Wuxiaworld > A shy girl with a hidden talent > 26 26.Ryan was finally able to meet the shy girl.

26 26.Ryan was finally able to meet the shy girl.


Ryan was very happy to see the shy girl. For so many days he wanted to meet her. Finally, he could meet and talk to her today. Now he was trying that when he saw her standing alone, he could go and talk to her. He was just waiting. His wait was over in recess as she was seen standing alone in the school ground.He walked towards that girl. He stopped by going to her. He asked her how were you. She said that she was good now. He kept staring at her for a while without saying anything. Then he asked why she was absent for so many days. She said in response that she had a periodic fever. He said that she was fine now. She said in response yes. He said that she looked very weak then. He said, "Pay special attention to your diet so far". Then he said that he wanted to ask her something, could he ask if she was allowed to. She said that he could definitely ask. He said OK. He was to ask why she left that day without giving any answer. If the answer to his question was no, then she could say no. But not giving any answer was not a good thing. She stood calm. She was just listening to him. He said again she could have said something. Still, he wanted to ask that her intention behind sending those sketches. Were there no feelings behind it. She replied that she did not know the reason behind it. She left as soon as she said this. He was disappointed again. Because he could not find any clear answer to his question.

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