A plant's life
10 Dream?!
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A plant's life
Author :AliM
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10 Dream?!

John stood still and turned around to confront his chaser. Then an abrupt shade on the ground appeared, on top of John; similar to fall of a tree. A bear had jumped out of hiding towards her target. How could she let this small rabbit leave? It was game over for any unfortunate soul that became her aim.

Jill's mother had many children, so many that she was nicknamed fertile by her peers! With Jill being the youngest and favorite. So, once she went missing after being forced to visit her brother, her mother blamed herself the most. Her entire family helped to look for their missing sibling. However, there seemed to be no traces left of her. As if she had turned to air, vanishing from their fields.

Fast Larry came to visit his mother, he also blamed himself, since he was the brother Jill was supposed to visit. Feeling some guilt in his heart, Fast Larry had been running around frantically, looking for Jill. But so far there had been no news of her whereabouts. He could see his parents being more depressed each day with no news. He did not know how to counsel them, wanting to say something, he opened his mouth, but no words came out. Fast Larry looked at their depressed eyes one last time, before leaving to look for Jill again.

"I will find her this time, she has to be out there somewhere, scared, no need to worry little sis, your big brother is here to save the day. …. What is that thing? How is it moving so fast? It looks like a rabbit. Wait a sec, that's Jill! How is she moving so fast?" Fast Larry thought. Then he shouted: "Jill, JILL, JILL, JIIIILL" and started to run after her, with all might, feeling elated he forgot to ask himself important questions; like why was she running? Why has she not been back yet? Why did she pass the community without stopping? In his mind, he was already feeling like a hero, he knew if he took her back home, everyone would be ecstatic.

As seconds passed, he started to worry, this region was extremely dangerous, scouts had brought the news of bears being sighted not too far from their location.

He started to hysterically shout warnings and her name in order to make her stop. Fast Larry had always taken pride in his speed, but now he could not catch her younger sister and was falling behind. His mind was preoccupied with dangers and worry for her sister, so he did not feel the seeds of jealousy that were craftily sprouting in his heart. Later, when he would notice them, it will be too late, as they have been fully bloomed.

Finally, she stopped, turned around and seemed as she was ready to listen to him.

Suddenly a colossal shadow came above her small figure, making this small rabbit to look similar to a fragile flower about to be ripped apart by a storm. Everything happened within a matter of a second, this incident completely eradicated all jealousy from Fast Larry's heart; and left him traumatized.

A flash of a second later the gigantic bear left with Jill in her strong jaws. It seemed the body of this poor rabbit was about to be used for supper by this beast. After the shock passed, Fast Larry walked towards the village. His eyes were dull, he could not help her at all, he started to feel more guilt, did he do all he could? Surely, there was something he could have done to prevent this. How was he going to tell their poor parents, this would break their old hearts; Older hearts break harsher than young ones. While being oblivious to the surrounding, there came a dark flash, and what remained of Fast Larry was some droplets of blood on the ground.

The mother bear was very attentive of her children, with the preys she had hunted now, her 4 children would be fully fed. Thinking of their hungry state, made this new mother move faster towards her layer. Once she arrived, a dead rabbit was dropped beside a deer corpse; then came 4 cute cubs, who fought playfully over their food. While their mother looked after them with affection. The smallest of the four could not wrestle as hard, so he was left with only the rabbit. While being angry, he ate the rabbit very fast, fearing the share of food to be snatched.

Then the cubs played some more until sundown before all started to yawn and fell asleep comfortably in their mothers' warm embrace. Meanwhile, the rabbit had been almost digested in little cubs' stomach.

John knew about the presence of bears in their direction and was planning to be hunted by them! He could not care less about the unlucky fool who started to run after him, but it seemed to want to warn him. However, he was not planning to slow down at all, until he saw a massive life force hiding within the tall bushes. That was the moment he chose to turn around, giving the bear an opportunity to ambush him. While being carried, he relocated inside the heart, where there was a higher chance of being consumed. Since he was a small rabbit, he was taken to young bears where a cub fully ate his vessel. No teeth or acid could put a scratch on his core, it was reinforced many times until it became resilient to most attacks. Once he arrived within the bloodstream, he moved towards the brain and gently placed himself near the mana imprint.

This transplant had been formed with more gentle touch than the previous time since he was not willing to risk exposure in the presence of mother bear.

The little cub was dreaming of a world made of meat! As far as eyes could see there were piles of meat with fresh blood on them, just as he liked them! His mother was also there, alongside his 3 siblings, but there was no need for friendly banter over food. Where he could spend all the time, playing around with no worry, this was the safest place in the world.

Jonathan had been an expert in genetics but, he had some mandatory courses in brain functions; added to his firsthand experience, being located within a rabbits' brain for some time. He had became an expert in this field as well, so once he noticed the long brain waves, he produced short frequency waves with more height, to add chaos to small cubs' mind.

In the world of dreams, the small cub was enjoying every second, laughing blissfully. Until a giant male bear arrived there, with long black fur and one blind eye it looked incredibly intimidating. His mother shielded her cubs, challenging the beast. The angered behemoth slashed his unusually long claw towards their mother, she bravely defended her small cubs, but she was half the size of this monster. The outcome was determined once the male bear arrived, the little cub witnessed the annihilation of his entire family with shaky legs. He had always been the weakest and he could not even muster the courage to start running. Sitting there, all he could do was crying silently, he shouted: "I don't want to die, I don't want to die, Mommy, MUM"

From behind the shaky cub came a soothing voice: "I will help you little one, I will protect you, it will all be ok, together we can save your family and punish this abomination, would you let me help you?"

The little bear turned around to see a small plant deeply rooted in meat, the absence of soil or sunshine did not seem to bother this little plant, as it had a healthy green color.

Little cub said: "But they are dead, how can you help? I am about to be killed as well, what can a small plant like you do? IT IS TOO LATE"

Plant calmly said: "It is not late at all, you just need to give me permission to completely destroy that monster and look again, your family is not dead"

Once the cub turned around there were no corpses around, while the scary beast seemed hesitant to approach this little plant. So, he made his choice and replied to the plant: "Ok, grow big and mighty, then you can save me from this fate"

The plant responded: "You are safe now little one, you did well, let me take it from here"

The plant grew to 5 meters in a blink of an eye, it consisted of many vines rather than being a tree; the vines and roots' branches coiled around the giant black bear and in one vicious move shredded it apart; while the cub happily watched this scene. After the bloodbath was concluded, the vines warmly held the small cub, they felt was very familiar.

The giant plant held the little cub closely and muttered in a soothing voice: "Sleep little one, you are safe now, I am here to protect you"

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