A plant's life
57 Pushing the mount to the extreme!
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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57 Pushing the mount to the extreme!

[Name: Zill

Titles: N/A

Race: Goblin

Class: N/A

Level: 6

HP (Health Point): 69 / 75 (CON*8 + 3)

MP (Mana Point): 40 / 40 (INT*12 + 4)

SP (Stamina Point): 71 / 92.5 (CON*10 + DEX/2)


Strength – 9

Dexterity – 5

Constitution – 9

Intelligence – 3

Wisdom – 3

Charisma – 3

Luck – 0.25

Spirit – 0.75


Power throw (Basic): boost of 10% to any object thrown, consumes 10 SP per kg

Condition: Healthy, under hypnosis (lost complete control)

XP (Experience Point): 300 / 1000]

John found their mana marks to be responding to the signals sent by her symbol; this act was similar to mind control. He concluded:

"The imprint is functioning as a transmitter and receiver in this scenario, as it gets affected by the unusual condition of the owner's spiritual and mental state. It then sends a message to the other ones with less authority, producing certain chemicals in their brains, changing their behaviors. Another interesting point in this turn of events has been the contest of fate between the blessed ones.

As they were initially followers of the hero and not the main character, the changes are not out of hand, rather small patterns are found. However, it contains different degrees as well as being from separate sources; the human subject is chosen by an outside power, while the goblin has the favor of the dungeon. Unfortunately for the monster, she has fulfilled most of her role, lowering her value. That is precisely why she is abandoned here without proper reinforcements but still has the home advantage inside this place.

Yet, in the end, her worth was less than the price of protection, so her story ends here. Giving motivation to the surrounding beasts to seek revenge, as the system tried to salvage the situation as much as possible. This experiment has given me much more insight into the workings of this world, some of the hypotheses I've formed can now be labeled as theories. Even though the time used in conducting my tests cannot be measured by normal standards, I was able to surpass the designated milestones by acquiring more guinea pigs"
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John had found many out of the ordinary matters in this world, yet the governing principals were the same as he had imagined; the strong would prey on the weak. In order to be in control of one's fate, power was a necessity; take normal humans, for example, they had to work hard to provide for themselves and their families, only to be taken advantage of by their governors. More so the gods could not care less about these individuals, only requiring their collective fate, for their own uses. John had some theories of what was the reason for collecting fate, based on the models derived from the actions of the dungeon master, yet more info was needed to form a conclusion.

The cruelty of this life was more apparent in the dark tunnels of this dungeon, as the low-level monsters were produced in batches only to be sacrificed. John pondered on some conclusions:

"Based on the power level of the core and the DNA structure of the monsters found inside, they have not been born from the mana core's magic, rather they have been moved to this environment to be mass bred, like cattle. This theory works for all of the life forms found in this place, as I have tested on many occasions, yet there may be exceptions to this, so, further caution is advised in dealing with high tiered beasts. As they may have extra defenses or layers on their bodies, detecting any abnormal behavior, my presence may raise alarms, then being pinned by the system would come after and I would need to use backups. More data is needed to be able to locate such targets, as they are to be observed carefully, before any decisions in regard to them can be made"

At the time, John was considering his odds of success, the small adventurer group walked anxiously deeper in the hidden tunnels; what they did not know was that they had been guided to this place by John. He had scanned this route for dangers and destination, following this path would give the vessels a shortcut towards the floor boss's space. However, this action had not been done out of kindness, he simply calculated the possibility of complications that could arise from continuing their pace. Furthermore, John had detected a bloodthirsty presence in their back, the investigating team had arrived too soon; which could only mean one thing, the team was too ruthless!

John did not want to extract their essences without knowing more about such targets, as they may send out warning signs; he needed more data on the powerhouses outside the dungeon. Acting reckless would add undesirable, unquantifiable variables to plans, changing their structure; in such a cutthroat world, any mistake would be catastrophic. Every step had to be meticulously planned, or one could walk into a trap without noticing it; one had to become suspicious if without prior arrangements life went smoothly for them. No one was special in a sense, everything had a price tag attached to itself and sooner or later what was owed would be collected, yet many associated their fortune with luck or fate. However, even those forces had an agenda in which they moved their pawns a manner to fulfill them, then discard them once their purpose was completed.

Many had fallen for such ploys, they were the soar losers who would not believe their own outcome until the very end, falling into despair once the truth was revealed. They did not understand the way of life, only the powerful had a say in the matters, those with borrowed or not enough power were expendable. John was using such mentality to gather his strength in the shades, then target those who through themselves as high and above all.

Sometime later the team scouted a good place for resting, they had been running away, not having time to catch their breaths after their close shave with death. They were tired, injured and angry; some good rest was all they needed at the moment, after fixing themselves and allocating guardian duties based on injuries, they all fell into a deep slumber. John used this opportunity to push their spirits some more, as their time together was coming to an end soon. He was squeezing every bit of worth out of these poor souls; they were being mentally tortured in their sleep to help John with the last step of his project.

The strategy was formed to help John quantify his own stats by forming a personalized status window; as the other method was not appropriate for such an enigma, John himself.

He scanned their bodies with extra care to find the characteristic of each part with their spirit, changes in the mood and mental state; the results had him pondering for a while.

"It is very interesting to see each factor connected with the spiritual sense. Stats like strength or agility heavily depend on the physical aspect, yet there is a small part of them covered under the soul, it should be the unwillingness to experience defeat. It is a boost to the entire body by going to overdrive, burning lifeforce; like a small power up for a short period of time, as the last struggle. In contrast, luck and charm are mostly bound by the paranormal, they are active most of the time, but they don't affect physical self, rather change the structure of reality around them in accordance to their force. Charm targets the mind and spirit, trying to find a method to attach itself; while luck focuses on changing the flow of surrounding in favor of short-term divination power it has, that has been gained under the current of destiny.

In a more general tone for an explanation, charm affects the emotional state of the audience and luck attempts to join its host to the flow of fate, like a personal computer connecting to the internet. In between these two extremes, constitution, intelligence and wisdom are partially controlled by metaphysical and physical, with different percentages" John observed.

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