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11 His not innocent, his just too lifeless 2 .

it took them 2hours to reach the An mansion in the city. aunt Xia was not taken to civil affairs with the groom. she was left home to help in after party preparations.


Roline was ready by the time the driver came to pick her up.

"has the groom arrived yet?

" the groom is on his way there" the driver answered with the recent updates from the An family. you picked a good day. the civil offices are never crowded on such days so, it will take us no time since your dad informed one of the heads in advance. don't worry about being there for too long and being recognized by the public. people that aren't useful at the moment will be cleared before you go in and no reporter will be there since the people have put all their attention on to the after party the An family has organised.

" is it possible to dodge it? Roline asked but was told that there was no possible way to dodge it. the exception was reaching the party grounds first and leave afterwards.

"when will all the guests be there ?

"by noon"

we shall be there one hour after their arrival and let the organisers know because we shall leave after one more hour after our arrival.

"as you say, but you will meet more business people than family members. the Ans are using this marriage to expand their connections in the business world.

let them do as they're pleased, afterall this marriage is under marriage of conveniences. and they should utilize this opportunity. I don't think it will last for too long so, for the time being, let them be.

we're here. I will go out first to check whether the An members are here.

" go ahead. I will wait in here for your return.

the Ans had reached the civil offices earlier than the bride's family.

that's your ID. you're to use it once you go in there.

don't ask questions. just do as you're told. don't let your uncle get angry at you for no reason.

have you practiced enough with your signature? the driver asked after explaining everything needed to An kai.

"do they look the same?" An asked lifting the paper he was using to practice his signature.

yes!! that's rilly perfect.

I can't believe such a quick learner was denied a chance to study. the driver thought to himself after looking at An Kai's signatures. they looked so perfect. one could think they were photocopied.

can we go on now? I want to get to aunt Xia early since she might be bored right now. she knows no one here.

do you like her that much? the driver answered with his own question.

yes, why? does anyone have a problem with that?

you better keep your likes and dislikes to yourself or else....you may wake up and never see her again!!

An looked at the driver questioningly. trying to figure out what he meant, but something with in him stopped him from asking any further.

the driver's phone rang at that very moment informing him to take the groom.

paperwork didn't last long since money beats and softens.

All the officers worked all their butts out. trying to win favours from both families. their greed x100times, their eyes became tender when looking at their temporary Gold ATM cards. their minds run wild on thinking how they were to spend the coming fortune forgetting that they will never be contented with Mr money.

An did as was told but never once did he look at the bride.

after everything was done, both parties were given marriage certificates and announced as husband and wife.

you're the youngest couple that has came for legal marriage procedures this year. congratulations. the officer said before showing them out.


the brides will be here in one hour's time. the MC said to the audience that was getting anxious.

most people had arrived by noon. An kaira was there to associate with the business men around. he acted the role of a good - brother like scene perfectly.

sweet talking the people around him. kissing their butts in-out so as to get on their good side.

the brides are here!!

the MC announced as everyone's gaze shifted to the main entrance.


their beautiful!

"I can't believe these two are this gorgeous"

their so pleasing to the eye.

voices from the crowd were heard praising the newly married couple. people were drawn more closer as they tried to look at An kai since most of them saw him for the first time.

An kai had three different bloodlines in him and that explained why he had great looks way beyond those known from the An family.

Roline looked at the man beside her and agreed with the crowd. his handsome but with a lower IQ. she thought to herself.