A plant's life
15 Strange creature
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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15 Strange creature

Unbeknown to Jiji, a pair of red eyes opened behind his back.

John was analyzing the soul inside the bear, due to the connection between the brain and spirit, he was essentially trying to find the secrets of metaphysics. Since the subject had been in deep slumber, John could simply transmit any message, measuring brain waves produced in response. He had long grasped the method to communicate via mana or other energies, so reading the young bear thoughts came as an easy feat for him.

Inside the dream world, the happy young cub was having a never-ending happy time. There was no night, no monsters, no sadness within dreamland, fun was all there was. Accompanied by his older brother and sister, he ran across fields of colorful flowers, screaming in joy. He had been full of life and energy, slowly forgetting how hunger, tiredness, and pain felt. It seemed these tragic events had become a blessing for this little rascal. He slowed down, trying to catch his breath, looking afar his sister seemed to be dancing in the wind. Although the set of movements suggested lack of any talent for dancing, he laughed. Laughing from the depth of his heart, so long that tears started to appear on his brown fluffy cheeks, rolling down the sides of his face. Eventually, this laugh turned to an unstoppable cry, not understanding the reason the young cub silently continued to sob. After finishing this emotional roller coaster, raising his head to look for happiness again, he saw a dazed look covering his brothers face. The dull look had elements of surprise and despair written all over, he felt a cold feeling within his heart. Turning his sizeable head around, he saw a meteor coming towards them at maximum speed. "Not again, not again, I WILL NOT LOSE EVERYTHING AGAIN. I must let mom know. This time I WILL protect everyone" Reed whispered to himself. Then immediately shouted at his dumbfounded siblings: "RUN, RUN, RUN, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…RUN YOU FOOLS, WE HAVE TO TELL MAMA, FOLLOW ME HOME". Coming out of their daze, the other two ran after Reed, towards their layer. Desire to protect their lives fueled their small limbs, but how could they possibly surpass a meteor? Suddenly came a loud noise accompanied by blinding lights and a massive shock wave, carrying the small cub like a feather in strong wind. Waking up with pain, Reed was confused, taking some time to recall the latest events he started to panic. Looking around all he could see was destruction, fire everywhere; out of shock, he could not even call out for his brother or sister. All that was left was a small green plant, ominously sitting within dancing flames, unharmed.

After he took complete control of the body, John had retracted the jungle within the young bears' mind to a small plant. Leaving some control in case of any sudden changes to regain control if necessary, it had been his first line of backup plans. Implementing a tragedy in the bear's dream, he achieved a much better result than if he made the dream more whimsical. Sadness, anger, hatred, lose and anxiety were some of the emotions the subject had been experiencing. John, decoded the brain waves, obtaining a breakthrough in his research. After the desirable result had been reached, he nullified the chaos formed inside the dream world.

The young bear screamed and jumped; he could feel many negative emotions within his heart. His mother lifted her head to look at the small pop curled beside her, trying to calm the frightened child she whispered: "Its ok child, it was just a nightmare. Sleep little one, you are safe now, I am here to protect you"

However, the young cub could clearly remember the pain and suffering, as if they had been real.

After some time, he finally regained his composure looked at his mother, whispered: "I love you" and closed his eyes to seek happy dreams.

"This experiment produced many useful data, I can now intercept dreams, implementing small details. As long as the balance does not break it will fade in the background, but the operation carries a huge risk. Any wrong move could result in the instant death of the subject or my discovery in the worst case, the method has to be used with caution" John analyzed. Then he noticed a human shape coming closer to his whereabouts, upon closer look, it had green skin, long hands, short legs, and a big head. This unfamiliar species had only their frame similar to short humans. Besides its short stature, the massive head contained a pair of round yellow eyes, crooked nose, long pointy ears, big mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth and untidy hair on its head. The strange life form seemed agitated, as it paid no attention to the pace it walked, or the place it stopped, which happened to be in front of a humongous white bear. Granted, John had been hiding in the shadows with his eyes closed, as he was conducting experiments, but the luck of this little brat seemed very bad!

Two red eyes opened, coldly assessing the weird animal. A flash of light later a body was resting on the ground, if not for weak signs of berating, one would suspect it had died.

The white bear was curiously investigating the short green humanoid monster. The beast gently rested its strong head beside the unknown monster's head. A very thin branch left the ears of the bear, multiplying once it arrived beside the monster, the branches invaded the monster through ears, nose, and mouth. The strange monster abruptly started to shake, going out of control, before calming down just as fast. Some dark green blood flew from its eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

John used this unexpected opportunity to try an idea he had; it would sound unbelievable in his previous life. But this new world had many wonders, this fact led him to action. He developed some small branches by using the vessels life force, they crawled creepily inside the skull of the humanoid monster until reaching the brain. Where he tried to communicate with the mana symbol before connecting to the host's brain. This attempt was designed to identify the other parties' stats, as he sincerely hated unexpected factors. John was successful in his endeavor, a status window would have been projected inside the green monster's mind, but John intercepted the transmission, stealing the information.

[Name: Jiji the foolish

Race: Goblin

Class: N/A

Level: 1

HP (Health Point): 4/20 (CON*8+4)

MP (Mana Point): 2/40 (INT*12+4)

SP (Stamina Point): 10/21 (CON*10+DEX/2)


Strength – 0.5

Dexterity – 2

Constitution – 2

Intelligence – 3

Wisdom –3

Charisma – 5

Luck – 0

Skills: Assembly (Basic): higher chance of success in case of any attempt on assembly

Condition: concussed, sever mana depletion

XP (Experience Point): 3/20]

John came to many conclusions: "Goblin, huh, so this is truly a magical realm. The mana inside body tried to defend against me this time, it seems intelligent races are more resistant to invasion. Meaning the rules are different here, possessing bodies will become more difficult. However, with the help of strong mana flow my range has vastly increased, so there will be no need in physical access, simply being in the area of effect is enough. The base for health and mana points for this race should be 4 with previous calculation. The dungeon master would use the same ruler for all measurements, so there should be no issue if I do so as well. The intelligence and wisdom points are higher on this one, increasing the mana capacity and restoration rate. There also seems to be a new category, luck, which he has none, somehow it is not surprising. Now for the second part"

John focused on his vessel, analyzing any cellular activity, then compared it with his new guinea pig. This had been done to form a relationship between stats, after finding the area responsible for each attribute he could almost form their status window with no help from the mana imprint. Some more time passed before he found the base HP and MP for them. He could also find the condition with his special vision.

Scanning the entire body, the zone designated for skills was found in a corner of the brain.

The shine, size, and location of the mana imprint, represented the level and XP of a subject.

By reading the simple sides of their brain waves, the name, class, and race of the case were derived.

Before long, John retracted his branches and tested his new find.

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