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For the past two weeks, Roriland has been in a mess. three students were missing, the three were said to be friends since they all shared the same university. but there missing caused a stir in the business world.

the girls were all daughters of business men, in different sectors and specialities.

the current situation says that the two were from the Lin family and the other were from Sun.

they were all kidnapped on the same day but different places. the group had organised to have a tour. stay tuned for more updates.

"what do you think? old Han moved his eyes from the television to assistant Lu and asked.

I don't know but, there is one thing for sure. whoever is doing this, targets Ox's students at the moment.

"get me my phone. old Han said anxiously.


buzz! buzz!

Roline... Roline, your dad is calling. wake up. An said looking at the sleepy Roline. from the time that Roline fell asleep in An's arms, she hadn't waken up. it was already nearing eleven but An wasn't sleepy.

Roline forced her eyes open to pick up the phone with a groggy voice.

hello dad, it's late and am really sleepy. can't we talk tomorrow? I won't be able to remember a thing tomorrow from what you're to tell me.

old Han listened and thought for another option.

if I can't talk to you now, can I talk to An? old Han asked dotingly. even An could hear the love in his voice. he was the one holding the phone. he had placed it on a loud speaker for the sleepy Roline to hear.

"talk to him as much as want. Roline said as she placed her head back to the pillow and closed her eyes.

"hello, An said on the phone trying to see if Roline's father was still on.

An, keep my girl. students are getting kidnapped here and most shocking, they're all from Ox. try not to leave her for too long. be careful of people who visit your place.

especially those from Ox. I know you're understanding to her needs but, her life is more important. tell her if you think it's important but also remember that it may put her in a panic.

you can restrict her movements for the time being.

" do you think I have a choice with this daughter of yours? An thought to himself. am like a helpless child in front of her but still he answered to the man in a convincing tone.

" I will try my best to keep her safe. I will call you if anything happens.

okay, you can go to sleep now. Bye.

bye. An answered before. putting the phone back to the bedside table.

I can't guarantee you much at the moment , but my life is all yours. if possible, I can give you the only thing that will never change in me. An said looking at the sleeping beauty beside him.


as we promised to keep you updated on the ongoing case of abduction , here comes the news about the missing students.

" one dead and three dramatised!!

the dead victim has been recognized as Xuan.

her family is not known at the moment but she has been found dead near Mercy hospital.

the abductors should have wanted to take her to the hospital, but may be she died on the way. her body is at Mercy hospital. if you know anything about this student, please report to the nearest police station in your area or follow the link on your screen.


I like it when people panic over my actions. but I hate those who pretend to know me.

Josh, what should we do about that girl of yours? Boss asked.

don't worry, she won't be able to suspect me at the moment.

Tinah was a naïve person. she had contacts of most of the students at Ox.

Josh used her harmless words to contact every student that had a good background.


when Tinah heard the news, she called Josh on a spot.

hello Jo, did you hear or see the news this morning?

not yet , Josh said.

do you remember the girls you asked me about the other day?

I don't think I remember. I only asked because we had nothing to talk about. do you mind reminding me?

they were three. two from the Lin and one from Sun. do you now remember? Tinah asked impatiently.

yes I do, but what's with the question? am busy at the moment. do you mind calling me later? Josh said calmly.

it will be better if you search for the latest news. I will let you be since you're busy. bye. Tinah hunged up leaving Josh in a proud state.

this girl is the only one that might survive this, only if she remains with her low IQ and naivety.