A plant's life
13 Sight to behold
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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13 Sight to behold

A massive white bear mumbled something that would scare any bystanders present, before closing his shiny red eyes: "change of DNA took a heavy toll on this vessel. After resting it is hunt again"

In a world of dreams and wishes, a young brown bear was happily resting. He had not been this relaxed for the longest time, one could easily notice the calm aura emitting from this sleeping ball of soft fur. He was dreaming within his dreams, dreams of a wonderful world with animals living peacefully. Since some time ago, he had stopped wishing for more food, as constant consumption had taken a heavy toll on him. He was simply walking around, not scaring any creature into hiding. Taking the time to enjoy the scenery, not running after prays. He inhaled a deep breath, fresh grass stomped by his feet, made a refreshing fragrance, reminding him of older days. Days with no worries or care in the world. He could not remember the reason he had lost such peace. Hunger had influenced his mentality, to such extent that he forgot many aspirations and goals once had, it slowly ate away his memories, personality and people he loved. Leaving only a strong thirst for more food. He attempted to remember the past, but a wall formed by fog stopped him. Red Eyes Reed tried pushing through the cloud covering his old days, his soul was strongly resonating with a blurry face, with clear kind eyes. The cloud playfully rejected his access to these thoughts, Reed had no concern in regard to time, as he seemingly had an indefinite amount. At last, the fog gave way to a small stream of voices and images; a few moments later, similar to a damn breaking, all the memories gushed out. This exceeded Reed's imagination, so being overwhelmed was to be expected. As time had no meaning in the land of dreams, Reed carefully revisited all the newly reclaimed memoirs. Recalling history is not always pleasant, as one can also remember embarrassing or traumatic events; but this was not the case for Reed.

In a blink of an eye, Red Eyes Reed turned into a small cub, playing inside the jungle. Suddenly he heard a voice calling out to him, it was time for food! The little cub had always been neglected in times of food, envying his older, stronger siblings. Going towards the source of the sound, he found the one behind such kind eyes, his mother. The little cub instantly found what he had lost; immersing himself in a warm feeling of being loved. Forgetting about all the worries he had; food, losing himself, envy and all of his pains would disappear the second he looked into her eyes. It has been said that a mothers' love is the most unconditional and purest form of love, indeed at that moment, one could see such love at work. It had been unfortunate that this touching scene happened in the mind of this young bear. Then came his siblings, in some weird sense, Reed truly missed his older brother and sister, their friendly banters and sounds of joy they made after each round of supremacy. Just like old days, he engaged in a round of brawl with the two, enjoying his time to the maximum.

Meanwhile, in real life, a colossal white bear had engaged in not much of a friendly clash with a much smaller brown bear. If bystanders were present, they could see two dead bears very close proximity to this deadly duel. It seemed as if the assailant had attacked the first two individually finishing them off before the third one arrived at the scene. Accompanied by a loud roar, the big brown bear fell heavily to the ground, closing her dark eyes forever. Upon close inspection, there had been a striking resemblance between the assailant and the victims. If Reed had been present, he would easily recognize the bodies on the ground as his family! If there had been no blood present, it would seem as if they had all chosen to sleep, but the area had many cracks on the ground, accompanied by broken trees in sight, they gave news of a brutal encounter. The white furs of the attacker had been littered by many small cuts and blood marks, the blood mostly belonging to his victims. Reed had been in deep sleep, so he did not see the question within his mothers' eyes as she arrived later, only to find Reed standing on the corpses of his older siblings. As the evolution had changed the size and strength of the polar bear, it was truly a one-sided massacre.

This incident had no effect on John, when he had started to hunt, he attacked any life form in sight. The first had been a 3-meter gorilla, this big animal had no concern when moving within his territory, but that day his reign came to a sudden and bloody end. After killing the pray, John would completely consume them, he had reinforced the jaw and teeth to chew through bones like dry bread. Within a short span of time, besides some marks indicating a struggle, there was nothing left of the giant beast. Becoming this powerful enabled John to capture predators and prey alike, eating them all for energy.

This continued for some more time before his mount fulfilled his potential. Making John quite disappointed in choosing such a weak vessel. In order to check his progress, system was commanded to show the status window.

[Name: Reed (Red Eyes)

Race: mutated white bear

Class: Hunter

Level: 6 (MAX)

HP (Health Point): 200 (CON*8+24)

MP (Mana Point): 20

SP (Stamina Point): 227/227 (CON*10+DEX/2)


Strength – 20

Dexterity – 10

Constitution – 22

Intelligence – 1

Wisdom –1

Charisma – 5


Roar (Basic): This skill allows you to intimidate opponents, the effect differs depending on many factors. Consumes mana

Frenzy (Basic): (DEX + INT + WIS + CHAR)/2 will be added to your strength for some time. Once per day.

Condition: In deep sleep

XP (Experience Point): N/A]

"The system does not explain many factors clearly, I had to use the skills attained on many occasions to see their effect. The roar can be best utilized when the level and all stats of an opponent is lower, paralyzing the target; it has a range of 15-meters. The effects will decrease when the range goes above the limit, until having no effect at 30-meters. It will consume 5 MP with each use, no limit beside required MP. More data is needed in assessing the relationship between stats and the power of the Roar. Frenzy coherent skill. However, I had to personally test it out to find the limits. It lasts for 30 minutes or so since I am a foreign entity the stat reduction and negative effects do not involve me. But this body will be under a substantial amount of pressure, using this skill will reduce the lifespan, increase the chance of mental injury and reduces the body's potential. I can sense malicious intent from the system and this dungeon" John analyzed.

The white bear stood tall, like a mountain, evaluating the jungle and plant fields. He had digested the strongest predators around, so it was only natural to become the alpha.

The loan king was inspecting his territory, but no life form dared challenge his authority. He had singlehandedly changed the entire ecosystem, driving most predators toward extinction.

Many animals would tell the legend of the red-eyed beast who turned into a white king, crumbling the opposition.

The white king patrolled his territory for the 10th time, slowly walking around the borders. No one objected to such actions, as all who dared resist had been devoured long ago.

Meanwhile, controlling the white king, John was calculating the mana flow of the air. In order to find the exit of this small section, he had been observing all fluctuations.

Suddenly the king raised his mighty head and roared, this action paralyzed all animals within the area.

John used his skill, Roar to send out a wave of energy outside; he had finally found the exit. He had arrived at the conclusion at the beginning; since this had been a protected area, a third party had to facilitate the existence and growth of species inside. Thus, a hidden door would hold the animals inside, while giving access to the supervisor of this base.

The snarl ripped the cover apart, making a small way for John. Due to the speed that the cover was repairing itself, John was forced to move fast.

While moving out of his territory, he saw a human shape in distance!

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