A plant's life
37 When we all fall asleep where do we go?
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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37 When we all fall asleep where do we go?

Once this event was settled, they avoided the tunnel where the goblins emerged from and went another way. They really needed to finish the request before their plans foiled. Even with a high level of attention to the smallest details, they all failed to notice a pair of bright red eyes following them as they advanced.

As the day came to an end, the group slowed down, catching their breaths. There had been no daylight inside these dark walls, only the glow of magical orbs made by Link the mage. However, their biological clocks formed from years of developing a habit manifested in the form of sleepiness. Making them stop to start up tents and a small fire; having fire in these parts did not lead to much harm, since these monsters were weak-willed, becoming easily afraid of normal fire.

As a nice gesture, Alvin offered to take the first shift of night watch, sleeping later. Since they would only sleep for 6 to 7 hours, only 2 members were needed to take sacrifice their rest, in 3-hour shifts. It did not make any sense to have everyone participate in shorter periods, as that would lead to more disrupted sleep. Each person had a different constitution level, making them form distinct sleeping habits, but missing a few hours in one night would not affect them by much. However, having them stay up every night would make them susceptive to more mistakes, which could endanger the entire team.

Most night would go uneventful, yet they were all ready, in case of the worst.

Tonight, was special though, Alvin took note of the strange movement of his teammates, it was like they were all having nightmares!

This scene made him very uncomfortable, Alvin could feel something bad was going to happen. He looked around, looking for any sign of enemies, but besides tiring his mind and eyes, nothing was gained. Slowly, he could not hold his eyes open anymore. Alvin resisted the temptation with all might, yet his will slowly diminished, falling asleep in the end.

He dreamt of his past, but this time some small facts were clearer, a happy family was attacked by a pack of wolves, but suddenly they changed to armed fighters, carrying shields with a wolf head as their sigil. Then the setting changed to earlier today, when they arrived by the entrance of the dungeon, the captain who was speaking with Link, introduced himself as Mark of house Lancaster, he was wearing a wolf head symbol. Alvin screamed loudly in his sleep.

Meanwhile, Link could smell a strong scent of alcohol in his nose, which led to his biggest fear. He experienced the entire beating again, even now with his improvement, he felt frail and defenseless. He could do no more than apologizing, he asked for forgiveness many times over to no avail. Once he could not take any more of this treatment, a voice clear as day sounded in his right ear.

"This is what I think about your apology, you weak disgusting garbage!"

Rod was sweating from all pore as he found himself stuck to his bed, his favorite furniture in the house. Waking up, as usual, he had tried to go for the bathroom, yet he could not move at all. Shouting for help did not fruit any results, so in deep shame, he relieved himself on the bed.

The revolting aroma was his only company, in this deep dark hour. Soon hunger came, he could not indulge this need though. In no time his fierce struggle was reduced to a silent sob.

Thirst and hunger made his vision blurry and dark.

Dahlia was running from her old comrades, the thieves were chasing with much determination, intending to kill. She was out of breath, then came a sharp pain in her left leg, while she was running on a roof. The agony disturbed her balance, she fell down on the firm ground and took notice of a small dagger lounged deep in her left leg. She kept it inside, preventing any bleeding, then limped to the nearest person pleading:


She thought they would not dare harm a member of the guild inside within their grounds.

The man responded: "Very close miss, 20 steps ahead you will find it, the red door"

She limped without saying anything in return, as time was running out and she could see their silhouette.

Finally, she passed the distance, but then found despair at the end of the light of hope. She could not distinguish the red door between many options!

Alvin swung a mighty broad two-handed sword, beheading a giant in a flash, rescuing Betsy.

She became more infatuated with him, more than ever. He ran towards her with an anxious face, he asked:

"Are you ok? Did that brute hurt you? You are safe now. Nothing can harm you"

A meek voice came from behind Betsy: "Oh my knight in shining armor, you have saved this damsel"

Betsy turned around and saw a strangely familiar face, it was like she was looking in a mirror. However, her reflection was more well-built and younger with glistering skin, wearing heavy armor. The strange woman complained: "My brave knight, there is one more enemy left, she is an evil witch who has imprisoned me in her shade, it is her kill her for me, so I become yours forever"

Her finger was pointing at Betsy, who was stupefied, not able to respond. The woman seemed awfully familiar, yet she had trouble placing her in memories.

Alvin responded: "Do not fret my lovely Beryl I shall kill her" Thus, he came with firm steps, attacking to kill the offender.

Betsy felt the name to be familiar, as she had purposely blocked the existence of this mystery woman in her mind. However, just before the sword could connect with her delicate neckline, she glanced at Beryl. All Betsy saw was pure hatred, then akin to a flood, the damn of memories broke, clearing all the fog and blurry images. Showing her life again with Beryl inside, she witnessed, all her achievements were because of her younger sister, yet she had neglected her existence. Not once she thanked Beryl for all of her sacrifices, in fact, she never talked to her beloved stalker!

With tears in eyes, she whispered: "I am sorry" to her sister before her head rolled on the ground.

Beryl was in the shadows, living comfortably, with no complaints. She was truly happy just being near her beloved sister, protecting her at all times. She asked for nothing, no recognition was needed, just being close enough was the ultimate reward.

All of a sudden, her older sister turned around, looking at her for the first time since Beryl could recall. She was curious about this new development, so she looked up high, where she never dreamt of witnessing her hero's eyes. However, to her shock, they were filled with deep hatred, despising what they saw.


Beryl broke down in cold sweats, knees limp, she fell to the cold floor. She held her chest tightly, it was oddly painful, Beryl could not breathe properly; her mind replayed the harsh words over and over.


The bloody battle of goblins was the first encounter Ginger had with death. It had such a psychological effect on her that she feared to see this atrocity every time she closed her eyes.

After the fight was concluded, the heartless bunch, butchered the poor dead bodies for their own gain. The savage clients of her did not settle for small rewards, going as far as mutilating the corpses, taking out spines!

When she refused to carry the bloody, they all glared, suddenly one sounded her opinion:

"Let's take her spine too, she is not useful anyway, so might as well make a small profit by taking ears and spine"

Another agreed: "It sounds great, there is a good market for human stuff"

Others nodded their heads, pouncing towards the poor woman.


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