A plant's life
40 Organizing tools in the shed!
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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40 Organizing tools in the shed!

He did not want to take any chances by developing his subjects out of control, his past life had given him a painful lesson for it.

John concluded: "There are many points that have to be paid attention to, such as the issue with mana imprint, it will be hard to believe if the elites of the outside world don't have a similar procedure in place. They should have such under name of loyalty or faith, more data is needed until a method of discovery is reached it is better if I don't push their souls too much. They can serve as excellent test subjects when the time comes, I shall harvest everything!"

John continued: "The stats of humans have a higher base, but their rate of improvement I delayed, such as the balance of nature. Following the same logic monsters should have their own hierarchy, yet inside the ecosystem of a dungeon, the master is above all and the balance has been broken, by outside influence, but how can natural order be so easily bullied without retaliation. Either the environment will fail, or a correcting factor will be added. It looks as if the gap created from such problem has led this world to accept my seed into itself, expecting it to weaken master starting a new game"

He then thought: "More information is needed to reach a proper decision, yet I have to be careful since I do not plan to follow any of such wishes. If officially act against natural order other forces will be introduced, so being cautious is the correct way for this period until I become an influential force"

As this was a new type of specimen, John refrained from any rash actions, more data was needed to paint a clear picture. He then carefully scanned each and every subject under his control, starting with his center of the matrix, Ginger. As the center of the network, she had a crucial role that could severely damage the output, so her status was prioritized over the others. Even though they were all replaceable in John's eyes, merely being test subjects, he preferred to hasten his research. Due to substantial cultivation of his core, coupled with extensive research in the soul, John had gained a faint touch of divination, acting as a sixth sense. He desperately needed a footing, so the strength of his foundation became of utmost importance.

While meticulously examining Ginger, he found her to be of a natural-born, simple-minded villager, being raised far from the sight of blood. Moreover, she had not trained in any arts, as her body's potential was untapped, which was a shame as she had talent in becoming a priest, doctor or merchant with such high level of natural charisma. Others may improve on their charm as a side effect of external factors, such as hidden techniques, as Alvin had used, or radiating mana as mages did. However, similar to Luck, developing this stat and being born with high affinity were of two separate manners. One carried the effects of an external cause, focusing their appeal around such force while the other acted similar to the flow of water, forming any shape, filling any heart.

After John finished with the body, he checked the brain, finding many small details, which were overlooked with the general scan. Ginger was illiterate, as some parts of her brain were undeveloped, showing the low status of her family. Aside from that, she had a carefree and jolly personality, so she became easily afraid, putting her mind in a state of panic, such small issue could potentially jeopardize many plans when she subconsciously acted in a certain manner.

Investigating further, John found a part of the brain responsible for interaction with mana. In contrast to mana imprint in the mind of monsters, this part was naturally formed within the brain and harmonized with other parts, as if there was no system controlling it. Such discovery led John to believe that, not every race had such advantage, forcing the dungeon master to invest large resources into channeling mana in a manner that targeted specific parts of the mind, rewriting their original function, so the symbols were formed and system controlled them.

John commented: "This world is very dark, every corner is filled with danger, no free lunch is found. In a sense all the weak have been removed from positions of power, leaving the cunning and strong. In this setting where one wrong step can cause eternal damnation, who in their right mind would care for others?" But he knew deep down that even if this land had been peaceful, he would be ruthless, as only one who mattered was himself, yet some words were not be spoken aloud so he kept them inside.

After proper adjustments were made, Ginger was approved by him, then John moved towards the second most important receiver of his network; Rod!

With weak spirit, he was smoothly operable, and the initial group of adventures did not expect the two assistants to behave in a certain manner. Since John planned to release the party with the exception of two carriers from the firm grasp. He needed a format that helped him achieve his goal without risking unnecessary complications. He could easily control such simpleminded puppets from afar, so overwriting their minds or forcing them was not needed. Also leaving them with some freedom would give him more opportunity to observe them. If need be he would nudge them lightly and they obliged!
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Later, Rod was found to be excessively lazy, as the initial check had shown, many muscles had not been used in years. Rod simply used enough physical force to pass the minimum requirement of any action. Beside such destructive flaw, the unsurprisingly illiterate man had a dull outlook on life; John made a mental note to manipulate him using his sloth.

John did Beryl next, he was surprised to find such a talented used so poorly, as she had trained in all the incorrect methods, using her immense potential to gain results in the wrong path. Her hard work had been akin to digging one's own grave, pushing to finish the job faster, she had initially permanently damaged her base. However, correcting this flaw for John was a matter of using some energy to mend the wounds, pushing her body towards the new path forcefully, nothing difficult, but why would he do so when there was nothing to be gained. As her mind was in deep chaos, suffering from many clinical symptoms, any investment in this vessel would be wasted in its entirety. He used the female warrior in the third position, before moving towards position 4, where her sister was located.

Betsy had narcissistic tendencies accompanied with bipolar and schizophrenia symptoms. Yet, contrary to her beliefs, her body was terribly formed, littered with many poorly mended fractures, she was rather fragile. Her gift had been luck, helping her throughout many hurdles in life. Trying to pry into her source of luck, John found himself to be helpless, as it was directly related to her soul, if he forced his way in, her soul would explode. Rather than becoming discouraged, John found this problem to be intriguing, he planned to unlock this mystery at a later date.

Dahlia the thief was next in line, John did not find any notable detail, aside from her color blindness. Her spirit was considerably weaker than Beryl yet stronger than Betsy and putting her in position 5 would magnify the effect of the array. Rather than going from the weakest spirit to the strongest, forming a chaotic position inside the model increased the efficiency of the output, he had calculated the results many times. Such a novel idea was courtesy of his energy manipulation skill, sharpening his touch and his superior intellect.

Occupying spot number 6, Alvin, snored loudly, before rotating in his sleep, completely oblivious to the parasite inside his mind. John reached a verdict after investigating this male warrior:

"This subject seems to be a good seedling for normal knighthood training, his master knows some a good deal about anatomy in contrast to Beryl's teacher that trash. There is a cloud in his mind, blocking a certain part of his memory, it has the characteristics of man-made tools. I have seen some of these patterns within Link's consciousness beforehand. I should learn the basics of magic from their minds after this operation. I can break the fog, but it may lead to an increase in the number of variables, it is better to dissolve it slowly, giving time to this vessel to digest the materials. That way I analyze this abnormal phenomenon more thoroughly"

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