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The profanity would have continued if Jiji had not shot stone with the size of four fists at one of the guards. The unfortunate bastard laid on the ground motionless, it was unclear if he had died or not.


The revolutionary army took arms, releasing the levers, many stones of different sizes were thrown. They had prepared for an immediate attack, otherwise, by the time their catapults were ready, their enemy would be too close. Screams were heard from all directions, it had been difficult to aim properly due to distance, but it also bought them extra time, saving their lives. Since the offenders were not strong goblins, to begin with, if a guard closed the space between them, the results would be catastrophic.

Many bystanders had also been affected by this sudden turn of events. They had no idea f the dangers in standing close.




Five goblins fell on the ground, with dark green blood slowly gathering around them. Only another of chief's force had been hit, with the other four being normal members of the community.

No one would sit back if they had the power to avenge a blow, so, many bystanders took arms, helping the chief defeat these despicable crowd. With new numbers adding their rank, Kala now had 20 goblins under his command, one more than opposing power.

Kala commanded: "Disperse, if they can't see us, they can't hit us. Their machines must have many limitations, we just need to be moving and hiding at all time, so they won't be able to hit us. DISPERSE NOW"

All the subordinates listened, as they did not wish to be struck by rocks; they hid behind any cover they could find.

Kala commanded again: "Ready your slingshots, ready them but fire once they are close"

Chief had some ideas about tactics, unfortunately for him, the expertise had been very limited. In contrast, Jiji had no idea about military strategies, but listened to chief's commands closely, then instructed his people: "We will break in two groups, one will advance to scare them out of hiding, the other will shoot them down, You 7, go down and make them move, don't die under shots!"

The selected 7 ran down quickly, then Kala's men retaliated, throwing stones with hands or slingshots. But, because the village had been cleaned of many medium-sized rocks, they did not have much ammunition. Kala cursed: "Damn me to think for my village, why did I take the stones? All is left are either too small or too big to be thrown"

Kala slowly backed away, to his residence, he was planning to bring the sword out, scaring the enemy. At the same time, if his allies noticed he was gone, they become discouraged and they would run away. This was a very sensitive moment for chief, he would shout commands while slowly backing away within covers. His predecessor had not taken the sword out, in fear of losing it, Kala did not want to make the same mistake.

The 7 chosen of Jiji's army of resistance arrived near the stationed troops, with multiple light injuries. They were very angry, being abused day in and day out had devastating effects on them. Simultaneously, they were mortally afraid of their masters, to get rid of the fear they shouted insults while running towards the covers. They attacked individual targets as a group, the 7 were no fighter, just simple servants. No honor or logic was needed, simple survival instincts pushed them to act in a group.

Being picked on individually or on a small number, the guards were scared so they ran out towards others. Once out of hiding, stones would great them, although with terrible aim and efficiency. Jiji managed to critically injure 2 of chief's goblins, 3 others also took light damages. The assaulters also had some injuries divided between them, but nothing that would stop them from fighting.

Jiji screamed: "Find chief, once he is dead, the rest will surrender, he should be on your side. Find him and victory will be ours"

A shrill voice came in response: "We can't find him, boss, I'm sorry, boss, what to do boss?"

This planted the seed of doubt inside the heart of defenders, had their leader left them to run.

They called out to Kala foolishly, wanting a response, without thinking that the slightest sound from chief would reveal his location.

Dismayed, defenders were about to give up on their positions, when suddenly a voice came.

"My loyal soldiers, we are going to skin these rebels today, once done I will give their shares on rations to you with more benefits. FIGHT!"

Kala ran out, armed with a rusty sword that he was barely holding due to its heavy weight. Suddenly Kala and his sword seemed very natural in their setting, then a very light sky-blue hue covered this monster. Ancestors were supporting this fighter, giving him blessings.

Seeing the spirits charging with their leaders made defenders rally. They screamed and ran out towards Jiji and the weak challengers; which gave them all a scare. Every intelligent being feared the unknown, no matter how low their intelligence was, these goblins did not wish to encounter the one blessed by their ancestors.

Jiji almost regretted his decision, thinking about the reason for his hatred and aggression. He had not been this strong-willed, filled with violence and hatred before. It all came about the same time as his headaches started, sometimes they would give him a nosebleed as well. But before the day he was humiliated and concussed, these had not happened. What he did not know was that he had been knocked out by John in his bear form, then not so gently probed. Due to John's actions, his test subject had suffered some light brain injury, changing his personality. If John knew of this outcome, he would most definitely take Jiji for more experiments, dissecting the brain would always give marvelous results! In some way, he had caused all this wreckage and deaths! If he had not messed with this poor Goblin, or even done his experiments more gently, much misery could have been avoided. Now the culprit was nowhere to be found!

Jiji was scared by this sudden charge, but his stubborn violent personality pushed him to shout: "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" and run down, by some miracle the rest followed him, cursing their oppressors aloud.






Their response came in kind by the defenders.






Then the two armies clashed, screams of pain and pleasure filled the cave. The defenders were better fighters, but their injuries had reduced their capability, so the two sides were almost on par. Kala swung his rusty sword, chopping a hand, which then flew some distance before landing far from the squealing goblin.

Goblins had small statures, with thin limbs, big heads, and bulged stomachs; a rusty sword could easily cut any limbs but cutting the head or an entire body needed stronger weapons.

Kala cut the left leg of the same goblin below the knee as well, putting the poor monster in an awkward position. Even if he survived the fight, the odds were stacked against him, any leader would simply kill such a useless subject. He did not need to concern himself too much since the chief finished his job by cutting the neck. Meantime Jiji sneaked up on a soldier and pushed a sharp wooden stick into his right eye. In pain and half blinded, moved his arms wildly to push away any potential dangers when he hit one of his allies in the head, knocking him down.

Jiji broke the head of half-blind goblin with a sharp stone he had.

Other members also showed aggression and valor, slaying their enemies.

Then came a loud roar, they had attracted the attention of a ferocious beast!