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50 Fattening the sheeps!

If John had a face, a sinister smile would have been formed on it; frightening any bystanders.

He continued: "The increased intake of mana will lead me to have a vessel with the higher authority inside the system. Giving me access to the soul fragment, by then my research should have been developed enough to unlock its grasp and take over in one move. However, a confrontation with the owner of this property cannot be avoided. But I do have some ideas on the method to handle such bother. For now, I will finish this move by finalizing the transformation of my subjects"

He channeled the energy efficiently to the parts he deemed necessary to upgrade; not caring about what they needed. For example, he excessively expanded their nervous system, this fundamental buildup was extremely harmful to their bodies since other functions could not keep up. In short-run, the reaction time and processing speed of them would increase drastically, conveniently, the vessels would be able to bear the growing weight of their unwanted guest. However, this was only a temporary solution, as he planned to overcharge them like batteries, using the burst of energy to perform some experiments!

John mainly focused on this part to kill three birds with one stone; first the issue of neural instability of his subjects; secondly, a group of hyperactive humans was the best cover for his abnormal acts; third, perform some more experiments. He would squeeze the subjects dry before moving to the next pray as he did to those who came before them.

Even though an expanded network of neurons did not mean the brain and body could bear its overwhelming pressure, it was in line with John's vision. The subjects would burst in flames like Icarus, who flew to close to the sun and burned his wings, going in the blaze of glory.

Since John's presence had put much strain on them mentally, based on his calculations, the time for them to have permanent brain injury was fast approaching. Thus, it was important to have them deliver him to the next unlucky target. He used some of the energy to strengthen some other parts, magnifying the effects of their profession advantages.

John pondered: "This round of improvement is almost finished, in the end for the sake of experimentation the possibility for have all of them inherit the same skill needs to be checked. The best case would be if some team art can be departed to the lab rats, this ability should focus on individual activation then form an array from their collective, improving the effects, becoming formidable. An ending diagnosis for abnormalities after the procedure takes priority"

Every member of the small adventure group looked excited, even the two helpers were being transformed. However, since they were under the direct control of John, no sign of this event was shown. After awhile Betsy spoke:

"I feel so much smarter and better like I am a new person, I love this feeling"

"I also feel smarter and faster, this is awesome, I am kind of glad we came here" Dahlia added.

Link knew of this occurrence from the kind sorcerer in his amulet but still excitedly said aloud:

"No wonder the young masters are always so mighty, and the kingdom has reserved the rights to come here for themselves. Just imagining the future possibilities are making me exsited"

"I can feel the barrier in my cultivation has loosened greatly, like I can break it at any time now!" Alvin gleefully mentioned.

For the first time rather than focusing on her older sister, Beryl was looking at her hands thinking: "I can protect her better now, no one can stop me"

Their two helpers were sitting there awkwardly, not saying anything. The truth was that the group had not thought about a major issue; the carriers had seen everything, making them witnesses. Logically, killing them would have been the ideal solution, since there was no guarantee of their loyalty. But John had affected their thoughts, making them dismiss such a massive threat, thinking of them as accomplices rather than hired help.

After the transformation was finished, the group did not get up to leave for more exploration. Each level up took a toll on the body, so rest was needed, also they wanted to check their abilities and use this momentum to see if they could push themselves further. So, each member took some distance, closing their eyes to meditate. The only exceptions were the assistants, who did not move and Beryl, who chose a spot close to her sister to lend a hand if needed, then closed her eyes.

Link focused on the amulet, thinking: "Hi there, mighty wizard, I achieved the evolution as you foretold. Indeed, you are wise, what is the net step I should take?
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John in the form of an old respectable wizard commanded: "I have departed most of my knowledge to you, but since you are my prized pupil, I will teach you a skill that will use you surrounding force to explode a burst of energy. Only use it when nothing else works, because it will weaken your companions"

When Link heard the conditions, malice thoughts quickly developed in his mind, now he had a way to weaken his team and release a deadly attack if needed. No one knew what they would find in the future, if a unique treasure was found, backstabbing would be a possibility. In fact, this thought process could be somehow John's fault, since he had primitively made this party greedier.

While Link was hard at work, memorizing the formula and trying to form the seal in his mind, John quietly observed everything, taking mental notes on this test.

Alvin performed his special breathing technique with closed eyes, he could feel the barrier weakening with every exhalation. Similar to a loose tooth, it kept rocking back and forth, teasing its owner into thinking the next move will be it. And also like a loose tooth, taking this hurdle out was a delicate process, if excessive force was used, the body could receive some damage, possibly becoming a cripple. Due to this reason, he continued to breathe without rushing it, losing concentration at the crucial point was the difference between winners and the dead!

Suddenly like a broken dam, he advanced, flooding his muscles with the attained force. His body gobbled the released vitality like a thirsty man stranded in the desert. This would have been the end of it but John gathered every piece of information derived from this event. While he had accessed this procedure in Alvin's memories, the real form was much better. Plus, John did not trust memory completely; as an expert in his past life, Jonathan knew of mind tricks. The brain had many fascinating functions; for example, it replaced the lost parts with many things, even fractions of dreams. He knew better than to rely on such tool that was fooled easily, thus for best results the data had to be extracted by himself. But it did not mean all the attained data from their recollections were useless, rather it could be used as a reference for future comparison. He would not base any ironclad theory on such found evidence; keeping them at best as a hypothesis.

Somewhere close by, Dahlia was pushing her newfound limits, checking to see how fast her mind worked. To her surprise, most of the teaching she struggled with, now came naturally to her, she felt as if her learning speed was multiplied. Her combat ability was raised by a large margin, as her reaction speed and style were revised, which for an assassin was very important. Normally such changes came with more experience and talent, but in her case, an external factor had caused all of this. All of a sudden, for no reason, she remembered her strange cream about the bloody rose, she did not know nor cared about her temperament changing to be more aggressive. Her eyes slowly turned red, filled with strong killing intent; it was good that they were closed, or her team members would get the wrong idea.