A plant's life
43 Deepest desires
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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43 Deepest desires

The glow of light from burning buildings gave the red plant a menacing vibe.

Betsy's tears watered the Amber, then a strange sight unfolded as the small flower started to grow as tall as a person. The plant then started to rotate around its own stem, slowly forming a human figure filled with white flowers. The magical entity picked up the severed crying head put it on top of its green neck. Then in a horrifying sight, the stems penetrated the brain and connected the head to the body. Suddenly Betsy could control her new form, she could feel the overflow of primal strength, it made her laugh aloud.

"HAHAHA, this is fantastic, I am alive again, more powerful than ever, now who was it that dared to hurt me?"

She then pounced towards Alvin, striking a punch, the poor knight in the shining armor was in deep shock and a second late. The strike connected breaking all of Alvin's bones, killing him in one stroke. Betsy laughed aloud confronting Beryl:

"I am your new savior; you are to be wed to me. Now come"

She held her sister and soon to be wife, in a close embrace, the white flowers slowly entangled the two, uniting them forever!

Beryl picked the Lily up, running after the shadow of her older sister. However, the shadow was much faster, it managed to leave her behind. With teary eyes Beryl screamed out of frustration, then a sound came:

"Why are you crying sister?"

Beryl knew this tone and voice from the bottom of her heart, she looked around but there was no sign of Betsy. Then the sound came again:

"Where are you looking, I am in your hands, don't cry it will all be ok"

Beryl was stupefied from this scene, yet she dared not to argue with a Lily that had the face of her sister inside its ovule, in fear she might be left alone again. The Lily-Betsy said:

"I am cold, I feel like my life is going to end soon, I am scared sister, I don't want to die"

Beryl shouted out of desperation: "It is all my fault, I picked you up earlier, tell me what to do now sister, don't leave me alone"

Flower Betsy replied with a weak tone: "You have to plant me somewhere, I need nourishment since I have no root, the soil would not be good I need to be planted in the blood to survive"

Without any qualm, Beryl cut her hand deeply and planted the dying Lily inside.

As time passed the flower slowly grew prosperous until no one could distinguish between the two anymore.

Rod barely reached the branch holding onto it for the dear life, being deeply scared in such scenario was perfectly logical. He could feel the difficulty in holding the slippery plant, so he struggled more cursing out loud.

"Come on closer, COME ON YOU PIECE OF SHIT. Just a little more"

Rod felt as his bed was starting to pull him inside, furthering the gap with his hope, making him more desperate.

Suddenly the plant called out with a cold and indifferent tone

"Why would I do something like that? Why should I care?"

A desperate response came: "I will give you anything you want, TAKE IT, ITS YOURS JUST SAVE ME"

The shape of branch changed, but instead of lifting the man it moved like a flash of light, penetrating his mouth, ears, and eyes.

If passersby listened closely a muffled scream could be heard from a wooden shack, yet none seemed to care about the fate of the unfortunate man.

Ginger, memorized by the shine on golden apples, her arm was moving towards the heavenly fruit. It felt as if the time was stopped, nothing mattered anymore, with only one goal in mind, she moved closer. A gravitational force was formed, one that no escape from was possible, even if a chance presented itself, Ginger would refuse to leave. One finger away from the target, she could already taste victory, yet calamity struck. A sword came severing her arm from above the elbow, crippling her forever. However, what Ginger minded the most at that moment was not holding the apple, so without paying attention to the burst of blood or the severed arm on the ground, she brought her left hand. Knowing all would be ok, once she had her achieved her aim, eating the glorious apple.

Fate is truly cruel, turning hope into despair in one move, another sword flash claimed her left hand. Ginger screamed and jumped toward with her mouth wide open, not feeling any pain.


Two ruthless sound of wind blowing gave news of an unfortunate event, as two separated legs flew in the air. Ginger fell hard on the ground, the impact turned her head upwards, watching the tree branches, which were a little bent, proudly showing a bountiful harvest. The destination was so close yet far at the same time; as she bled on the ground regret filled her heart; wishing for the fruit from the bottom of her heart was all she could do. Suddenly a silver of mercy was shown, an apple fell towards her face. She opened her mouth so far one would suspect she had no bone structure.

The fruit fell gently, akin to divine nectar from heavens falling on the deprived earth. The sword flash failed to arrive before a bite was taken. One bite made Ginger feel the most exquisite taste, smell, and touch; the experience was so strong that her mind went blank, lying there.

John would have smiled if he was capable of such feat, he pondered with himself:

"The experiments were all a success; before I was not able to interact with the brain of my subjects to such an extent. The reasoning was rather understandable, besides my weaker power and lack of experience, they had a different format in their minds. So, any involvement was done through their brain waves and manipulating them, while hoping for the best as the brain filled the blanks with limited knowledge. However, now I designed their dreams myself, derived from their deepest desires, ones they did not know it existed"

He continued:

"As I was overwriting the brain of two carriers, I had to escalate the test, so it was understandable that some defensive mechanism was activated. The male subject was being slowly drowned in his bed, while a stronger force acted for the female's case, as her limbs were cut. But I managed to utilize this defensive operation against itself, as the host willingly broke through, fighting their own minds to allow a foreign force to enter. This is a direct result of preparations and personalizing the trap for each lab rat!"

If one could read minds and listen to such revolting comments made by John, an ever-lasting enmity would be unavoidable. Yet, none with such abilities were present at the scene, and even if they encountered John, they would have to prepare for a fierce fight with an enemy without a line. Those without borders were truly the scariest adversaries, capable of anything.
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From the beginning to end only a small-time had passed, so when John nudged Alvin's consciousness to wake him. The night guard, although embarrassed of falling asleep, though of it as nothing important, rather a few minutes of closed eye rest. Alvin continued to diligently look around for any dangers, overcompensating to clear his guilty conscious.

After a while his shift was finished, so he woke up his replacement to take over the guard duty, so he could catch some rest.

Due to the fact that John had completed his mission, the remainder of the night was peaceful, he simply used the time until they were ready to move to watch their memories. As they were a never-ending stream of scenes, which were mostly corrupted by the brain as they would be misplaced or forgotten, not making most information reliable.

With his strong mental capacity, he cross-referenced many facts, finding out more about the outside world and dungeons. Doing so his theory of humans invading these structures without the blessing of masters were proved. This meant after the first few levels, the difficulty would soar to prevent any intruders from barging in.

Thinking of his new finds, John murmured:

"This is rather existing, let the show begin"

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