A plant's life
16 Community work
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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16 Community work

John focused on his vessel, analyzing any cellular activity, then compared it with his new guinea pig. This had been done to form a relationship between stats, after finding the area responsible for each attribute he could almost form their status window with no help from the mana imprint. Some more time passed before he found the base HP and MP for them. He could also find the condition with his special vision.

Scanning the entire body, the zone designated for skills was found in a corner of the brain.

The shine, size, and location of the mana imprint, represented the level and XP of a subject.

By reading the simple sides of their brain waves, the name, class, and race of the case were derived.

Before long, John retracted his branches and tested his new find.

The white bear stood up, walked for a few meters, then looked at the laying goblin intensely. Looking dejected he moved slightly closer to the goblin, then without moving a muscle, the beast stood calmly. Few more tries later, the bear shook his head in a satisfied nod, moved back, slowly vanishing in the shades.

John moved the vessel's body some distance away, looked towards the goblin and switched his vision to the energy flow sensor. The distance was too great for any definite results, as some parts were very blurry. He moved closer, trying his experiment, again the picture formed had some unclear sections. After multiple attempts, John found the optimal radius for perfect visualization. He then calculated all the stats within a heartbeat, he had phenomenon calculating powers since his past life, cultivating his core had soared the processing power to transcend mortal binds. A portrait was formed within his mind instantly

"Name: Jiji the foolish

Race: Goblin

Class: N/A

Level: 1

HP (Health Point): 4/20 (CON*8+4)

MP (Mana Point): 2/40 (INT*12+4)

SP (Stamina Point): 10/21 (CON*10+DEX/2)


Strength – 0.5

Dexterity – 2

Constitution – 2

Intelligence – 3

Wisdom –3

Charisma – 5

Luck – 0

Skills: Assembly (Basic): higher chance of success in case of any attempt on assembly

Condition: concussed, sever mana depletion

XP (Experience Point): 3/20"

"It is very interesting where each attribute is located. My recent research in souls helped greatly in numeration luck as a factor, this new subject was of great assistance. Now I need to strengthen my core, vision and stabilize my findings; once the general improvements are accomplished the plan continues" John concluded. He left towards the shades, fully concealing himself for the time being.

The calm would be restored for some time, for all life forms within the dungeon. However, those who knew John would call this the calm before a big storm!

An ugly humanoid monster barely opened his eyes, while whispering with a meek voice: "My angel, Gija, Gija, where are you baby? HUH, where am I? was I dreaming?"

He had no energy and felt extremely nauseous, slowly Jiji touched his head, and soon a scream filled the big cave.

"Where did all this blood come from, something must have hit my head. There are so many stones on the ground, it must have been one of them. Damn it hurts, but the dream was wonderful. I ended up with the chief's daughter. Oh, my angel Gija, what would I do without you? I should leave soon, I foolishly screamed when I saw my blood. My head hurts, but I have to leave. Damn these stones" Jiji thought to himself

The foolish little goblin attempted to kick a few stones out of despising afterward, soon another scream of pain filled the hollow caves!

Jiji slowly limped to the village, where the community was hard at work, as another expedition was about to happen soon. Akin to working bees, the little goblins were running around, preparing hunting tools. The tools had simple structures and were mostly made of wood or stone. Only the chief had a rusty iron sword, which he kept with the utmost care and love. To any bystander who witnessed the rituals chief had formed for his sword, would suspect he loved this tool more than his own daughter, maybe even his own life. Within the complicated greedy heart of this small-time goblin director, the sword was valued as high as his own life. He had succeeded it from his predecessors, who had stolen it from a corpse. Honor and glory were values for those in power, these simple monsters lived honest lives with their desires. If I like something, it is mine; power would determine all.

Jiji arrived very late, beaten and disheartened. Helping the heroes in their endeavors of finding resources were the last on his priority list. However, within the structure of a community, individuals had to sacrifice for the good of all. The poor goblin was forced to help with fixing slingshots, where he had to perform simple maintenance on them.

Jiji dreamt of being an important figure since his sad childhood. However, he had no talent in fighting, running, leading or even magic. Thus, he simply played with woods since he was young, forming them into simple toys. He was used to disappointing all who oversaw him, as he did not know his parents.

No one in the community knew their blood relatives, after birth the children would be sent to the temple where they were raised, tested for affinities and finally released after some time. The village had been small, about 500 members, so the birth rate was not high, but it was a very difficult search if parents wanted to reconnect with their offspring. This had been the culture of goblins, after many years of exercising, they did not care for trivial matters such as finding the identity of their children. This way of life had helped grow their community; any member could find a partner in the other. Brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons were intertwined with no knowledge. They were not practicing monogamy, so finding multiple partners was a common occurrence. With how small the community had been, odds of incest were magnified. Only those in power could permanently separate their partners from the crowd, even if they did not show initiative to do so, the other party would reject any other advances in hopes of climbing the hierarchy. Gija the daughter of chief could have many paramours, but Jiji strived for status to have a permanent position within her heart, not becoming a male concubine.

Jiji knew of his weak body's limitations, he had no hope to become a powerhouse for this small village. That was the reason he had used all the free time he had to make his darling invention. Many sleepless nights and short breaks were used to work on it, he used rations to trade for parts. Forming this gadget had been a very difficult task, so once dismissed and humiliated, a small part of him faded as if it never existed. He vowed to take revenge, it was enough, today was the day a new side was born within this young goblin. Jiji slyly stole some leftover parts, he had not given up on his invention. Before this day he would refrain from stealing, as there would be a follow up beating. Now, the beating could not possibly surpass the pain he was feeling.

Yet he was terribly wrong, the whipping resulted from this action pushed the poor weak goblin to be a step away of death's door. This rose the fire felt within his heart, emotions so strong that could burn one's soul, condemning them for all eternity.

An almost broken goblin, hardly crawling to a corner, he started to work on his life's project. Nothing could stop this deranged monster, if one saw him, a raging fire could be seen deep within his eyes. If the chief saw this state of him, Jiji would have been struck down immediately. The fire of hatred could burn all indiscriminately, so any ruler would smite the owner of it, for the sake of peace and their ruling.

Jiji hardly lifted his giant head, whispering: "My time will come soon…Soon"

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