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My name is Yang and I am a normal teenager, I am always horny and I do stupid things constantly. This is the characteristics of a teen no matter how much I deny the fact. Though I might be normal the things that happened to me after my death is not so much. The things that happened to me changed me from a normal human teen to a weak slime with a system. The system is my unique power that was born from my desire after my death. My desire was to be the best and to live forever. The reason I had that desire was because of the circumstances around my death. you see my death wasn't coincidental, i didn't die by mistake. The truck that ran me over wasn't an accident. I only found this out many years later after I had died. Oh you ask how did I have that desire if I didn't know, well let me answer your question. You see the reason why I had that desire was because my future self who is already super strong left a message to me when he rewound time because I lost all the people I loved because I grew too slow. so I (future self) did what any absurdly powerful man who lost everyone he cares about. I obviously stole the last time stone of the originals who were the creators of everything and set back time before I died. What? you judge me for not interfering with the wars and killing hitler and stuff like that well screw off ok. I was in pain from losing those I cared about. Oh I almost forgot I also stole an orb of light that was from the creators no one knows what it does but who cares. I took it and merged it into my soul before I dissipated from existence. Lets switch back to my present self, oh look he's dead lol sucks. Alright merge, open gate to new world, throw me in there, and then I die cool.

present self

*beeeeep* monster system activated

monster: slime

name: yang

attribute: none

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system points: 1000

inventory: rebirth package=1