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20 impressively good 6

let me hope so or else I will be disappointed in you and my dad will be too. Roline said after An's assurance.

what did you want me to help you with?,

last time when we talked peacefully.

"it's these theoretical courses that are hardening my life. An complained lightly.

what's with them?"

you know that my writing skills aren't good at the moment. most teachers have a hard time to understand them so, I end up with poor grades.

I need a lot of time to complete a few 100s essay words. am a slow writer and that means am bound to fail. right?

"why would you ask and say things that are against the words you have just said a while back?.

when it comes to examinations, your handwriting may not matter alot but your answers.

your speed may as well count to your performance but only when you know the correct statements to write. it's useless to fill your answer booklet while the information is wrong.

your first task is to master their basics.

with time you will find that these questions repeat themselves.

those theoretical subjects have fewer questions into them.

what examiners do is to twist them around to confuse you and that's what you're to fight first. do you get what am saying?

yes.... but...what are their basics?

there not much, as long as you're ready to learn and what's more is the way students pass them so, they are considered easy.

for now, let us just concentrate on the vital part of it, "correct information".

okay then, let's start. An said with excitement in his voice. the way Roline explained things made them simple to grasp forgetting that "words are easily said than done"


old An had started getting a bad feeling lately.

the people he sent to stall An and Roline brought back photos of the two visiting various places in Tria but later, they lost them.

they tried tracking them but failed and now, it was about two months.

" that dummy boy can't do anything at the moment. he hasn't known anything bad about you yet. stay calm and wait for his return with that little angel of his. consoled old An's assistant.

am sure his mind is on how that brat has been fooling around with him.

"did Xia talk to those people from the Han family? old Han asked ignoring his assistant's ass kissing.

she only went there once and it wasn't to the Han villa, but to Roline's apartment at Veyron.

"what took her there?

I heard that An got drunk at the party and she helped that girl to take him out of the spot light since reporters were like "drinks in a bar".

" try to find out what they are up to.

what if they're planning to stay in Tria forever?

no....no that old bug can't stay away from his daughter for too long, let alone for years. impossible!!

what if she....

No "what ifs" here. old Han was out of patience, and his mind was running wild.

he couldn't imagine An kai turning his plan down. he has been waiting for soo long.

waiting to see his son as the legal owner of their business.

if it we're not for his parents, he would have owned it long ago.

but....but...they deceived me.

the two of them tricked me but thanks to them. my humanity was washed way by the days and nights I spent in this office just to win their favour and trust.

it was tiring back then, but I kept on so that I became your capable son. what did you do in return?

you went behind me, humiliated me and finally, you two killed the man in me and created the beast I am.

old Han talked to himself and laughed bitterly while looking at the photo in his hands. it had a couple in it and seemingly of old age.

they looked happy in the photo.

I will keep the two of here so that you see what happens to your"could have been favourite grandson. right?

my poor son could have suffered the same treatment. right?

but at least I did you two a great favour. I gave the most lovely couple their long time wish.

to die together, wasn't it?

you should at least thank me but you don't have to worry. your grand son won't die yet.

I want him to suffer tenfold the suffering you made me go through.

I want him to see the world against him.

I want him valunable to an extent of failing to kill a bug.

I thought having the three of you out of the earth surface will lighten up my wrath but... I was wrong and it's that boy's turn now.