A plant's life
59 We are rich!
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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59 We are rich!

A battle was no place for warm-hearted; with the slightest sign of weakness, the enemy would charge to take advantage, in hopes of turning the tides. Morale, chivalry, fairness, equality and all the good values were lost in the fierce struggle for survival, combat relied heavily on animalistic instincts. In history there have been many instances were a merciful hero was struck down by those they spared; a great commander would learn from their demise.

The monsters did not give any chance for a breather to the small group, attacking them relentlessly from two sides, while jumping back and forth in order to confuse their targets. However, the adventurers failed to see a purpose in their charging, it seemed as if they wanted to push this small group of intruders deeper inside towards a certain location.

After a lengthy skirmish, while simultaneously retreating, the 7 arrived close to a sizeable door, with many small carvings giving an opulent vibe. The door portrayed the history of the dominant races who lived on the first floor of this hellish place, showing the struggles between different races and their compromise in choosing a chief amongst their strongest.

Betsy saw the door, she pointed towards it and called for Dahlia, to look at her finding. As a decent leader, Dahlia immediately understood her teammates' idea, and due to the pressing circumstances surrounding them, she was forced to choose the unknown before her. Yet, this did not mean she would recklessly go inside; thus, a scout was needed, the carriers, Rod and Ginger were sent as they were expendable. They easily pushed the door open with otherworldly strength, as if the massive door had no weight; even in such pressing time, seeds of doubt sprouted in the heart of their employers, what if the two were lying about their profession?

In any case, once the signal from the two helpers was received the entire group quickly moved in, then closed the door, stopping their pursuers. The kobolds made angry noises and scratched the door as if attempting to destroy what stood between them and their targets. However, the giant door was too heavy for them to move, feeding the doubts of the adventurer group about the power level of their assistants. Before an intense interrogation session could start, they assessed their environments for hidden dangers; this was the first rule of being a daredevil! Always assess the surrounding before making any decisions, those who neglected such simple logic had long since perished, their bones turned to dust by the passage of time.

Looking around they were shocked, a 3-meter-tall ogre was sitting on a throne-like seat some distance ahead of them, behind him were a mountain of valuables. The sheer amount of wealth present was more than enough to push a moderate man' greed to the limit, making him green-eyed from desire. Thus, it was understandable that the group forgot about the immediate danger or question they had about their supporters; solely focusing on their primal desire to plunder!

The ogre stood tall between them and their wildest imaginations looking shocked, yet unimpressed by all the resources at his feet as if he had been striving for havens only to be disappointed. However, one mans trash is the others' treasure, thus it was understandable for the group of adventurers to be dazzled by all they saw.

Link audibly gulped his saliva, as if the shine had woken up a deep insatiable hunger within him, one that could burn the world to the ground if left unchecked. The other members of the Rolling Stones group did not fare any better, drooling and dripping from any organ that produced mucus. None of them had ever seen such sight before since the powerful had dominated all the valuable tools, the common men were left with nothing but scraps. That strategy had helped them keep the social hierarchy in order; since an army of well-groomed mediocre soldiers were able to subdue a rogue talent with minimal casualties.

The first to make any move was Link, as he understood the true value of some of the plants by the foot of the monster, the mage apprentice was concerned the beast may accidentally step on some, which would make him cry from the soul!

Link threw a small fireball towards the ogre's face in an attempt to start the fight, putting his teammates in an awkward position, closing the path to retreat peacefully. The fiend took this sign as a full-on war, attacking with all might immediately, in order to take out the enemies in front no effort should be spared. Normally in a fight of high stakes, the first attack was the deciding factor for the outcome; many strong people had been taken down by such initiative. Not taking advantage of an opportunity in a battle for survival was an unforgivable sin many had done, yet there was no record of them as their names had been wiped away from the pages of history by the victors!

Witnessing the escalation, Dahlia ordered the bunch to inflict their best moves: \"everyone, together\". There was no time for long dialogues in a battle, rather than explaining what anyone needed, shortcodes were used between team members; this was the difference between a successful group and the dead!

They each contributed to the shower of attacks targeting the incoming brute. However, they were unable to stop him, rather the angry giant increased in speed to get rid of the annoyance. Sep had just decided to improve for the sake of his people, they depended on him; like any great leader, Sep felt deeply responsible for his subjects. Thus, he gave this endeavor 110% of his might, nothing could stop this fiend filled with valor; just like a crashing wave, he would drown all that stood before him.

The small group of adventurers saw their own demise within the rage of their enemy as if they had been helpless children attempting to block the assault of adults; putting them in a pinch with no hope for survival. Living creatures did not react to forlorn situations well, making them push their boundaries, exhibiting abilities beyond their capabilities; as survival was engraved in their genes.

Suddenly they all had an epiphany as if a being out of their reach was keeping an eye on them, showing them the way, to salvation, to redemption.

They were not scared any longer, with newfound courage, each one shouted the skill they were about to use as if trying to prove the strength of their move by saying its name aloud.

\"Warrior's Shout\"

\"Assasin's Pride\"

\"Archer's eye\"

\"Warrior's aura\"

The two carriers stood in their place akin to firm mountains, their face devoid of any expression.

The skill was akin to an enormous bow with excessively pulled string, waiting for the missing link to release its arrow with all ferocity.

Link was glad he did not need to convince the group to perform this task, as this way he could get rid of the monster and avoid sharing the loot all with one shot. As he was happily thinking of his possible future gains, the greedy magic apprentice performed the skill, effectively executing his long-time companions!

\"Mage's Might\"

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