A plant's life
34 Stalker!
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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34 Stalker!

After the flashback ended, Link came to the present world and asked:

"Sorry, I got out of it for a second, did you need something?"

Dahlia laughed and replied: "You are starting to lose it, sunny boy, come on it doesn't matter, let's finish this simple task"

Link ignored the smell of alcohol and accompanied the adventure group deep inside the dungeon.

While walking inside, Ginger the dull helping hand, tripped over a small stone and lightly fell to the ground. Alvin offered some assistance, helping the poor woman up, she was so out of focus that did not thank the chivalrous warrior for his deed. This action caused a look of pity in the eyes of the young warrior, as he could relate to the crushing feeling of challenging the entire world. This look of slight pity and affection was not hidden from the eyes of Betsy, as an archer, she had trained her eyesight to notice the smallest changes. Witnessing this scene made her angry, very angry, which further led to an extreme sensation of jealousy and envy!

"Why can't he look at me like that? What does the wench have that I don't?" She thought to herself while remembering a painful past.

A young girl was running away from bullies, yet with short legs, it was a difficult task. Finally, they caught up to her and one of the boys, who seemed like the leader of this vicious gang shouted:

"Don't you dare run, little pest, no one will care if an orphan is missed, don't make us kill you"

This threat did not faze the panicked girl by much! She felt death would be a sweet release of this daily torture, rather than being beaten!

As long as she could remember she was a lonely orphan, this fact had led her to develop some possessive personality which caused much trouble for her. She would refuse to share any toys or tools given out, alienating her from the other orphans in the center. A lone target is always easiest to pick on, so in natural order, the bullies circled close like sharks who have smelled blood, closing in on their prey. First, it had started simple, asking her to give up her food, when she refused, a beating followed. Once no response came from the guardians of the orphanage, offenders became more courageous, before long they would find the simplest excuse to vent their frustration.

Life of an orphan was filled with hardships, from the shortage of food to abuse of guardians, with no improvement in sight. Any chance of showing their might would drive these little beasts wild, as they were raised in a jungle, they slowly turned into animals.

From time to time, few adoptions would occur, giving hope to desperate children. However, there were many horrifying rumors surrounding adoptions! Sometimes there was a chance to overhear guardians talking about the horrible fate of adopted ones. From becoming a slave to live experiment, were some of the endings; making the children more scared.

Taking away the light of hope and salvation from such young hearts was the cruelest form of torture. However, the poor strays had no choice in the matter, if they were chosen to be taken away.

In the midst of external and internal threats, children were left alone. They could not raise any concerns with guardians either since most of them had strange temperaments.

Billy the tallest boy, who was the leader of bullies, would often find a reason to attack and intimidate Betsy. However, even this monster in the eyes of Betsy was meek as a mouse in front of keepers.

He was a thorn in Betsy's side until he was adopted by a mysterious man in black with bright evil eyes, sometime later she heard he was found stealing and was imprisoned! Knowing this outcome had truly satisfied her, at that moment something inside her turned.

She became colder and mimicked Billy's behavior, soon the position of gang leader would be filled, why would she avoid such a golden opportunity?

She had good eyesight from young, so by utilizing her natural advantage in throwing stones, she picked the gang one by one. Before long she became the most infamous face within the dark hallways of this old house. However, nothing could fill the void inside of her, she always felt alone.

By hiding and relying on luck on many occasions, she avoided being picked and once she reached 15 years of age, the keepers kicked her out. She had survived such harsh environment, coming out like a beast rather than human.

By joining a small mercenary group and using her body gaining the commander's trust, she learned the way of archers. Years later a highly skilled archer left for more power, encountering a thief by accident, a bond was formed between them, they formed an adventure group. After some time, their circle expanded and came a young warrior with kind temperament, who slowly melted her heart. Due to her abandonment issues, she was over-possessive and scared at the same time! Scared of losing him if she confessed, afraid of losing him to a competitor. Now her worst fear may have become reality, the Ginger wench was after her property! For this reason, she hated the wretched carrier with all of her soul.

Beryl silently looked at her sister, her eyes filled with admiration, she was there, always there!

Watching her back at all times, since they were small children in an orphanage. She would silently stay in the shades, not speaking to her older sister. Beryl was glad to be a simple follower, through the harsh beatings and bullying. If she had always not taken half the burden, how could a petite girl like Betsy survive such grim treatments?

She helped her older sister gain control of the orphanage, by beating up any opposition. She had been physically gifted since birth, having a stronger than average body. Added to regular beating sessions, her body was trained further, in some way the bullies had truly dug their own grave!

If she had not broken many limbs, how could her foolish older sister form the gang based on simple stone-throwing skills?

Beryl stayed behind her sister at all times, showing killing intent to any offender. All the other children were deathly scared of the bodyguard, even guardians would think twice before picking on the two.

Beryl was happy when she accompanied her sister, she would never be more than a few meters apart, yet always invisible to her older sister.

When they left the orphanage together, by a chance encounter a powerful commander had seen Beryl's power in a street brawl. In order to convince the young warrior to join their group, he had brought her older sister, who seemed to have an average talent in archery. However, the leader was shocked when he saw, how devoted this young beast followed her older sister. Thus, he assigned an archer as an instructor for Betsy. But he started to groom the younger sister himself, training Beryl as his successor.

Strangely, the older sister seemed completely oblivious to her powerful younger sister's existence! She flirted her way into his tent at night, and the head gladly accepted this gift. He thought of such opportunity to bind both of their loyalties to himself.

Although a few years passed and both of the young girls matured, Betsy's ambition made her leave the group. However, how would the chief, allow such a blatant act of betrayal?

Sending a small group after them forcing the sister to return, was his solution. However, he miscalculated the power of Beryl, the young warrior killed eliminated them in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, the older sister continued to walk, without paying any attention to the commotion behind her. Once Beryl was done, she ran to follow her older sibling's footsteps.

Even after joining the adventuring party, she silently accompanied her older relative, always staying in the shadows, eyes full of admiration!

She noticed the hostile look in the eyes of Betsy, this led her to release strong murderous intent.

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