A plant's life
52 Getting closer to the truth
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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52 Getting closer to the truth

[Name: Betsy

Titles: N/A

Race: Human

Class: Archer

Level: 2 + 3

HP (Health Point): 34 + 16 / 34 + 16 (CON*8 + 2)

MP (Mana Point): 39 + 72 / 39 + 72 (INT*12 + 3)

SP (Stamina Point): 42 + 23 / 42 + 23 (CON*10 + DEX/2)


Strength – 2 + 2

Dexterity – 4 + 6

Constitution – 4 + 2

Intelligence – 3 + 6

Wisdom – 3 + 6

Charisma – 2

Luck – 8

Spirit – 1.05 + 0.5


Rapid fire (Basic): increased hands and eye coordination, 5 mp per sec

Dead shot (Basic): high accuracy for 20 seconds, based on luck

Archer's eye (Group art): throw magical arrows, 1.5 times increased damage, 10 arrows per day, 10 mp each. This is part of an array, when activated, 30 mp per shot.

Condition: Healthy, schizophrenic (-10% mental stability)

70% stable (Approximate time to mental breakdown 22 days

XP (Experience Point): 8 / 800]

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[Name: Beryl

Titles: N/A

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Level: 5 + 1

HP (Health Point): 95 + 40 / 95 + 40 (CON*8 + 15)

MP (Mana Point): 39 + 72 / 39 + 72 (INT*12 + 3)

SP (Stamina Point): 101.5 + 51 / 101.5 + 51 (CON*10 + DEX/2)


Strength – 9 + 3

Dexterity – 3 + 2

Constitution – 10 + 5

Intelligence – 4 + 6

Wisdom – 4 + 6

Charisma – 3

Luck – 1

Spirit – 1.3 + 0.5


Charge (Basic): Numbing any pain, temporarily stopping all bleeding, boost of defense, lowering intelligence and wisdom, costs 8 MP and SP per second in use, reduces the lifespan with each use

Mighty slash (Basic): 34% extra damage dealt, costs 40 stamina per use

Rage (Basic): activated in case of any harm towards her sister, 100% increase in offense, defense, and speed; duration 32 min, cost all mp and sp, kills brain cells, lowering lifespan

Warrior's aura (Group art): intimidate opponents, ones with weaker spirit will run, 5-sec duration, 10 mp per sec. This is part of an array, when activated, 20 mp per sec.

Condition: Healthy, fatal attraction syndrome, developing sadism syndrome (- 10% stability)

71% stable (Approximate time to mental breakdown 24 days and 6 hours

XP (Experience Point): 168 / 1000]

[Name: Ginger

Titles: N/A

Race: Human

Class: Villager

Level: 1 + 6

HP (Health Point): 10 / 10 (CON*8 + 1.5)

MP (Mana Point): 27 + 72 / 27 + 72 (INT*12 + 3)

SP (Stamina Point): 9 + 1 / 9 + 1 (CON*10 + DEX/2)


Strength – 1

Dexterity – 1 + 2

Constitution – 0.85

Intelligence – 2 + 6

Wisdom – 2 + 6

Charisma – 5

Luck – 0

Spirit – 0.8 + 3.2

Skills: Stance (group art): Stands on a ground and will not be moved, neglecting any medium damage, 10 sec, 10 mp per sec. Part of the group skill, that activated changes cost to 20 mp per sec

Condition: Healthy

97% stable (Approximate time to mental breakdown 42 days and 19 hours

XP (Experience Point): 5 / 1200]

John analyzed: "this round of transformation had many effects to investigate, the theory of drastic increase in the energy required to break each level has been approved. In addition to that, the stats have shown signs of small sub ceilings, where every 10 needs to be challenged. Individual cultivation should be a difficult process in this world, needing much time and resources. Also, wisdom stat has affected the magical resistance and sensitivity towards mana, meaning the skill require less force to be activated. The improvement in the nervous system of each vessel has increased their agility by a small amount and their intelligence and wisdom by a large margin. It has also helped develop spirit as expected, although, by a limited change, this figure should be the most troublesome to raise, so any advancement would be greatly appreciated. All of this is added to the group skill developed for them, which will play a key role in my future plans"

"For the two assistants, the expansion was coupled with an extensive boost to their brain cells and general vitality, especially for the female subject, the power was multiplied, aiming to reach the spirit to 4. The experiment was successful, which means some of the previous theories in regard to the soul can be proven. In other words, this phenomenon can be quantified for me as well, making comparison much easier. The reason behind their special treatment was due to the unique position they hold, and since no presence of any higher entity life forms were found on them, overwriting their body was only natural. Their souls should be studied to better understand the mysteries behind it. Each lab rat showed distinct signs in handling the mental pressure of the situation; the female subjects matured some mental illnesses, while the male ones portrayed serious codependent symptoms" he continued.

John had to check their brains for possibilities of breaking down, which he identified and estimated with the help of his research. After doing so, he focused on their general health, attempting to find any damages; yet for short-term, no wounds were discovered. However, in the long run, the estimate presented many complications. For example, Alvin would suffer Liver failure upon reaching his teacher's level, and once such stage was surpassed, he would die from cancer. Beryl used her life-force to rebuild her body, thus, shortening it in this method, training like this meant if before reaching a certain age, one did not attain the highest form, they would end up with a short life, since they could not deprive their energies for more advancement, these people usually died in sever mind-numbing pain.

John had found Beryl's teacher explaining the highest form, to his student in a memory. Yet the description was simple, it was only a theory, and no one had attained such state before. John calculated the possibilities and found this goal to be empty. Rather than gaining immense power, this level made them suitable vessels for higher life forms. This method had been possibly passed down, to grow some natural hosts for deities. John did not believe in coincidences; how would a small chief of bandits be allowed to distribute royal academy's methods without their objection?

It seemed as if they had noticed the issue some time ago and leaked this manual outside to witness the results.

John pondered: "It can be learned from this incident that there should be mighty individuals very close to the level of gods but not completely. They can read some of the traps set by them, but they have not apotheosized yet. In addition to that, it can be derived that those with power cannot remain between mortals, making them put some distance from the land. Which makes sense, one should not keep sharks with small sardines and hope for the best! Also, the powerful ones amongst mortals should be able to hold their own against deities to have the audacity to disobey their commands"

Many interesting facts about this world was being presented to John with each action. For a normal person, finding the truth one step at the time would be a good pace, yet John read between the lines, deriving results and assessing it meticulously. This feat had differentiated him from the rest, making this young man one of the most esteemed scientists of his era.

John then used the time gained from the resting of the team to utilize the energy he had gathered. Wanting to find the possibility of purifying the attained life fore and mana into another form of power. This was a key part of his plan, if successful, the event of taking over this facility would be much smoother. If this experiment failed, he would need to use catalysts to perform such actions, much similar to the dungeon master. However, this investigation would require an extended period of time and the use of some sacrificial lambs!

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