A plant's life
58 Nighty night!
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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58 Nighty night!

"It is very interesting to see each factor connected with the spiritual sense. Stats like strength or agility heavily depend on the physical aspect, yet there is a small part of them covered under the soul, it should be the unwillingness to experience defeat. It is a boost to the entire body by going to overdrive, burning lifeforce; like a small power up for a short period of time, as the last struggle. In contrast, luck and charm are mostly bound by the paranormal, they are active most of the time, but they don't affect physical bodies, rather change the structure of reality around them in accordance with their force. Charm targets the mind and spirit, trying to find a method to attach itself; while luck focuses on changing the flow of surrounding in favor of short-term divination power it has, that has been gained under the current of destiny. In a more general tone for an explanation, charm affects the emotional state of the audience and luck attempts to join its host to the flow of fate, like a personal computer connecting to the internet. In between these two extremes, constitution, intelligence and wisdom are partially controlled by metaphysical and physical, with different percentages" John observed.

"Constitution is more than life force; it is the factor of growth as well as the debt of a vessel for outside energies. If someone does not have enough space in their cup, pouring more water does not help them, a bigger vase is needed; it helps increase the amount of energy they can hold in their bodies. While intelligence shows the control they have on it, discharging it at will, even if they have a vast amount of energy their mind may not be able to carry such a heavy burden, commanding a portion would be all that is possible before the mental capacity is filled. While wisdom affects the learning speed and recharging mental capacities' speed; it can also help its host find patterns easier, thus old people are called wise when they find repetitive occurrences in their own experiences and lunch them on current problems in hope of finding a solution" He continued.

John assessed: "These are all useful information to have for further planning and implementation. However, the current issue is that as a mysterious life form, I do not resemble the researched creatures; yet finding the relation of the soul with the world will assist in finding a proper status window until the limits are reached then stronger subjects for experiments are needed. I took quite a lot of time sorting the data derived from all the tests, attempting to form a proper procedure, now is the time to scan my own consciousness to see the effectiveness of my finding"
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He then scanned himself, leaving no trace of his aura in the world; suddenly all the creatures in the vicinity felt relief in their hearts as if their natural predator had gone to sleep. The adventurer team had a pleasant dream that night for a while, feeling as if a huge burden had been lifted off their minds.

After awhile their rest they got up and left in a hurry, as they felt the danger to be close by as if their sixth sense was warning them.

Soon the group came in contact with furry creatures in the form of dogs walking on two legs, this had been a novelty for them, as there had never been any of such kind in lower levels. In truth the society of kobolds had been abolished on the main floor some time ago; the only reason goblins were found occasionally was due to their existence in the hidden layer. The area available to adventurers had normal creatures mostly, as the exotic ones were hunted into extinction beforehand.

Link recognized them from books in the academy, he shouted: "These ugly beasts are kobolds, you have to be careful of their bites, they spread nasty diseases like rabid dogs!"

[Name: Wellin

Titles: N/A

Race: Kobold

Class: Warrior

Level: 6

HP (Health Point): 62 / 62 (CON*8 + 6)

MP (Mana Point): 100 / 100 (INT*12 + 4)

SP (Stamina Point): 53 / 73 (CON*10 + DEX/2)


Strength – 11

Dexterity – 6

Constitution – 7

Intelligence – 8

Wisdom – 8

Charisma – 4

Luck – 2

Spirit – 1.73


Jump (Basic): jumping fast in short distance, it can be done consecutively or charged up to increase the effect; costs 4 SP per hop, reduced by 1 if consecutive and increased by 2 if charged.

Mighty slash (Basic): 15% extra damage dealt, costs 20 mana per use

Bite (Basic): poisonous bite, deals moderate damage; costs 20 mana

Condition: Healthy

XP (Experience Point): 2 / 1000]

[Name: Wellin

Titles: N/A

Race: Kobold

Class: Warrior

Level: 7

HP (Health Point): 62 / 70 (CON*8 + 6)

MP (Mana Point): 88 / 88 (INT*12 + 4)

SP (Stamina Point): 54.5 / 84.5 (CON*10 + DEX/2)


Strength – 13

Dexterity – 9

Constitution – 8

Intelligence – 7

Wisdom – 7

Charisma – 4

Luck – 1

Spirit – 2


Jump (Basic): jumping fast in short distance, it can be done consecutively or charged up to increase the effect; costs 4 SP per hop, reduced by 1 if consecutive and increased by 2 if charged.

Mighty kick (Basic): 15% extra damage dealt, costs 10 SP per use

Bite (Basic): poisonous bite, deals moderate damage; costs 20 mana

Condition: Healthy

XP (Experience Point): 20 / 1200]

Since the enemy had severe numerical disadvantage the adventurers were not worried, but they had to rush since no one knew if they were part of a larger group. Having scouts were not something special to human tactics, normally even monsters who were planning to move in groups utilized such method. Thus, the team could not identify if the two confused foes were only the tip of the iceberg.

Time was of the essence in this scenario, Betsy shot 2 consecutive arrows, yet strangely they did not find their target, instead, heading to nowhere; making her doubt her skills. In truth she did not process any special technique, rather her luck had been the cause of the outstanding record, it seemed as if after her battle with fate's darling, her luck was all used up.

Link attempted to throw two spells to attack the creatures, yet he could not contact the spell module in his mind, all that was produced were his loud shout of the spell names: "Acid! Fireball!" looking stupefied was the only reaction Link made to this outcome, he was too shocked to even curse.

It seemed as if no one was able to access their skills!

The kobolds looked at one another and laughed, a rough sound like screeching two metals was heard coming from their mouths, then they immediately attacked.


A heavy stroke of a sword was blocked by the young swordsman, Alvin had used his own sword to save the life of Link. To everyone's supervise the kobold was quick on its feet and had long jumps, giving him the opportunity to close in on the distance between himself and the unsuccessful magic caster. In battle it was important to take out the support in the beginning before they could show their fangs; these monsters were surprisingly resourceful, having more experience and skill.

In their current condition, the confidence of foe was truly the last thing they needed; for the first time after passing the border, they thought this venture to be a mistake. Dahlia regained her lost composure shortly, starting to instruct her team to act in accordance with their training; that was the role of a good leader, adjusting to changes and guiding the members of the group. Indeed, through a lifetime of adventure, Dahlia had become a good leader, yet much improvement was at hand. As she was far from a great commander, those were the ones that no situation fazed them, they were calculative and when needed, absolutely ruthless.

A feud was no place for warm-hearted; with the slightest sign of weakness, the enemy would charge to take advantage, in hopes of turning the tides. Morale, chivalry, fairness, equality and all the good values were lost in the fierce struggle for survival, combat relied heavily on animalistic instincts. In history there have been many instances were a merciful hero was struck down by those they spared; a great director would learn from their demise.

The monsters did not give any chance for a breather to the small group, attacking them relentlessly from two sides, while jumping back and forth in order to confuse their targets. However, the adventurers failed to see a purpose in their charging, it seemed as if they wanted to push this small group of intruders deeper inside towards a certain location.

After a lengthy skirmish while simultaneously retreating, the 7 arrived close to a sizeable door, with many small carvings giving an opulent vibe. The door portrayed the history of the dominant races who lived on the first floor of this hellish place, showing the struggles between different races and their compromise in choosing a chief between their strongest.

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