A plant's life
14 Complex situation
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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14 Complex situation

The snarl ripped the cover apart, making a small way for John. Due to the speed that the cover was repairing itself, John was forced to move fast.

While moving out of his territory, he saw a human shape in distance!

Suddenly, the mana symbol in the bears' mind started to glow and scan the body. The area John had left was protected and supervised, so it would be strange if a sudden burst of fence would nor alarm any party. However, John had expected this outcome, hiding his core within a cover. He had made this cover especially after intense study of the young bear's brain cells, it blended perfectly with its surroundings. After receiving energy from consumption, he had used a small amount to peak his vessels' level, then the remainder was used for strengthening his core. this was used as a chance to test the effectiveness of his new cover. Even with no cover around himself, the weak scan of mana imprint would not have been able to find any trace of him. The scan had also been a part of Johns' plan, as he needed the mark connected to the mainframe, in order to try infiltrating into their connection. After the brain scan was done with no irregularities found, the flow started to closely monitor the body. Once the brain scan was concluded, John paid undivided attention to the symbol. It was shining mysteriously, he started to intercept the data which were being transmitted to the mainframe.

[Scanning the subject,

• Brain scan concluded; no anomaly found.

• Mana imprint is 17.5% connected to the soul.

• The soul has been slightly damaged, if not treated the subject will die within 1-2 years

• The teeth and jaw are exceptionally strong, by theoretical measurements, at least 8 times stronger than what they should be.

• Digestion system is very strong


[Name: Reed (Red Eyes, White king)

Race: mutated white bear

Class: Hunter, ruler (in progress)

Level: 6 (MAX)

HP (Health Point): 200/200 (CON*8+24)

MP (Mana Point): 15/20 (INT*12+8)

SP (Stamina Point): 227/227 (CON*10+DEX/2)


Strength – 20

Dexterity – 10

Constitution – 22

Intelligence – 1

Wisdom –1

Charisma – 5


Roar (Basic): Intimidation skill; conditions: higher level, higher STR stat; consumes 5 mana per use.

Frenzy (Basic): (DEX + INT + WIS + CHAR)/2 will be added strength for 30 min. Once per day; side effects: mental pressure, loss of longevity.

Condition: Damaged internals.

XP (Experience Point): Imprint cannot be charged]

"This is an unexpected discovery, it has much more information. Even the damaged internals was discovered by this scan, well fortifying digestive system without a balance of other organs was bound to create excess pressure for them leading to deterioration. Now I have more data about this body, and it seems soul is not shown on the status window, it should be due to attempts to control their subjects.

It describes the soul as damaged, seems that mental pressure can corrupt a spirit. Since they are connected in some way, research can be conducted, let's see how damage a soul can be before becoming deranged. In the meantime, the next target must be carefully selected. I saw a human figure when I first arrived here but analyzing the distance the height cannot be more than a meter. So, it is either a very small human or another race with a similar build. In either case, caution should be exercised" John thought.

Somewhere very far from the curious polar bear, many lights were blinking red. Something has tempered with the protected base, the alerts were meant to report this message. The target seemed to be a large white bear, as protocol entailed the target to be fully scanned for any abnormalities, the colossal white bear underwent a complete scan. Not locating any danger signs, the response turned to leave the subject, focusing on repairing cover. As the area was not designed to protected insiders from going out, rather no life force from outside was allowed entry. Any of the monsters residing in the dungeon could wreak havoc once they gained entry, foiling all plans for this field. The giant bear was left alone after all the data was gathered and recorded in a specific case file. Soon this strange event would become a neglectable abnormality in this test, forgotten completely.

Once John looked back there was no sign of the ripped cover, instead, a stone wall had placed there. The illusion effects intrigued him to do some experiments, but he knew the priorities, so he slowly approached the new unknown world. With the promise of coming back to this section again. He could speculate some reasons for that zone, but now was not the proper time to address this issue. He needed to gather knowledge and power as fast as possible.

"Am I still human? If not, then why would I act like one?" he asked himself, while slowly walking.

After quite a lot of distance, John arrived at a turn; walking around, he had found the space to be some sort of cave with a high ceiling. The stone structure seemed unfamiliar to him, granted he had no specialty in geology, but looking at them with his energy detecting vision, they seem to be a conductor of mana. Mana would pass through them until out of the vision's range, this discovery gave John an idea.

"If the range of my senses expands, I will be able to see through these walls. That would be quite handy, but right now the scope is small. I need to cultivate my seed, this vessel will soon fulfill its purpose, recycling is only natural. I have to be more cautious from this point onward, the human shape should be close by"

Jiji was a fragile member of his society, where the power came first and second, all the way to last. He had been intelligent as long as he could remember, which had not been for many moons, as he was very young with his tribes' standards. Recently he had invented a new tool, that would revolutionize this age. The simple function of his invention was his edge and selling point, he tried his sales pitch while looking into a bowl of water. From afar it seemed a short person was experiencing a mental breakdown, talking to his own picture in water. After he found the required confidence, Jiji walked steadily towards the village chiefs' tent. Inside were only the chief and his beautiful daughter, she was so stunning that he lost his breath and train of thoughts.

Chief looked at him with suspicion: "What do you need Jiji? You better not waste my time, fool"

The alluring daughter looked towards him with indifference and cold attitude. Her demeanor made her similar to an unreachable star, shining gloriously within the dark night. She was Jiji's star, his hopes, and dream; from the moment he laid eyes on her. Due to her breath-taking beauty, many warriors of the tribe wanted her hand in marriage, not to forget she was chiefs' only daughter, providing a high status to her paramour.

Jiji lost his bearing, stuttering he tried to gather his thoughts: "O..O….O, great chief, I have made THE ULTIMATE TOOL, it is the best…em, emm….tool for hunting. Just look at how easy it is to work with it. You just put the stone on this side, rotate the lever and after pushing this, this, em….thingy….em AHA key, the stone gets thrown far. I have to say it could be anything, not just a stone, and it throws it"

The chief looked with some disdain: "SOOOO, it just throws? We can do that; any member of this tribe can throw further and harder than this piece of junk. You just wasted my time, for that I will reduce your daily ration. This is the first and last time, I allow you to say stupid ideas like this"

Jiji was hurt by this response, but when he turned around and saw a pair of dark brown eyes with a trace of scorn in them, he was crushed.

Going out of the tent, he heard the chiefs' voice: "Once you were successful in the hunt with your little toy, I will consider giving my daughter to you. HAHAHAHAHA" his loud joke made other members who were near to turn around and laugh at his misfortune.

Angry and heartbroken, he left the cruel village behind, while continuously hearing the laughter sounds. All he truly cared for was those lovely brown eyes, but now he had humiliated himself in front of them. Before he knew it, he had walked far, the village was visible no more. In his frustration, he had unknowingly wandered around. According to their village cleric, it was incredibly easy to get lost or encounter dangerous enemies outside the camp. That was the reason that hunters moved in groups of 10 to 15 members.

Unbeknown to Jiji, a pair of red eyes opened behind his back.

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