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The heat continuous in their bodies, keeping them warm and lighting flames of hope in their hearts. This was John's plan indeed, giving them a small bait and once hooked they would rally, running after the dangling carrot.

Normally it was extremely difficult to master skills that helped increasing one's strength. Many who seek power would devout their lives to the cause and train in the harshest conditions daily. Sleeping for a short time, practicing until there was no more energy left; repeating this cycle for a long time.

The worst was they may not be able to attain great results either; in the realm of cultivation being overtaken by talented juniors was a norm. However, it did not mean the seniors were found of such outcome, thus they utilized every opportunity to improve. Some went even as far as preventing the juniors from reaching their full potential, those with no backer suffered such treacherous acts.

Even in the world of magic and higher forms of energy, attaining a higher realm was not an easy feat. Usually, the seekers of power would find a class and train within their field by paying an expert. There were also schools for professions with more promise, such as mage or swordsman, but the additional requirements were very strict. For a mage, one had to be very connected, lucky or talented; or it would be a dream to attend the royal magic academy, the only institute of learning a higher form of magic within this kingdom. Link was in fact somehow talented, but the way he secured an admission was a lucky accident, where he found a gravely injured body in the woods. Being a good samaritan, he helped and saved a life who later was revealed to be a mage apprentice, who helped secure a spot for him as repayment.

It was a similar story for swordsmen, yet with less strict rules for participants, as many established families had some form of martial arts training manuals, but the best ones could only be found in the royal academy of knights. However, different from Link, Alvin was taught by an adventurer, rather than learning it through official channels. Even with such differences, he did not possess a level high enough to feel the effects of incomplete instructions.

How would a broken knowledge not have side effects for those seeking to master it?

Julia, his adoptive mother who taught him the ways of the sword, was retired after the formation of her family, yet upon closer inspection, one could see the thirst for danger in her eyes. She had settled down in her prime, being content to a small life and a much smaller income. If Alvin had paid closer attention to his master, the signs excess stress on some of her body parts were vaguely visible. She would sweat a lot at times, becoming pail as paper in the face of ruthless pain. While her liver would inflate to an abnormal size, as if she was carrying a beast inside, fighting for freedom. Julia would scream from agony, holding tightly to her husband, when it calmed down for a few short moments and she could finally think, she would cry nonstop. At these times she would look at her son with regret and sadness as if she knew a dark truth about his future.

Beryl had better luck, as she was found by a stronger individual then Julia. John found some interesting facts from her past memories, especially her teacher,

John was aware of all such issues in their bodies, the information was derived once the calculation for their future growth path was finished. He found the bandit commander's instructions to be very military oriented, it seemed he was somewhat related to the royal academy for knights. This point had helped her avoid a nasty fate, by training a set of properly vetted formulas. John found the fascinating point to be related to Betsy, it seemed her stat in luck had influenced her sister as well. As if her lucky star of protection approved of her psychotic little sister. In a strange turn of events, the two orphans were fancied by a chief; which was very suspicious in itself. After all, life did not share these similarities with fantasy novels, thus, some other factors had to be involved.

Indeed, John had found the footprint of destiny in most of their memories, it seemed as if this astonishing phenomenon affected everyone, although to different extents. However, the presence of this force could not be neglected, since it rapidly became a big variable in any of John's plans. Forcing his way like a brute would give results in the short-term, but his risk to reward ratio would be unreasonable. Since a better result would be achievable by following proper plans; while it still carried risks, John was fully prepared for other outcomes.
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He would never trust his safety to chance, so every bit of data was used in many parts. He analyzed every memory his vessels had; squeezing their minds, which would have immediately killed them, so he had to slowly and gently proceed, avoiding any fried brain!

Once he was done, he had organized every scrap of data, he found the training regiment each member had. Even the techniques that they had seen once before were completely captured and broken down by John. Nothing was left out, the situation would remind onlookers of a hungry man who licked the plate of food clean, yet by the end, John actually ate the plate as well!

He derived a supreme method by mixing all of the attained methods with magic, his full understanding of energy manipulation and past life's expertise. By the end, the final outcome had parts of every profession he had understanding of, turning this prototype to the holy grail of strength seekers if released.

John concluded: "It is great that I found this method by using the info received from the generous donation of these lab rats. It can be trained specifically by the human race, which is a limitation that needs to be removed. In the case of attaining more data, it can be improved upon, but the usage of such a way would be a reference or a backup plan. I do not have any intentions in training others to help me achieve my tasks. I can easily take over their bodies if needed, plus the time and resources needed to raise these assistants can be simply used for my own growth, which yields far better results"

John was indeed a ruthless individual, every action performed by him was done to help himself, not caring for others and their outcomes.

"It is good to have a picture of the surrounding environment, their culture, method of survival and power level. It is truly a shame that they did not have access to those with peak might, but it would be unreasonable for these ants to know such figures. However, this puts me on more guards about the so-called deities, the depth of their control over the mortal realm mostly. If my main hypothesis is correct, this dungeon master is seeking to apotheosis by using the parties involved to recycle the pure mana core. The system should also have been devised by him, to have a network better manage every portion of this grand operation. The dungeon master should be well versed in array and runes magic to form such design, it can even come close to artificial intelligence from my past life. This cannot be contributed to the properties of mana I think there is a soul fragment involved in this layout. More information is needed for an ironclad theory" John pondered with himself.

If John had a face, a sinister smile would have been formed on it; frightening any bystanders.

He continued: "The increased intake of mana will lead me to have a vessel with the higher authority inside the system. Giving me more access to the soul fragment, by then my research should have been developed enough to unlock its grasp and take over in one move. However, a confrontation with the owner of this property cannot be avoided. But I do have some ideas on the method to handle such bother. For now, I will finish this move by finalizing the transformation of my subjects"