A plant's life
42 Planting seeds
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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42 Planting seeds

There were many churches and gods outside, gathering believers, making a business about it. However, even with the limited finding of these few, John could see that the so-called gods were not creators, rather a bunch of overpowered individuals, who liked to manage mortals.

John felt that could not be the entire story, they should get something in return of caring about those who are weaker, but he needed more data to form a clear picture.
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This group was seemingly consisted of few faiths, from the goddess of war Ozra to goddess of hunt Mika, but none was a true believer, gaining the mark of their deity. They only cared about the blessings and healing opportunities inside churches.

If they were true believers, having the marking of their deity, the possession process would have ended very badly for John. That was why he had scanned them very closely, targeting their minds and magical symbols, missing out some parts about their physical condition. Since any issue of such nature would be solved easily, but he did not have assurance in confronting divinity at the moment. John knew his main concern, and would not be distracted with other thoughts, the plan was to conquer the dungeon, accessing the pure mana stored inside the core.

John rechecked for any blessings on their bodies, just making sure to stay away from such time bombs. He was sure of his hiding abilities after all the dungeon core was stricter in management, but he was successful in disguising himself. Let alone a god with many followers who they barely cared about, after all, they should have a ball in the court or playing would be a waste of time. Powerful did not have the luxury of wasting resources on a whim or they would fall, being replaced by others. After all the world was a cruel and dark place, every man was for themselves in such realm, as they were fundamentally different from earth and such style of living.

Making certain of his own survival and flourishment was John's first and only priority, he was not strong enough to care for others. Within his line of thinking, even if he gained the capacity to help others, it would be better to focus on himself rather than wasting time on weak, who at most lived an extra day with his assistance. This was his experience and style of living, a rather selfish method, but who had time pondering their lifestyle with their neck so close to the edge of the blade?

Before the group woke up from their strange dreams, John controlled both Ginger and Rod, to dispose of hobgoblin's corpse, not to leave a trace he buried it under some stones. Due to his excellent control of abilities, there was no issue with the group distancing themselves from each other. The network formation was the optimal position for them to take so John could steal the energy of surroundings, not a limitation on his control. He had designed the structure to help himself magnify his power like having a microphone, it expanded his area of influence. Multiplying his jurisdiction by many folds spelled trouble for many life forms, as he could now take everything without being close enough to be implicated. It also helped in finding dangers before it would be too late. However, having 7 sets of senses was a new experience for him, if he had not cultivated his core ad soul to be able to take in such volume of information, a mental breakdown would be the best he could ask for.

He took the two members back, then manipulated everyone to move back to their original position. He wanted them to stay away from any suspicion, as the best results were gained when the subjects did not know if someone was watching them.

Then John monitored their dreams, deepening his presence slowly, soon a small plant would emerge in every corner of their thoughts.

In a bloody battlefield, a man stood alone, atop a pile of corpses, behind him a castle was being burnt, a sigil of wolf's head fell to the ground. Such a sad scene gave news about the fall of a clan from their days of glory into the abyss. Alvin had gained power and destroyed all his enemies, going home triumphant, visiting the family once more.

It is said revenge is a bottomless pit, yet he strangely felt fine, and in some odd manner, even fulfilled. Standing in the field of wheat, he looked towards the house where his family was residing. He walked back victories, with firm steps he closed in the distance, suddenly the door opened, his younger sister jumped out. He opened his arms wide going for her warm embrace, it had been far too long separation, but she had not aged a day from the last time he saw her. After seeing her radiant smile, he said:

"Hey there beautiful, I brought this for you, it helped me every step of the way".

Alvin handed the wolfsbane to her sister.

Link held the clover close to his chest, this old ally of his had helped him grow tremendously. After finding this spiritual plant, his life turned exceptionally well. His rate of improvement soared, making Link the youngest archmage in history. He took the last step in inventing a new type of magic, he named it clover, after his old companion, his only friend.

This contribution was enough to make him a magic grandmaster, yet he had no intention of sharing it. He had grown very selfish in the past few years, thinking back he stopped helping his parents too. When they died of diseases, he refused to go to their funeral, they were feeble, demise was only natural for them. He would never again be bound by any relations, they only held him back.

He was sitting at the top of an ivory tower, built with the most majestic materials, enough for emperors to be shocked. Yet, he felt nothing, only staring at the four-leafed clover, while the sun was setting a flash of green light passed his eyes. Link could not recall his old self anymore, the beating or the anonymous drunk. Nothing mattered as much as his success, after all the road to the top was narrow and treacherous, he had destroyed many to stand tall above all. He held the green plant in his fist, he would never let it go.

Dahlia could see color again, she cried tears of joy for such great news. She carefully patted the petals of Rose, in fear of ruing such beauty, she knew Roses were red but this one was different from the rest. Since Dahlia knew of her colorblindness, discovering this small plant was akin to lighting the flames of hope. She picked up the flower, suddenly her world changed, overwhelming the young thief, she could see so many new and shiny glow. However, none were as glamorous as the red Rose. Holding the flower in front of her she whispered to it.

"You are the most exquisite, nothing can compare, they are sinners for trying. I shall cleanse the world of them, washing everything with blood so they may follow you in eternal glory"

Feeling a surge of energy bursting inside her, she stood up facing the incoming assailants. Then the berserk woman started her massacre, killing every moving target in sight, burning everything else.

Amidst the wreckage of a burning city filled with deadly silence, a woman stood covered by blood from head to toe, laughing hysterically, holding a bloodied flower.

Dahlia laughed aloud: "HAHAHA, this is the beginning, we shall destroy all sinners my precious"

The glow of light from burning buildings gave the red plant a menacing vibe.

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