " am all yours".

Roline started leaning closer after listening to An's answer.

An only answered to soothe Roline's anger away. he didn't expect anything from the drunkard Roline.