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15 Impressively good 1

life means a lot of things to different categories of people.

when asked what life means to you, what would you say?

life can become chaotic sometimes especially if you don't know what you want, your inspirations and the things you value mostly.

An's image to Roline was changed.

from being a temporary husband to a valunable kid that needs immediate help from the strong winds of hatred, schemers and heartless people in disguise of family members.

later that day, An fell asleep while watching TV.

An....An, wake up and head up stairs. it's cold down here.


An went to bed without any questions. but Roline headed out instead. she went to her father's villa.

why aren't you asleep at this hour? old Han asked and why a you here at this time?

"I want to ask you for something"

what is it that you couldn't ask on phone?

"it's personal and I don't need any one to know except you. will you agree?

Roline knew that her father has always been a beggar in front of her requests. he never says "No" to her demands. he lacks choice making when it comes to his daughter. he said yes without knowing the possibility of the request to come true but, what he knew was that with his daughter involved, nothing was impossible!!


The next morning the An family was informed that the couple will be going for their honeymoon in the neighboring country Tria.

Ami was from Tria. a country known for its quality education system. it was in its history for their adult educational grounds.

both Roline and An arrived at Tria by the next morning. there was no much time difference between Roriland and Tria. in fact, it was only by two hours.

once in Tria, Roline went to visit some few exciting features with An.

a week later, Roline called for An.

"starting Monday you will be going to school"

An looked questioningly but didn't ask any thing.

you don't have to worry, everything will be fine if you act accordingly. your uncle won't be able to know even when he wants to.

my dad has arranged everything here.

you will go by your real name but, you shouldn't tell people your names especially that "An", it's too known here.

use kai instead. am still your wife legally so, I will be responsible for wellness In Tria

you will be studying with people of your age and more and things here are hardened since you're now mature.

you will be leaning things that you could have learnt for 19yrs in 6moths.

somethings aren't as easy as they sound and if you have any questions, ask now. Roline explained everything as per her father's preparations.

that was her request from her father. to take An to school in Tria in the honeymoon disguise.

Roline got herself an internship post in Tria so as she reduces her time and boredom.

she was to start one week after An's school begins.


when will those two get back here from their love touring?

I can't tell, since old Han is the one behind their travels. the assistant answered to An Kara's jealous question.

Ever since An kai was announced as Roriland's new prince, An kaira has been feeling awful.

people had started comparing him to kai in many aspects. from looks to possessions and achievements.

An kaira was only lucky for his known business skills and the so called royalty to An Distributors Ltd and this was because An kai was never seen in any business activities.

keep everything under wraps at the moment. let that brat be fooled by that dummy's looks.

later when she finds herself on streets with her useless husband. I also suspect that he can't write his own name.

hahaha, my life is gonna be full of funny things to laugh about. I wonder what kind of children those two can have?

An kaira kept on thinking the kind of laughter he will have, on the day he will be made the legal owner of An businesses.