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21 impressively good 7

hahaha, I can now imagine how the two of you are feeling. old An looked more like a crazy man.

he had his parents' photo and when ever he looked at them, he would lament all the things he was planning to do. like the torture he had prepared for An kai

the old couple was said to have died in an airplane crash. but people in the An family were not convinced about it because the accident happened after 3months of them missing.

workers at the farm where they normally stayed said that the old couple never said goodbye yet it was rare to do so.

but three months later an airplane crash occurred and the the list of the people that died in the plane were made.

that's where they found two people with a family name "An"

the old man has been getting nightmares since then. he would wake up and lament to himself until the next day. he knew about this so, his room had the best sound proofings.

however hard the maids listened, they couldn't get a thing!

with time, they gave up and decided to do their job instead of poking their noses where they didn't belong.


meanwhile, Roline has been teaching An kai.

first, it was right responses to asked questions and now, was time to increase An's speed while writing.

An didn't have class and Roline decided to stay and help him out.

there was one week left for An to sit his official entrance exams.

you're to write the things you like a about our house and you're using only thirty minutes. Roline said before placing the timer Infront of An.



An started writing but, truth be told. he was rilly slow. he used everything in him but still failed to make at least 200 words.

Roline took the paper and told him to relax.

the things here are all correct. if you can ensure that whatever you write is correct , then you will pass.

aren't you saying so because you don't want to discourage me?

No, am telling you the truth. you have 156 things here in only thirty minutes.

which means you can write 312 words in an hour. if your exam is 3 hours, you will have 900+ words and if you get more thirty minutes, then you will be in 1000+ which is more than enough.

but remember, words do not count for your grades but your information. the contents in them count.

do you now understand?

yes ma'am!!

you can try to re-write but this time, use a real question and see how many words you have in only the correct information.

I won't be counting the wrong ones since they're useless.

go eat first and do this later. we still have time and there's no need to panic over time.

okay, An answered before leaving the table.


hello, Ami speaking and you?


which Tinah?, and who gave you my number?

am... I am your "super fan" from Ox

do you remember me?

ohh, I see. who gave you my number?

Roline did. she told me to call you if am not able to get to her. her phone has been off for the past few weeks.

you need Roline not me?

that's true.

call me one week from now. I will find a way so that you talk to her.

thanks a lot. you're one in a million. Tinah said as she ended the call.


have you been sick in my absence? An kaira asked his father. old Han had a very weak expression on him. he looked more like a dead body. he looked so pale and drained.

why? do I look sick to you?

yes, more than being sick. dad, why do you still torture yourself like this?

your health is more important to me. you need to rest and gain some energy or else you won't live to see the best days of your life come true.

control whatever in your heart for some more time. it's not too far like before. you can vent your anger on that kai and not yourself.

"stop your lectures or move out? old An said.

An kaira didn't say any more words.

he simply stared at his father as he came to sit near him.

he didn't push him away, instead he bent his head on to his son.

"this house feels so empty without you.

my mind wanders around the bad memories I hold when you're not here. don't ever leave me. you're the only thing that keeps me going.

"I know, but you should understand. your life is more important. An kaira said to his father in the most calm voice like trying to coax a baby to sleep.

the old man fell in to a deep slumber with his son's words.